Sun, 11 Dec 2005

HCL: 2nd step, HCL meets Wiki

Yesterday I connected PCI HCL checker to Wiki. There are still many homework, but this connection is a big step for me :) It's really easy to add information of your machine, and is helpful for everyone who owns/plans to buy same machine.

(Currently wiki page is editable by only system and me.)

Fri, 09 Dec 2005

HCL: 1st step, PCI database

I often heard one of biggest Debian problem is that Debian doesn't provide HCL - Hardware Compatibility List. It's too hard work to maintain it as same as Microsoft does, but indeed HCL is useful for normal users who won't love troubleshooting hardware compatibility. :)

As 1st step I made PCI/driver matching database, You can test by putting your "lspci -n" to the box.

Currently this database gathers informations from pci.ids of pciutils, modules.pcimap of kernel 2.6.14-686-smp, discover1-data, and alsa-common.

Pictures from new camera

I bought new camera-- Canon EOS Kiss N, single-lens reflex camera. It's bit expensive but I'm satisfied its quality and usability. You can see large pictures by clicking images.

Mah Boh Tofu (bean curd szechuan style). No hot, no life :)
Genovese pasta. This is corner-cut cooking, but is yummy.
Carpaccio of yellowtail fish, Croquette and green salad. We love carpaccio :) I'd like to eat true carpaccio at Italy...
Roast chicken and French baguet. My wife reaped a big branch from rosemary in our garden.
Udon (Japanese noodle). This winter is very cold in Japan. Hot noodle and various vegetables makes us warm and healthy.

Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Speech at MOSS4

I was invited MOSS, Medical Free/Open Source Software Council, on last weekend. My speech was about the risk management of Debian. I believe we should more consider risks of FLOSS (at least as same as we choose proprietary commercial software) when we use FLOSS on business scene.

Thu, 17 Nov 2005

Recent cooking

Sorry my long absent, I'm too busy in my business than I expected... And it's a bit difficult to explain in English. (although it's good for English exercise :)

  • 11.9 Thai curry
  • 11.11 Pot-au-feu (French vegetable soup)
  • 11.12 Spaghetti meat sauce
  • 11.13 Oyako-don (Chicken and egg in bowl)
  • 11.14 Meuniere of swordfish with spinach, tofu and seawood salad, chicken and Japanese radish soup
  • 11.15 Meatball and gnocchi covered by white cream sauce and cheese
  • 11.16 Sashimi (raw tunny) and grated yam

ITA: skk packages

I noticed some skk packages had maintained by Kawamura-san were orphaned because he became MIA. Unfortunately I dunno why he became such a status, but his packages, especially skk is very important for me and many users. It's hard and painful for me to input Japanese without SKK backend system (I'm using ddskk on Emacs and uim-skk on X as a frontend).

So I picked up skk packages from orphan sea with Junji Yamashita-san and improved some parts of them.

BTW I uploaded new CUPS 1.2 snapshot, svn r4841 to experimental.

Mon, 31 Oct 2005

Japan Debian Mini Conf 2005 is over

At first I'd like to say 'thank you' to organizer. Totally the quality of event couldn't satisfy me and maybe most participants, but this was first challenge step, so we'll be able to do more better next time if we have a chance.

BTW, I've another speech schedule on November. I try to do more better.

Sun, 16 Oct 2005

Go for ja_JP.UTF-8

vorlon announced 'Bits from the release team: the plans for etch'. Yay, let's try to keep a promise about schedule :) Another good news is aba becomes Relase Manager (although he has already worked as same as release manager :) )

My personal TODO for Etch is to find and solve problems around a transition from EUC-JP to UTF-8 on Japanese environment. Most parts are done by Debian people and other distro such as FedoraCore, but I'd like to clarify problems again and try to solve them. Yesterday I changed my LANG to ja_JP.UTF-8.

  • I needed to convert filenames written in EUC-JP to UTF-8.
  • Programs using GTK+2 and Qt work well.
  • GTK+1 applications (such as xmms) have Mojibake. I took beep-media-player instead of xmms. :)
  • Some of double width characters (box, arrow, and so on) of EUC-JP are displayed as single narrow width on X terminal (mlterm, gnome-terminal, and konsole). I found I can avoid this on mlterm by enabling 'Enable variable width'.
  • zsh couldn't allow to input and complement UTF-8 characters. zsh-beta allows partially.

Tue, 11 Oct 2005

Preparation for Japan Debian Mini Conf 2005

Yukiharu Yabuki <yabuki at> announced Japan Debian Mini Conf 2005 at some computer mailing lists.

  • Name: Japan Debian Mini Conf 2005
  • Date: 28th Oct 2005 - 29th Oct 2005
  • Place: Business Innovation Center Osaka (Sangyou Souzou Kaikan), Osaka city, Japan
  • Host: Japan Debian Mini Conf executive committee

I have a session on 28th to talk about overview of Debian GNU/Linux Sarge and Debian Project as 'Welcome to the Debian world, Get ready!' Your well-known people tbm, Ukai, Gotom, and Junichi have a session also.

Web page doesn't say well, but Yabuki is trying to assign translator to translate Japanese to English.

Furthermore I'm a coordinator of key sign party at this conference. If you'd like to participate, please see KeySignParty.html.en and send your public key of GnuPG to me. We'll do assurance party at there also.

... Now I'm freezing in front of Impress :)

Sun, 09 Oct 2005

Stewed mackerel with miso (sabamiso)

Side dishes are hot Tofu, cooked pumpkin, and pickles of cucumber.

CUPS 1.2.0 b1

I uploaded new development snapshot of CUPS 1.2 -- cupsys 1.1.99.b1.r4748 -- to experimental. This version has many interesting changes for fearless people.

  • New debconf questions about port/listen and browsing
  • IPv6
  • Improved backends, especially lpd
  • Reformed Web interface
  • Etc... See /usr/share/doc/cupsys/CHANGES.txt.

Mon, 26 Sep 2005


Eating sukiyaki with Udon noodle is also nice.

Sun, 25 Sep 2005


I'm administering two mail servers (Debian Sarge) and uw-imapd were running on both servers. As you know uw-imapd is reference model and may become very slow when user has a huge mbox. I use "mobileimap" to see my IMAP from cellphone, but huge mbox sometimes causes bad timeout.

Courier-imapd is dropped from the choice, because I don't want to migrate other formats.

My friend Kitame and Mutsumi recommended 'dovecot-imapd'. Yeah, this is what I want.

Install was very smooth, but there was one problem. I'd like to use CRAM-MD5 for authentication mechanism, but I couldn't find a way to create its hashed value to write password file.

After asking Google and checking unstable dovecot-common, finally I found "dovecotpw" utility and succeeded to get correct hashed value by using this utility on other Debian Sid machine.

Now dovecot works well on my two servers. Speed is more faster than I imagined.

Sat, 24 Sep 2005

Thinking: more debconfize cupsys

My recent thought and challenging is how I can improve CUPS configuration by using debconf.

The primary CUPS configuration file - cupsd.conf has some important directives which should be configured by debconf.

  • Port/Listen: Default is "Port 631". This means cupsd listens port 631 of all interface, all incoming. Listen is host-based value, such as "Listen", "Listen". Port and Listen can coexist, and multiple Port or Listen can do also. Handling these values are needed by many users.
  • Browsing: Default is "on". This means cupsd broadcasts its information and checks new printer from network periodically. This feature is useful for LAN, but is unwelcome for some users. Handling this value by debconf may be easy.
  • BrowseAddress/BrowseAllow/BrowseDeny: These values are related with Browsing. And they accept various values. It's hard to parse and evaluate values of debconf...
  • Location: Location defines mainly each authentications. Root directory, jobs directory, and admin directory are defined by default. It's better to be able to handle these values by debconf, but to parse and to evaluate aren't so easy.
  • FileDevice: Default is "off". If FileDevice is set "on", cupd allows file:// URI (printout job to local file for debug or something. Of course this feature invites a risk). This question should be low priority, but perhaps this is useful.
  • ServerName/ServerAdmin: Like Apache. Although these values aren't meaningful for CUPS :).
  • Include: cupsd.conf allows this directive like Apache. So I'm thinking to create /etc/cups/conf.d/ directory and set files to compose main cupsd.conf at there.

Another headache is that next coming CUPS 1.2 will change its configuration formats and default values. I should count it.

Chicken and beans curry

With pressure pot, I made delicious curry today. :) Chicken, Indian bean, eggplant, onion, potato, and tomato.

Tue, 20 Sep 2005

Backing Debian life (slowly)

I didn't know why, but I couldn't encourage myself to work for Debian/OSS recent weeks.

I was concentrating my business work at office and was only watching TV or listening musics at home in these days. ...Well, maybe I needed a time to refresh the motivation against hacking/maintaining OSS.

Now my feeling isn't so perfect still, but at least I'm ready to see a big pile of mail :-). All of I could do on today was to upload new mlterm package with CVS fixes and to reply to some mails. I'd like to work for CUPS, d-i, and apt-howto-ja in this week if I can.

Mon, 12 Sep 2005

dist-upgrade to Sid from Sarge

Some days ago, I did dist-upgrade to Sid on my Let's Note Y2. Sarge was pretty nice and stable for this machine, but I wanted more challenging :)
dist-upgrade was really smooth because all transitions for my environment had been done.
Now I get new X.Org (some parts are from experimental), KDE, and OpenOffice.org2 (from experimental). By modifing xorg.conf and replacing, I succeeded to use semitransparent window and dropping shadow with hardware acceleration. Cool!

Wed, 31 Aug 2005

Chicken liver with balsamico sauce

I bought chicken liver because it was fresh and cheap. Cut liver and drop blood balls carefully and wash them. Roast them with olive oil, garlic, and chili for 1 minute. Add salt and black pepper, then pour red wine and balsamico.

Mon, 29 Aug 2005

set up etch-secure buildd

As JoeyH mentioned, I set up secure-testing buildd on my ARM and is already startting to build/upload some packages.

Yeah, I feel good my machine is useful for someone. The reason of I bought this ARM is to just contribute Debian (I'm not embedded programmer or user).

Building secure-testing has some unclear points. Most sensitive point is when we should update our chroot. For example new glibc will enter in near future.

Wed, 24 Aug 2005

Squid sauce pasta

Generally my cooking is a bit conservative. It means I'm only cooking I succeeded to cook once normally. But to widen my repertory, I should challenge. :)
Today's challenge target is squid ("Ika"). Yeah, I love squid and have the experience to cook fried squid, seafood curry, and Sashimi. But I haven't cooked as pasta sauce yet. I've already eaten it at Italian restaurant, and it was very nice.
Because a squid has enough black ink is very expensive and off-season, I bought popular red squid.
  1. Bake garlic, chili, and minced onion with butter.
  2. Take viscera out from squid and strip skin.
  3. Put cutted squid and its viscera.
  4. Pour white wine and put salt, pepper and some herbs (if you have).
  5. Put boiled tomato into it.
Well, this wasn't so bad, but I believe I should use more butter when I try again.

Tue, 23 Aug 2005


Saury -"Sanma"- is very popular fish in Autumn. It's first one of the season.
Best cooking of saury is to grill with "Tsuyobi No Toubi" (cook meal some distance above the strongest fire) after all. Saury is plump, and is well suited to Japanese minced radish.
Side dish is Tofu and seawood salad.

Short vacation

I had a short vacation and trip with my wife.
We visited the Yasukuni Shrine at Kudanshita. (Am I ultraconservatism, militalist or warmonger? No, absolutely.)
Then we walked around Yushu museum, and went to the movies.

Mon, 15 Aug 2005


OK, I backed from busy days. I'll try to fix CUPS with team and gs-esp with M.Hatta during this week.

Last Friday, I had a talk session at SEA/FSIJ forum. My session title was "Debain GNU/Linux Episode III.1: Revenge of the Sarge" :) I talked about release blockers and release management of Debian.

Saturday, I visited my parent's home. My mother taught me how to wear 'Yukata', Japanese traditional wear in Summer. I have no confidence to wear again by only myself, but I think I can wear Yukata smoothly at Japanese spa.

Tue, 09 Aug 2005


I bought iBook for iTunes and home server system. All of my wish are solved by this.
Yeah, fink suite is nice. I got familiar interface after I installed it :)
Do I install Debian into this machine? Nope :)

Grilled sardine

Grilled sardine is popular meal in Japan. We eat them with minced eJapanese radish (Daikon-Oroshi). Side dishes are jelly fish salad, cucumber pickles, and miso soup of tofu and seawood.

Wed, 03 Aug 2005

Debian Tettei Nyumon 3rd edition, Sarge version

My newest book will be officially published tomorrow. Yeah!

This book has 720 pages(!) and includes 2 media. One is CD-ROM includes Debian-Installer, XFce4, original meta packages, and RYOBI Japanese commercial fonts. Another one is DVD-ROM includes GNOME, KDE, and many desktop and server packages.

I've already sent a information to Debian webmaster team :)

P.S. To: madduck, I spent 5 years to write (and await Sarge release) this! To: mako&mika, did you succeed to order my books at Kinokuniya or

Fri, 29 Jul 2005

Japanese traditional BBQ

Today is 'Day of Doyou no Ushi', named by Gennai Hiraga is first person who introduce electric power in Japan. Most Japanese eats eel on this day.
I grilled eel by 'Shichirin', Japanese traditional stove. Charcoal fire fits small grill cooking. Other spit-roasting is Shishitou (small green sweetpepper, but more spicy than normal green sweetpepper) and Japanese radish.

Wed, 27 Jul 2005

Oven steamed swordfish

Foil and steam is one of popular oven cooking.
wrap swordfish, scallop, onion, tomato, green sweetpepper, garlic, black pepper, salt, white wine, and olive oil by foil. Then put it in oven (200C) and just wait 20 minutes.

Wed, 20 Jul 2005


I came back Japan from Debconf 5.
I enjoyed Debconf 5 very much. At first I'd like to say thank you, organizors. You did the best. Thanks speakers. All of your talks/BOFs are interesting for me. Thanks other attendees. I had a fun talking, drinking, and playing with you at that event.
See you again at somewhere. I'll welcome when you come Japan in your business or siteseeing.

Sat, 16 Jul 2005


Yesterday I heard and joined many interesting sessions and BOF. And thanks cooking staffs for your good taste debcake.

Keysign party spent a bit long time, but it didn't spend than I imagined. Although I think I catched a cold... (But I might get from my room mate, Nokubi-san. He's still sick during this event. I recommend him to go to hospital. It's not only for him, but for other room mates also)

I got a CAcert point, maybe as the initial Japanese people. Excellent!

I wonder why almost people can be so tough. They look drink and drink every night. In this early morning, some people sung (shouted?) loudly. Sorry guys, but I can't remember to ask such morning call :) (Seriously, some people are really angry with you)

I count such sprees to BIG BLOCKER against debconf in Japan planning. I don't know the place accepts them in Japan, except the wilderness of Hokkaido, northernmost of Japan. Well, maybe this is bigger problem than money :|

Thu, 14 Jul 2005

Picnic and Sauna

Today is social day, so we went a picnic to Suomenlinna (and I drunk good taste Earl Gray tea :) ).
After back from picnic, we went Finnish sauna. By missing responsible people who has a valid key, we - first group waited a long time. Finally, staff came! We all entered very hot sauna. I was surprised, but Finnish sauna is "No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups". :)

Wed, 13 Jul 2005


I met many people at Debconf5. I listened some interesting talks, and succeeded to exchange sign with Branden and to talk with aba :) Fun and great for me.

But unlucky event occurs to me today, the right glass of my sunglasses is dropped and completely crashed. I searched around HUT which sells sunglasses, but I couldn't find. I'm scared of this strong sunshine...

ARGH, breaking glasses is just beginning of disaster. During aj's session, I ran check DVD/CD-ROM sample for my business on remote host in office. I dunno whether that disc is corrupted or not, but at least I noticed it isn't readable on my remote host. I tried and tried, but kernel won't help any meaningful messages. I decided to reboot remote host because it looked IDE controller problem...

But even if I waited not a few minutes, I couldn't login the host. I found printer on office ate duplicate IP address. I asked co-worker to stop that printer and reboot my machine again.

...Well, I forgot I'd added sata HDD to this machine. grub started, kernel started, init started, then... boot sequence stops by "can't find /dev/sda1, needs manual fsck". I sent a mail about how to edit /etc/fstab to co-worker, but she told me fsck won't stop and some HDD are busy by something (fsck?).

Well, I believe I can't listen any talk session today. Don't miss photo time.

Co-worker resetted host and modified /etc/fstab, so the host is recovered. Yeah!

O-oh, another big disaster happens... Because DVD sample is corrupted, I was downloading DVD ISO file on another machine in office. When I ran md5sum for verifing, the machine displayed I/O error. Some sector is crashed. Sigh.

Sun, 10 Jul 2005


Yesterday I arrived at Helsinki without no problem. Because I'm interesting modern architecture, so CPH airport is excellent for me.
q-funk and staffs provides good hospitality, thanks!
Today, I finally got a IP from wireless. IPW2200 + xsupplicant. Although I couldn't use in the room (steel door looks block wireless. Doh!).
At now I'm listening first opening session. Hmm, stockholm warns again 'please don't use kitchen...'. If someone already use the kitchen, I think it's better to share it and keep clean together.

Thu, 07 Jul 2005

Preparation for KSP at Debconf5

  • Format ksp-dc5.txt by and print out.
  • Write down md5 and sha1 from ksp-dc5.txt.
  • Add Adeodato's checkbox and public id.
  • Check my keyring whether I've already signed him/her or not.
I couldn't find aba, branden, and madduck's name in ksp, so I'd like to do individually with each ppl.


aptitude maintainer Daniel announced new aptitude working in UTF-8.
Yasuo and I checked one in experimental and we saw it worked good with ja_JP.EUC-JP.
Before (mojibake):
After (correct!):
We noticed some minor trouble around displaying and reported as #317115. Daniel replied quickly and fixed them in his SVN. Thanks Daniel, good job!

Tue, 05 Jul 2005

Chicken rice omelet

There was only a few rice in steam pot and many eggs, so I cooked chicken rice omelet today.
Fry chicken, minced onion, and cutted eggplant. Then put rice and mix them. Add pepper, salt and tomato ketchup.
Next, bake beated egg on other frypan. When it's baked soft, put meals on it.
Cover frypan by larger dish, then hold together and reverse them.

Mon, 04 Jul 2005

Preparing for debconf5

Hmm, will I cook at there? I'm considering whether or not to bring frypan, milkpan, kitchen knife and so on...
[update] OK, I'll bring some cookin tools. I need to keep clean the kitchen, so some clearners are included.

pkg-cups Project

Some days ago, Roland created svn repository for us. Thanks, Roland!
I've already transited repositories from CVS, but needs more time to describe and discuss with other members in team. I believe other people in team are busy on preparing for debconf as same as me :)


Today I brought Shichirin; Japanese portable cooking stove, then grilled eel, green pepper, and mushroom. Yeah, that was very nice taste.

Tue, 28 Jun 2005


Today my parents came my house, and gifted some foods. I used one of them, asari clam (in Europe, cockle is very similar), for lunch.
  1. Roast sliced garlic and cutted chili with olive oil.
  2. Put clam and white wine, then steam just few minutes.
  3. Move clam to vat.
  4. Put and roast minced onion and garlic.
  5. Mix sauce, spaghetti and clam.

Fri, 24 Jun 2005


Tijimi is Korean fried egg. Mix egg, leek, kimchi, shrimp, flour, and water. Bake it like a crape.
Side (main?) dish is fried noodle.

Tue, 21 Jun 2005

Busy, busy, busy...

I must work hard recent days to make a time to attend debconf.
A lot of business TODO and personal TODO before I need to do are there, Sigh...
About CUPS, I'd like to delegate works to pkg-cups team when SVN repository is created. I'm awaiting Alioth admin's work.

Fri, 17 Jun 2005


A few days ago im-switch was entered in Unstable. im-switch is framework to provide 'default' input method and ability of switching them for users. I've sent patches to each Japanese input method packages. Now kinput2 and skkinput are ready for im-switch. uim will be added in this weekend. For scim, AFAIK Yan and Osamu are working.
I didn't create a patch except of Japanese because I dunno manner of input method of other language, but I'd like to help if im maintainer wants to support.

Chicken and Japanese radish Nimono

Today's meal is Nimono, boiled cooking. I cooked Chicken and Japanese radish like Kakuni. To make taste better, I poured a bit of "Awamori", Japanese very strong alcohol.
I planned to bring Awamori or something sake to Debconf5, but it has a risk of such as crash, or calls airport officer's attention.

Tue, 14 Jun 2005

Okayu (rice gruel)

My partner is affected by hard heatstroke, so I made Okayu for her. Boil rice by a lot of water, then put salt, soy-sauce, dried bonito, sesame, and laver.
Because plain okayu is too lightweight for me, I added egg and salmon roe to my bowl.

Sun, 12 Jun 2005

Debian study meeting at Tokyo

Yesterday I talked about Debian-Installer at Debian Study Meeting, coordinated by Junichi (thanks for your invitation, Junichi). 14 attendees were very serious and asked me some nice questions.
It's first challenge for me to do presentation about computer technology using only whiteboard, then I notice I prefer the whiteboard than OOo Impress, mgp, PowerPoint, or any other computer presentation tools. (Although doing presentation in not native language is quite different situation :P)
After meeting, we drunk a toast, "Kanpai" in Japanese, for our Sarge release at pub. That was maybe first Sarge release party in Japan :)

Debian CUPS team

I created pkg-cups on Alioth to maintain Debian CUPS package (and other printing packages if we need). Initial members are Masayuki (mhatta), Martin (q-funk), and me. I welcome more volunteers.
One of big mission is to migrate CUPS 1.2 series before Etch release... And of course solve many bugs. :)

Fri, 10 Jun 2005

Playing during debconf?

Hear hear, will we go to Finland for just playing or drinking? :)
I voted what talk/BOF I like to listen. Most BOFs look be taken from rejected papers for official talk, but these are very interesting for me.
... BTW I'm interesting to play inline skate (I have), but it's too heavy to include it in my bag. Furthermore, hitting my head at foreign country is dangerous. :) So I'd like to borrow a bicycle at somewhere instead of it. Q-funk, could you help me at there? :)

Tue, 07 Jun 2005

Pronounce Etch

Now we can focus next stable, codename Etch (although we're in trouble with sarge DVD/CD image).

BTW, Etch is common word without any color for native English. Pronunciation of "Etch" sounds "H" (if Japanese pronounce), and "H" means "Hentai" in Japanese. ('Hentai' means ... well, please search on google)
So, we should use the word "testing" instead of "etch" when we talk about next stable at public space in Japan. :)

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 released


Mon, 06 Jun 2005

Preparation for Sarge release

Now Sarge release is under count down.
I changed sources.list of all of my Sarge/Sid machines to point `sarge', instead of unstable/testing.

After upgrade blosxom to current sarge version, I needed to move old data to new place. Because I forgot to copy with time preservation, my RSS showed old articles at once.

Sat, 04 Jun 2005

Codefest 2005 (and debconf)

I'm attending Codefest Japan 2005, and nice to meet some Debian people; Fumitoshi Ukai, Mutsumi Ishikawa, Junichi Uekawa, Takatsugu Nokubi, Masayuki Hatta, Taku Yasui, Tatsuki Sugiura, Yutaka Niibe, YAN Zheng, and Osamu Aoki. Other attendee are also hackers, such as Ruby hacker Akira Tanaka and IIIMF hackers Hiura.
My hack target in this event is im-switch. I discussed with Osamu, YAN, and Yi. Finally I did ITP im-switch as #311859, and sent proposal to debian-devel mailing list. I've already sample implementation for some input methods; kinput2, skkinput, atokx2, and uim. YAN is writing for scim at now. Next of next stable Etch will provide easy configuration for input method.

During codefest, we talked about possibility of Debconf in Japan. Well, COST is a only and big problem. To provide standard service for DDs as same as other debconf, minimum limit is $100000... And in my view $150000 will be needed. Heh... It's very hard to collect this big money from sponsors in Japan. Hmm. $30000~$40000 is max quantity we can do?

Fri, 03 Jun 2005

debconf in Japan?

I noticed some people are intersting about running debconf in Japan. Well, as same as Uekawa mentioned, cost is biggest blocker. It's wonderful if we have debconf in Japan, but we should collect many money from sponsors. Let's do brain storming with some Japanese DDs...
Place & Access
Even if it spends a lot of money, Tokyo is best place I think. Chiba, Ibaraki (Tsukuba), Osaka is second place.
Most planes arrive to Narita, New Tokyo International Airport. Badly Narita is far from Tokyo and spends at least 1 hours by train or bus.
Another airport is Haneda, Tokyo International Airport. You can reach there via Korea or some countries.
All hotels are very very very expensive. Rooms are very narrow. AFAIK there isn't (or only a few) domitory in Japan. although there are some YMCA hotels.
Normal hotel won't welcome geeks who sit and open their laptop anywhere. :)
I dunno University rent a room. Maybe they won't allow to rent at night time.
Who can allow reservation for 1 week?
Network connectivity
In the city, FTTH or ADSL service is spreaded. Some hotel provides this service by free or reasonable cost.
Wireless hot spot service is starting.
Play spot in Tokyo
Akihabara (computer gadget, anime, maid-caffe, ...), Shibuya (young fashion, culture), Asakusa (traditional culture), Roppongi (night life), etc...
There are various food in Japan. Japanese (Tempura, Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Udon, Rahmen, etc..), Chinese, Korean, Italian, Indian, etc. Of course McDonalds is there. :)
Unfortunately only a few can provide for hardcore vegetarian.
Catering service is there, but little expensive.
Highest season: end of March, begining of May, July-August, end of December.
Lowest season: end of May, June, September, February.
Japanese summer is crazy hot, especially in Tokyo.
Average price. (1 yen = $0.0092, 0.0075EURO)
You don't need to pay tip anywhere.
Hotel: 8000-20000 yen per night, per person(!).
Breakfast: 500-800 yen.
Lunch: 500-1000 yen. McDonalds BicMac is 350 yen.
Dinner w.drink: 1500-4000 yen.
Club or Disco at Roppongi: I dunno :)
I need to add more info. Hmm.

I'll talk with some key person at today's codefest.

Nameko Oroshi Udon

Udon is Japanese noodle. Nameko is glistening mushroom, Oroshi is grated Japanese radish. Soup is made from hot water, dried bonito, salt, soy-sauce, and Japanese sake.

Mon, 30 May 2005

some RC Bugs

  • kernel-source-2.6.8 #303200: looks because submitter's disk crashed...
  • libgnutls11 #309111: jeroen and testing-security team?
  • libxine1 #311165: Xine works well for me :) Hmm, what's happen on submitter's environment?
  • mlview #310713: Aha, finally it's tagged REMOVE.
  • openmotif #308819: I created final patch is taken from Debian XFree86 SVN. It works on my i386 environment and buildable on gotom's sparc buildd. OK, I'll do NMU this. I got maintainer's permission.
  • snort: #311257, snort-rules-default #311263: It needs to modify version dependency.

Well, CUPS... I won't upload next revision till Sarge is released. I need co-maintainer or/and team to continue maintainance of this monstrous package. :)

Sat, 28 May 2005


Kuppa is Korean meal.
Make soup by boiling water, bean sprouts, and chicken powder.
Mix sliced pork, carrot, green sweet pepper, Kimchi, Japanese radish, garlic, and Kochujan which is Korean miso. Then fried them and put them into soup.
Finally fry eggs and put egg and meals on rice.

Eel closed by poached egg

Hmm, I dunno how to describe 'Tamago-Toji' in English.
  1. Boil water and dried bonito.
  2. Pour soy-sauce, Japanese sake.
  3. Put sliced onion and cutted eel. Then put mitsuba, one of Japanese herb.
  4. Beat egg and put it.
Side dishes are Tofu miso-soup and Sashimi of horse mackerel.

Wed, 25 May 2005

BugSquash: Last one mile

Here is my personal summary from current status.
already fixed in unstable or t-p-u, waiting RM's review
cheetah #309648, drscheme #310645, evolution-exchange #306439, lbreakout2 #310468, libgnutls11 #309111, wget #308622
solved in unstable, but under little complex situation for testing
glui #310077
should remove?
kernel-patch-2.4-cobalt #31051, kernel-patch-2.4-kgdb #310574, kernel-patch-adamantix #310542, kernel-apatch-badram #310564, kernel-patch-cryptoloop #310565, kernel-patch-grsecurity2 #310577, kernel-patch-psd #310580, kernel-patch-quota #310581, kernel-patch-relayfs #310575, kernel-patch-time #310583, kernel-patch-ttl #310585
Upload pending
initrd-tools #241497, module-init-tools #241497, slapd #308234
Looks not Release Critical. it may be downgraded
kdelibs-bin #310637, kernel-image-2.6.8-2-686-smp #310668, tetex-base #310321
There is a patch or workaround, waiting maintainer's or someone's action
gdb #308624, gwget2 #310660, kernel-source-2.4.27 #308759, kmd #310139, libxpm4 #308783, openduke #310170, steam #310661, sysklogd #301511
Needs working
initrd-tools #290329, kernel-source-2.6.8 #293195, kernel-source-2.6.8 #303501, libsmbclient #309689, libwbxml2-utils #310621, openmotif #308819, slapd #255276, slapd #304735

Mon, 23 May 2005

Ask maintainer before NMU, boy.

Yes, that's my fault...

New book, 'Debian Dictionary'

Today, my book is published officially.
Debian Jiten (means "Debian Dictionary" in English) includes many tips of Debian, mainly for Sarge/Sid users.
Thank you, readers and Debian developers.

Now I'm working to publish another book is my lifework?, "Debian GNU/Linux Tettei Nyuumon Sarge Edition". We'll publish it two or three monthes later after Sarge is released.

Sun, 22 May 2005

Kakuni (boiled pork with soy-sauce)

Kakuni is mixed meal of Japanese and Chinese.
  1. Boil cutted pork rib to remove lard, then drop hot water.
  2. Make hard boiled egg in another pot.
  3. Put pork, egg, sliced ginger and cutted Japanese radish to the pressure pot.
  4. Pour water, soy-sauce, Japanese sake, Japanese sweet-sake, and put star anise, sugar and salt.
  5. Cover the pot and pressure about 25 minutes.
  6. Open and boil down a little.
  7. Fry qinggengca (in Japanese, 'chingensai'. it likes spinach) with Chinese pan.
  8. Lay qinggengca on the dish and put pork and egg on it.
Side dish is cool tofu with Japanese ginger. Wow, today's dinner is very gorgeous :)

Sat, 21 May 2005

BSP, day 2

  • cracklib-runtime #309746: I sent additional information to reproduce buggy situation.
  • synaptic #309969: Downgraded to important, Tags: unreproducible + moreinfo. I think this is user's environment problem. Maybe FS is corrupted.
  • xlockmore-gl #309760: Hmm, I forget fvwm configuration. I couldn't reproduce this problem with fvwm + gaim (IRC mode). Needs user's configuration. But AFAIK this bug may be downgraded.

Mon, 16 May 2005


Tempura is maybe one of most famous meals in Japan. Dredge foods with flour and egg and fry them a little minutes.
Today, I cooked eggplant, greenpepper, squid, carrot, onion, sweet potato and ... garlic. The taste of garlic is not so bad, but it tainted my breath... ARGH, bad smell.

Fri, 13 May 2005

DVD-ROM has too narrow space for me...

Since yesterday I'm trying to modify my original task of debian-cd for my book. I need to include binaries and sources in one DVD-ROM.
CD 1 will only be filled with 1851520632 bytes ...
CD 1 will have 2542 packages.
Dispatching the sources on all the CDs ...
Using package file /var/local/debian-cd/tmp2/sarge-i386/1.packages
Source CD 1 filled with 2880900859 bytes ... (limit was 2881486848)
CD 2 will only be filled with 11704386 bytes ...
CD 1 will have 3718 files from source packages.
CD 2 will have 35 files from source packages.
Hmm... 4.7GB is too narrow for me. :-P
Next challenge:
-- Adding standard, required, important and base packages
   on the first CD ...
   Standard system already takes 426098258 bytes on the first CD.
-- Starting to add packages to the CDs ...
CD 1 will only be filled with 1808173952 bytes ...
CD 1 will have 2508 packages.
Dispatching the sources on all the CDs ...
Using package file /var/local/debian-cd/tmp2/sarge-i386/1.packages
CD 1 will only be filled with 2878450742 bytes ...
CD 1 will have 3706 files from source packages.

Saba-Miso, tofu salad

Saba-Miso is popular cooked food. Cut mackerel, slice ginger, and put them in the pressure pot. Add Sake, water, salt, miso, soy-sauce and sugar. Poach it about 15 minutes after pressure starts.
Tofu salad is easy cooking. Cut wakame and tofu, then pour grape seed oil and soy-sauce.

Wed, 11 May 2005

CodeFest Japan 2005

FSIJ announced CodeFest Japan 2005 (currently only in Japanese language), on June 3rd at Tokyo.
CodeFest is face-to-face all night event for hackers. Every hackers can hack his/her subject, have brain storming with others, do release engineering, solve bugs, and so on.
I'm planning to attend (although there is important football game, Japan vs Bahrain, elimination of World Cup Germany) and considering what I hack at this event. Fighting with CUPS and Ghostscript is one of big challenging.

Bacon and asparagus penne

Today's meal is penne. Roast block bacon and asparagus with olive oil, sliced garlic and chili. Pour white wine a little then add pepper and salt. Finally mix with boiled penne and put sliced black oilve for topping.

Chinese fried chicken

Chinese fried chicken, cucumber and lettuce salad, Japanese cucumber pickles.
Chinese fried chicken's recipe:
  1. Dredge and soak cutted leg meat of chicken with potato starch, soy-sauce, Japanese sake, salt, pepper, minced ginger and garlic.
  2. Fry them well in corn oil, about 160 centigrade.

Sun, 08 May 2005

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

I made pizza for lunch and dinner.
Margarita (basil, tomato, and cheese). Raw ham, green pepper, garlic. Eggplant, tomato, black olive. Sausage, basil, black olive. Eggplant, basil, minced beef. Margarita with many basil :)
My pizza dough recipe is following:
  1. Revert dry yeast with warm water and sugar.
  2. Mix water, a piece of butter, salt, olive oil and yeast quickly in the bowl.
  3. Mix strong flour and weak flour (about 3:1?) and put them into the bowl.
  4. Knead dough by hand till it becomes like a ball.
  5. Move dough to cooking table. Knead again and again, with adding some strong flour.
  6. Put back dough to bowl and paste olive oil. Leave it few hours.

Fri, 06 May 2005

Resume my writing

Half year ago, I suspended to write and fix my book, Debian GNU/Linux Tettei-Nyumon ('Debian GNU/Linux Perfect Guidebook' if I call this in English).

This book is 3rd publishing of this series. Previous two were for hamm and potato.

For sarge, initial date of my writing was Dec 25th, 2002 (!). I had written a book for woody before some months ago, but I was very disappointed about its quality... I was writing and writing for long days, joining and working on some teams to improve quality of sarge. But finally, I decided to suspend my work till Debian Project indeed release sarge even if it makes publisher's disappointment.

...Now, I'm most happy to resume my work!
My book is over 800 pages but fortunately changes look very minor. I'd like to add note about new funny tools such as module-assistant.

Mon, 02 May 2005


Hiya-shabu is cool version of Shabu-shabu.
Boil various foods quickly as same as Shabu-shabu but for Hiya-shabu, cool down them by ice in bowl. Healthy and fresh.

Sun, 01 May 2005

Golden week and Debian work

In Japan, this week is called 'Golden week' because there are successive holidays almost 1 week. Many people go abroad, or back their hometown and have a time with their parents.
All of my clear plan in Golden week is only I'll go home of my parents at day after tomorrow.
Other days, I'm spending time for Debian work. There are some debconf messages are needed translations, so I'll try to catch up with pt_PR, or de if I can. (French cover level is really awful...)

Sat, 30 Apr 2005

Become 20 years old

Although in hexadecimal. :)

Fri, 29 Apr 2005


Goya-Champroo is famous meal in Okinawa, south island of Japan.
  1. Slice lychee nad put them into water for remove harshness.
  2. Cut hashed pork (if you have spam can, it will be better), garlic and carrot.
  3. Fry lychee with garlic, then put pork and carrot.
  4. Crash tofu by hand and put it.
  5. Pour water, Japanese sake, soy-sauce. And put dried bonito, salt, a little of miso.
  6. After water is disappeared, put eggs and mix.
Lychee is very bitter, but you'll love it when you get used to this :)

Thu, 28 Apr 2005

Spanish omelet and Tonjiru

Spanish omelet is easy cooking. Fry garlic, potato, and onion with olive oil in fry-pan. Beat an egg in the bowl and put above foods from pan. Add a little salt and pepper, then stir them. Put back them to pan and bake both side with small fire. Official recipe tells you need to invert it sometimes, but my recipe is just put and cover the pan because I'm lazy :)
Tonjiru is one of major Japanese miso soup. It has various foods are hashed pork, radish, carrot, potato, konjak, burdock, onion, chili powder, sea wood, soy-sauce, Japanese sake. It's healthy and good taste.

Tue, 26 Apr 2005

My arm backs reserve position

According to Branden's announce, two new arm machines joined in buildd maintained by Steve McIntyre and Gerfried Fuchs (can I join them?), I turned off my arm buildd for main/contrib. Don't be afraid, I continue buildd for experimental/non-free/volatile/ganneff. :)

Whenever anyone want ARM power, I can help. amd64/alpha/mips/mipsel/hppa/m68k/sparc also.

Mon, 25 Apr 2005

Indian Curry - Chicken Sagwara

I'd like to eat something spicy food. So, today's supper is Indian Curry. Chicken Sagwara is one of famous curry.
  1. Powder various Masara-spices to cutted chicken.
  2. Roast minced onion with chili, caradamon, laurel, cinnamon, and clove in fry-pan.
  3. Put and roast garlic, ginger, chicken and potato.
  4. Pour water and put consomme, salt, cumin, coriander.
  5. After boil, put crashed spinach which is roasted and boiled by other pan.
  6. Finally put cutted tomato and sliced green sweet pepper.

Sun, 24 Apr 2005

ARM cried

I backed from a short vacance.
As I wrote before travel, I queued needs-build packages to my ARM. I expected many packages would be built when back from trip.
Unfortunately, my ARM recognized my absence. Every dpkg calling crashed by unknown reason (kernel?) since Saturday. After reboot, it works normally...

BTW, now you can see my wanna-build statistics at here. (will update once per day)

[update] Jeroen told me some advice. Hmm, I see... I should be more careful. Thanks Jeroen.

Back from short vacance; Cebu

After hard work, we took a short vacance from Thursday to Sunday and visited Cebu-Island, Philippines. Trip was very short. We arrived hotel on Thursday PM 20:30, and departured on Sunday AM 5:30...

Montebello Villa hotel was not so gorgeous, but very convenience to go anywhere in Cebu-city. Room was enough big, but one of twin bed was single size (Hmm, I think hotel should replace the chest more smaller one and put 2 double bed..). Hotel ground is very large and is decorated with many plants and flowers.

We enjoyed many things during short stay. On Friday, shopping at ShoeMart which is biggest shopping mall in Cebu, swimming at pool in hotel, eating various sea food BBQ, and... dancing at Disco! Disco is popular night amusement in Philippines and is not only for adult but for many families with children join also. We enjoyed Disco just 150P for charge and 110P for drink.

Of course we tried a marine activity. Saturday, we played sea-walker, island hopping, and snorkeling at Mactan island. Hew, that was really hard! We slept like a dead person after returned hotel.

There is Gaisano shopping mall near hotel. This mall isn't so big like ShoeMart, but enough convenience for traveller. Food court in this mall provides us sweet, ice cream, Phillipines native foods, grills, and so on. Of course you can buy daily materials such as water at there.

It was very hard trip, but was good memories for us. All Filipino we met were kindness and unofficious. Since this was off-season in Japan and hotel is for mainly Filipino and European, it was rare that we met Japanese around there. Ya, our aim was to escape from Japan :)

Wed, 20 Apr 2005

ARM catch up project

I start ARM catch up project.

We know, ARM official buildd overworks to solve daily build. I heard this was because some machines were under network topology trouble. It sounds easy to solve, but we haven't seen any good news since some weeks ago.

I don't believe I can be accepted as official buildd team near future (I tried), so I decided to build packages personally as same as ARM official buildd's doing.

As first step, I prepared wanna-build server. This database is similar with official wanna-build, but its priority order is just reverse of official.

Official buildd builds packages which have higher priorities, my buildd builds packages which have lower priorities. When my buildd reaches official one's level, I'll shutdown my wanna-build and buildd.

The thing I need to work more is to prepare Web page like Hmm, where can I get its source?

RMs always say our major problems are 1.libc6 (solved!), 2.missing t-s/t-p-u (hmm, who work on it? Can I help you?), 3.arm delays. I think my work progresses to solve #3 problem.

Pork beans

This recipe is far from standard one, because I cooked this for cleaning fridge :-)
Fry pork, onion, eggplant, and carrot with garlic and hot chili in pan. Then, put boiled beans and tomato soup, consome, salt. Finally I put a spoon of very hot Habanero chili sauce. Hmm, not so bad.

Mon, 18 Apr 2005

Got air ticket to Debconf5

I bought air ticket to Finnland for gotom and myself. See you at HUT!
09 July, 11:45, Tokyo Tokyo Narita Apt  Terminal 2
09 July, 16:15, Copenhagen  Copenhagen Apt  Terminal 3
09 July, 17:30, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt  Terminal 3
09 July, 20:10, Helsinki  Helsinki  Terminal 2

18 July, 12:50, Helsinki Helsinki  Terminal 2
18 July, 13:30, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 3
18 July, 15:45, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt  Terminal 3
19 July, 09:35, Tokyo Tokyo Narita Apt Terminal 2


Adult 1:                 	  170,000 JPY
Adult 2:                 	  170,000 JPY
Service fee:             	        0 JPY
VAT:                     	        0 JPY
Tax:                     	   23,900 JPY

TOTAL PRICE:             	  363,900 JPY
363,900 JPY = $3,379 = 2,606 euro. Gee, very expensive...
We expect to stay at HUT, but I'm worrying about my old backache happen again...
(I hurt hipbone and couldn't walk by strong pain at 5 years ago. Sometimes I'm still attacked by pain.)

Sun, 17 Apr 2005

Fighting with CUPS

Today, I was fighting with CUPS all day. I'm tired...
  • Migrated to dpatch+cdbs for easy patch handling.
  • Took almost part of Ubuntu patch, but RunAsUser and Browse features are not applied at this delicate time.
  • I felt sure again; CUPS code is <you can insert any abuse word>. Many bugs are caused from code design. Yes, we call it 'Specification'.
  • Finally, I uploaded 1.1.23-8. I'll be offline next weekend.
[update] -8 is broken, uploaded -9. Please don't fill massive bugs about doc-base installation failed.

Chinjao Roso

Chinjao Roso is Chinese fried food is consisted from sliced beef, bamboo shoot, and green sweet pepper, flavoured with oister sauce, Chinese soy-sauce, and Chinese sake.

Fri, 15 Apr 2005

Thai curry + Prawn salad

Thai curry is same as yesterday's supper. For another dish, I cooked prawn salad with Thai taste dressing. Dressing is created from nam plaa, lemon, chili flake, sesame, and salt, but I noticed I missed lemon-grass to simulate real Thai dressing. I'll retry with lemon-grass when I get a chance.

Log for failed build of gcc-4.0_4.0ds10-0pre10 (dist=experimental)

Argh. My arm buildd failed to build it after long time spent. It started at 07:07 Apr 12 UTC.
Automatic build of gcc-4.0_4.0ds10-0pre10 on arm by sbuild/arm 1.170.5
Build started at 20050412-0707
After then, went fail by timeout.
Running /build/buildd/gcc-4.0-4.0ds10/src/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/libstdc++-dg/normal.exp ...

testsuite still running ...

WARNING: program timed out.
WARNING: program timed out.
FAIL: 22_locale/locale/cons/ execution test
XPASS: 26_numerics/cmath/ (test for excess errors)
make[1]: *** [stamps/06-check-stamp] Terminated
make: *** [check] Terminated
Build killed with signal 15 after 150 minutes of inactivity
Build ended at 15:21 Apr 14 UTC.
Build finished at 20050414-1521


Yakisoba is similar with Chinese fried noodle, but is forked from upstream source in Japan.
Cook pork, cabbage, carrot, and green sweet pepper in fry pan. Put noodle and a little of water, oister sauce, wooster sauce, pepper, and salt. Mix and cook well, then dish up it.

Wed, 13 Apr 2005

Bed tempts me...

I'm working all-night... Too hard.
I finished to write the book about Debian tips 'Debian Jiten' (means "Debian Dictionary" in English) on last weekend. Yes, I FINISHED!! YEAH!
BUT unfortunately, we noticed we lacked at least 100 pages(!) than publisher's strict plan after DTP was done. Dead line publisher defined is Wednesday (today!) if I want to avoid to work hard on next weekend...
I'm still writing now, but I can only reach about 40~50 pages. My God.

Hot spicy chicken and eggplant, Shark's fin soup

Today's cooking is Chinese meal. One dish is chicken and eggplant with many chili and Chinese black vinegar.
Another dish is soup. My brother is working at China, and he gave me shark's fin when he came my home. Shark's fin is premium food. I soaked and washed fin, then boil them for some minutes. After it went soft, I made oil flavoured with Chinese sake, garlic, welsh onion, and ginger in fry pan. Pour hot water and boil fin in it again. Boil water in another pot, and put chicken powder, Shiitake mushroom, pepper, salt, potato starch. Take fin from fry pan and put it into pot. Finally, put raw egg and stir. Hew.

Tue, 12 Apr 2005

CUPS: bug, bug, bug, bug...

Oops... Many bugs stack during I was busy. I'll try to solve some bugs in next weekend. Patch is always welcome!
BTW I'm thinking new packaging method of CUP against etch.
  • Introducing team maintainership (or orphan :) ). CUPS's concept is good, but one's code is buggy. It's hard to find a solution by myself because some problems exist in user's printer hardware, PPD, filter, gs, application, and so on.
  • Migration to 1.2 series (I've already uploaded to experimental once). Upstream already went 1.2 series. Unfortunately I've experienced some troubles, especially with gimp-print.
  • Making debconfize configuration. Native English speaker's help will be needed.
  • Drop libcupsys2-gnutls10, revert libcupsys2. Changing library name was one of our stupid fault, I think... Whould we have more better solution? How to back name?


  • Meat sauce: butter, garlic, minced onion and carrot, minced beef, tomato in can, consomme, herbs and spices
  • Bechamel sauce: butter, a few of well sliced onion, flour, milk, white wine, salt and pepper
  • Cheese: cheap mix cheese. :) Pure cheese, such as Mozzarella, Parmigiano is very expensive...
  • Pasta: boil 12 minutes, cool down, and dry.

Mon, 11 Apr 2005


The winner of the election is Branden Robinson.

Congratulations, Branden!!

BTW, tally graph is very interesting for me...

Sun, 10 Apr 2005


Yeah, module-assistant created by Eduard Bloch is my favorite tool.
I'll be more happy if this supports i18nized messages. :)
(OK, I started to investigate how to gettextize this...)

[update] OK, I gettextized messages. bindtext name is 'module-asssitant'. Here it is. Notice 1. I'd like to implement correct line wrapping for multi byte characters as same as debconf, but not yet. Notice 2. some strings aren't gettextized because I couldn't make sure they're safe or not. For example, 'XXX', 'VIEW', 'STOP', and so on.

[update] Eduard applied my patch by 0.8.6. Thanks!

Go to see the cherry blossoms

Yesterday, we went to see the cherry blossoms at near park.
Japanese call 'Ohanami' to see the cherry blossoms, this is traditional event in Japan.

Fri, 08 Apr 2005

Travel plan for debconf5 (planning schedule)

Air ticket to Finnland is expensive...
  • Cheapest one is using Malaysia air, but it losts too many time.
  • Finnair won't fit in schedule from/to Narita airport.
  • Air France is suitable and cheaper one, but it spends time. And I couldn't get milage from this line.
  • LFH or SAS are appropriable for me, they're star-alliance members. Little expensive.
Hmm, I'll use LFH or SAS. NRT-(CPH, FRA or MUC)-HEL. The price is about 190,000 yen, which is $1,748, 1363 euro. Woo.. I can fly to Brazil again by this price! :)
Another problem is a schedule. Any flight arrives at midnight and departs at noon. 7/8 in or 7/9 in, 7/17 out or 7/18 out. Hmm. When does debconf5 show detailed schedule?

gluck came back

Yeah, thank you for your great work, DSA team! I'm very glad to see again :)
Of course other services such as,, are very important for me.
(So can we catch up again to release progress? Is libc major blocker?)
BTW, broken files of my files on gluck are only arm daily d-i image, not important. Today, new arm daily image is uploaded.

Thu, 07 Apr 2005

Genova sauce pasta

I love Genovese! Crash and mix basil leaf, oil sardine, pine seed, and garlic by handy mixer. Dress pasta with boiled potato, saurce, pepper, and olive oil. Yummy!

Raw fish in soy-sauce, Dried Japanese radish

Today's menu is 'zuke' and 'kiriboshi-daikon'.
Zuke is one of variations of sashimi. Boil Japanese sake and Japanese sweet sake, then put them with soy sauce into a vessel. Put raw tuna into its vessel and wait about 15 minutes. After then, take and slice tuna.
Other dish, kiriboshi-daikon consists from dried Japanese radish, carrot, and deep-fried tofu. Soak radish about 20 minutes. Cook thin stripped carrot with Sesame oil on pan. Squeeze and put radish, and put cutted deep-fried tofu. Pour soy-sauce, sake, and water. Boil it till water is disappeared.

Tue, 05 Apr 2005

Pita bread

Pita is a bread, eaten at middle east area as far as I know. I prepared boiled chicken, ham, cutted lettuce and olive, sliced onion, tomato, sweet pepper, and cucumber. Next, I cooked dressing mixed from sesame, mayonnaise and olive oil. Bake pita and insert meals into it. Wow, that's really nice taste! Sesame dressing fits perfectly.

gluck died.

GUAAAA, why are we always affected critical trouble whenever we're going to release? X-(
  1. Just coincidence
  2. Trial from God
  3. Karma of our previous life
  4. Terrorism by someone who don't want release

Mon, 04 Apr 2005


'Sukiyaki song' is well known around the world, but Sukiyaki meal doesn't relate to this song. :-)
Pour sweet sauce which is consisted from soy sauce, Japanese sake, sugar and salt into iron pan. Boil it with foods; hashed beef, Japanese radish, onion, carrot, various mushrooms, and tofu (oh, I forgot to buy Chinese cabbage). Eat with raw egg.

Sat, 02 Apr 2005

Re: Release update: debian-installer, kernels, infrastructure, freeze, etch, arm

I remembered Aesop's story, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". `Sarge! Sarge! The Sarge is coming soon!'
Well, seriously we are at near release (at least freeze), maybe.

> We're working on this issue as quickly as possible, though, so please, no hardware offers right now!
Hmm. I'm little disappointed...
> As soon as this has been thouroughly tested, there should only be the routine maintenance matter of setting up the wanna-build databases for these queues and configuring/updating the testing chroots on the buildds.
Hmm. 'routine maintenance' is always critical point and always delays...


Today's tacos is alternative version of this. Wrap foods by flour paper. I was shocked because avocado was spoiled...

Thu, 31 Mar 2005

Battery life

My new machine Panasonic Let's Note Y2 will run 7 hours without AC if catalog spec is right.
It may be correct if I use Windows, no wireless, and no extension memory. Unfortunately I'm using Debian GNU/Linux, 11g wireless, and +512MB memory :-)
I installed speedstep-centrino kernel module and cpufreqd package. With wireless, Y2 works 3 hours without AC.
But I was surprised it worked only 3 hours also without wireless! I heard advice from my friend and saw ipw2200 driver README (RTFM, Kenshi). Hmm, I see. Wireless won't stop if I don't shutdown it explicitly. Wireless is working even if I do ifdown eth1 or rmmod ipw2200. Now, I created a small script "wifi" for stop it,
case "$1" in
	echo 0 > $F
	echo 1 > $F
	cat $F
	echo "wifi [start|stop|status]"
After running "wifi stop", Y2 works 5.5~ hours now. Good. It would be better if kwifimanager provide customize configuration rather than implementing dummy code. :-)

Maaboo Tofu

Maaboo Tofu is very hot Chinese meal. Frizzle chili miso ('Tohban-jan'), fermented black bean, and beef mince. Put sliced ginger and garlic. After all of materials are well cooked, put tofu is cutted like dice. Make soup from water, various dried food (mushroom, shrimp, scallop, wood ear), Chinese sake, oyster-sauce, Chinese soy-sauce, chicken powder, anise, salt, and so on. Pour soup and boil a little. Then thicken by putting potato scratch, put sesame oil and minced welsh onion. Finally sprinkle black pepper and powder of Chinese pepper.
Side dish is Chicken skin and Japanese radish soup. Boil chicken, ginger and cutted radish, then add salt, soy-sauce, sesame, pepper.

Wed, 30 Mar 2005

Inari roll

Inari roll, chicken with soy sauce, spinach 'ohitashi', Japanese pickles. I have a bad cold, so it's hard to describe recipe or work my business...

Mon, 28 Mar 2005

Sashimi salad

I was finding a fish for broil, but I couldn't find good one. So I bought tunny for sashimi. To make more delicious, I cook sashimi salad with lettuce, tomato, seawood. Another dishes are "Atsuage" (Fried tofu) miso soup and Japanese pickles.

Chicken and eggplant with balsamico sauce Pasta

Chicken and eggplant are good combination. Bake garlic and chili, then put cutted chicken and eggplant. Finally put sliced sweet pepper and red wine, pepper, balsamico. that's quick and tasty.

Sun, 27 Mar 2005

Beef stew

Beef stew is my favorite cooking. Cook chunk of beef meat, cutted onion, carrot, potato, and mushroom with butter. Put them into pressure pot. Then put celery, laurel, pepper whole, rosemary, sage. Pour water, start fire, and dip oil slick. After dipping, pour red wine, cover pot, and pressure 45 minutes. Then open and put a flake of stew essence. To make flavour better, I always put vinegar, nutmeg, chicken bone powder also.

Sat, 26 Mar 2005

d-i + kernel 2.6.10

D-i team and RMs already decided to use 2.6.8 for Sarge. Well, it may be bad news for someone who has newest hardware. But seriously d-i has been damaged by new kernel many times... I remember how terrible was it.
Today, I tried to make x86 2.6.10 d-i image just for test. Yes, that was not straightforward.
  • I arranged kernel-wedge files and create kernel udeb file from kernel-image-2.6.10-1-386. DELETE: ds ADD: pcmcia, ahci, sata_uli
  • 2.6.10 vesafb driver looks broken or its interface is changed. modprobe vesafb won't return error even if it couldn't install...(installed, but can't use by "probe of vesafb0 failed with error -6") I needed to modify rootskel to force load vga16fb.
Here(157MB, 2d1be9eb5a2fa7efbf2bab18bca3793c) is netinst ISO image file. I don't know that this image really works or not :-)
Because I didn't modify discover, I suspect ahci and sata_uli won't be detected automatically. (I haven't a machine with these SATA interfaces)


After considering, I separated off-topics (unrelated with Debian) from my blog. Someone may like off-topic, but other one may dislike it.
Now I feed only Debian topics for Planet Debian ( You can still see all topics from If your interest is only cooking, please take
BTW, I ate Sushi yesterday :-)


I was very tired with hard work (I finished to work to publish book about JavaServerFaces, written by Takashi Okamoto and others), so I bought Sushi at deli. Sushi is very expensive if you eat at sushi bar, but we can buy cheaper one at every deli. I bought Tofu (for miso soup) and fried chicken for side dishes.

Thu, 24 Mar 2005

Salmon and white cream Pasta

Easy cooking. Grill floured salmon, then cut it and pick up bones. Bake butter, sliced onion, and flour till it smells like cookie. Pour milk and white wine, and put consomme and laurel. After Stiring, put sirmon and black pepper.

Uploaded language-env 0.64

I applied a patch for Polish language from Robert Luberda (Thanks). This will be final for Sarge.
As post sarge issue, I'm thinking a new structure about multilingual environment:
  • Separated configuration files. Create ~/.language-env.d/ and put files for each feature configurations.
  • Introduce "im-switch". Tagoh, Gotom, and I are working for new input method structure "im-switch", inspired from FedoraCore. I was writing proposal draft, but too late for Sarge and I'm too busy at now. Gee. This structure saves users from difficult choice and configuration of various input methods.

d-i rc3 released

As JoeyH mentioned, d-i team released d-i rc3, final version for Sarge. Yoo-hoo! Thanks for your great work, joeyh, bubulle, joshk, vorlon, ... yeah, really many people have contributed d-i. I'm proud I am one of this great team.I hope we ship out Sarge sooner by this d-i release.

Tue, 22 Mar 2005

Thai curry

Thai-curry paste can be bought at every little bigger market. I always buy this at my favorite import food shop.
Boil Coconut milk in pot then put paste and dried Thai ginger. Fry garlic, pork, carrot, eggplant, potato, and sweet pepper. Put them into the pot and add some Thai flavors (leaf of orange, lemon grass, fish-sauce("nam-plaa")).

fontconfig 2.3.1-2

Hmm, fontconfig 2.3.1 holds packages which are built with it go to testing. At now i386, arm, hppa, mipsel are done.
  • alpha: jadetex installation failure. By broken tetex?
  • ia64: jadetex installation failure. By broken tetex?
  • m68k: now building (thanks, buildd maintainer!)
  • mips: ucf configuration failure. By broken ucf
  • powerpc: jadetex installation failure. By broken tetex?
  • s390: build failure. By broken docbook-dsssl.

Mon, 21 Mar 2005

uim FTBFS on only arm

I'm investigating #300352 (mlterm won't go to testing till uim does). As djpig and vorlon said, it's caused by another package. But what package is wrong? Now I'm building it on my arm.
Hmm, build failed again...
OK, I found it was from old gnome-panel and yesterday new 2.8.3-1 for arm was finished to build.

votes for the Debian Project Leader Election 2005

Manoj announced call for votes for DPL 2005. I voted.
Hmm, we, Debian-JP board should prepare vote for DJPL also (current DJPL is Yasuhiro ARAKI).

Sun, 20 Mar 2005


Tacos is Mexican food, but popular recipe is very americanized :)
Prepare vegetables; minced onion, sliced green sweet pepper, tomato.
Cook minced meat and put Tacos ready-made seasoning. Then, bake taco which is made from corn, oil, and water.
Finally mix them with salsa-sauce and cheese. Yummy, but Habanero salsa-sauce was very hot...

Sat, 19 Mar 2005

Gyudon (Beef bowl)

Gyudon was popular, but becomes rare meal since BSE shock.
Japanese government still stop importing a beef from USA, so the price of beef is little expensive.
The recipe is simple, but it needs many Japanese specific flavors.
  1. Roast ginger, sliced onion, welsh onion, and hashed beef on frypan till an onion becomes transparent.
  2. Put cutted 'Shirataki' (is created from konjak).
  3. Add flavors; soy-sauce, Japanese sake, sweet sake, fish powder, salt, and sugar. Cover the pan and boil.
  4. Put them on a rice bowl.
Side dish is Tofu & "Nameko" mushrooms miso soup.

ITP: 855resolution

I wonder why 855resolution doesn't exist yet in Debian. So, I ITPed today (Bug#300341).
I'm using 1400x1050 mode on my Panasonic Let's Note Y2 (A4 size, but its weight is lighter than previous note, IBM ThinkPad x21. Awful).

Bits from the ftpmaster team (from elmo)

Good news. jeroen and joerg become ftp assistants. Hooray!
I've already seen jeroen is working, because he did and answered quickly when I requested to remove a package from incoming. :-)

Thu, 17 Mar 2005

Paella, Uncured ham salad, Macaroni

Guest came today. I cooked paella, salad, and macaroni peperontini. He presented us sweet peach liqueur. We had a very good time with eat, drink, and speak.
[update] Andres wrote "It's simply not fair, distributing a picture of a nice looking meal like that. without the source."
LOL. :-) Well, as far as I can do, I'm trying to write a recipe for very unique (local specific) meal. It's hard to express a recipe even if I write it in my local language, because my cooking is always vague :-)

Dependency hell...

mlterm 2.9.2-2 couldn't enter by dependency hell.
  • hppa: uim -> gnome-panel -> gnome-desktop (waiting build)
  • ia64: uim -> gnome-panel -> gnome-desktop (waiting build)
  • s390: uim -> gnome-panel (waiting build)
Hmm, I (am DD!) could run buildd for hppa if w-b maintainer would accept...
[update] I received a quick response from buildd maintainer, LaMont. This hell will be solved at least hppa/ia64 soon (indeed gnome-* and uim are solved). Thanks LaMont, and sorry for bother you.

Wed, 16 Mar 2005

Soba (buckwheat noodles)

I backed home from a hard work... Because I'd like to do corner cutting, I cooked soba today. Toppings are 'Kakiage' (mixture vegetables and shrimps, and fried. I bought this at market) and laver.

Tue, 15 Mar 2005


'Sashimi' (raw fish) is one of famous Japanese meal. You may hear Japanese eat living fish ('Ikezukuri'), but no no, it's just an entertainment show for guests at hotel. Normally we buy a cut fish at market and slice it.

My thought about release meeting note

My big interesting point is about progress of Sarge release. Aba and neuro are working together, cheers! I remember Aba had said he had no permission about ..., but he are working really hard for Sarge release. I believe he's qualified for official ftpmasters (if he wants :-) ).
When d-i rc3 ship, we'll start freeze testing for Sarge! It sounds we can ship Sarge end of April or beginning of May if freeze period is really +1 month.

Well, there are many threads about "dropping architectures". I'm surprised that all of what Gotom and I talked ago are realized even we didn't announce to outside. :-) We discussed such as:
  • Debian should introduce step freeze. debootstrap->d-i components->2nd stage->library->full.
  • Debian should not release architectures which are too hard to support because we can't buy new one, and/or there is no buildd, no open machine for developers, no active developers (especially for libc and toolchain). Although these architecture still can be at unstable, we won't treat as release target.
  • Change RC policy. To judge "what's a release critical" by users is not so good. How about limiting RC to FTBFS and security (reported by upstream, CAN or other authoritative organizations)? (Ah, dependency problem (uninstallable) and license problem may be included.)
IMHO moving minor architecture to SCC will suceeed or not depends who maintains wanna-build DB.

Mon, 14 Mar 2005


'Nabe' is traditional and popular cooking in Japan. Easy, quick, healthy, and nice. Today's nabe is 'Mizutaki-nabe'. Just put kombu, chicken, water, tofu, and various vegetables into an earthenware pot. Eat them with 'Ponzu' which is a juice pressed from a bitter orange.

I'm moron...

I noticed mlterm 2.9.2-1 won't enter sarge even if all of architecture buildd are done. I built mlterm for i386 with custom iiimf package... ARGH! -2 is uploaded. Sorry, buildd admins.

Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

Yeah, this report is what I was awaiting. I really hope we'll release Sarge ASAP.

Sun, 13 Mar 2005


Today is really hard day. I was writing a book and must attend a board meeting of residents' association.
BTW, today's supper was croquette and cabbage salad. Yes, this is a corner-cutting.

Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Pork sauter and salad

Pork sauter with balsamico sauce, German potato salad, and sliced tomato.
Normal potato salad uses mayonnaise, but this salad doesn't use it. Boil potato and slice it, mince onion, then mix them with olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. I heard this recipe from Oliver M. Bolzer. :-)


gonzui is a source code search engine for accelerating open source software development. ITP is already done by Yutaka Niibe.
I installed this and up server. Currently there is kernel-source-2.6.8 in my repository.
Hmm, I found a bug of gonzui... When there are multiple hit pages, I can't forward beyond 2 page because URL has multiple f= and gonzui uses only first f= value. I sent IRC message to upstream author.

d-i installation video

You can see:
telnet 12345
(You can get a file for ttyrec also.)

Fri, 11 Mar 2005


Tokyo is rainy and cold. I bought bony parts of yellowtail fish("Buri") and Japanese radish("Daikon") to make us warm. Buri-Daikon is traditional food in Japan. It's easy to cook if you have a pressurecooker.
  1. Sprinkle salt on a fish. Left it about 20 minutes.
  2. Pass them through hot water, then wash them to remove blood.
  3. Seat tangle and place cutted Japanese radish in a pressurecooker. Put a fish and sliced ginger. To add taste, pour sake and soy sauce. Finally pour water till materials are covered.
  4. Pressurize about 20-30 minutes (if you cook this with a normal pot, it spends at least 1 hour).

jfbterm kills me

To prepare d-i rc3, I tried current snapshot on my VMware.
I installed linux24... smoothly, nice.
Next, linux26... Doh! It shows only black screen on 2nd stage.
I investigated what was happen and noticed jfbterm won't exit when called program had already been exitted. 0.4.7-1 has something wrong. I talked with maintainer Fumitoshi and I'm trying to solve this bug with him.

What's happen on DAK?

The day before yesterday, I really received accept mail for mlterm 2.9.2-1. I closed many bugs by this upload, includes one RC bug hits testing.
Indeed there are packages in, but strangely still there are. REPORT file looks DAK fails something. I sent a mail to ftpmasters, and hope they will fix.
I get an answer from jvw and aj. This problem is by DAK and kernel, is not by me! :-) Well, but it is true that my exp2 upload hits something wrong. Yeah, I have an aptitude for tester (indeed I've found and reported bugs on many packages).
Finally, mlterm 2.9.2-1 entered unstable! But unfortunately arm, hppa, ia64, mipsel, s390, and sparc are under build-dep hell... (mipsel will be solved soon)

Travel plan for debconf5

I'm planning to go debconf5.
Air ticket is expensive because July is vacation season in Japan, but this cost isn't so higher than I imagined. gotom, knok, ukai, and dancer are considering to go also.
I'm too busy to write a paper now, but I'd like to join d-i meeting and meet other developers at there.

Thu, 10 Mar 2005

Sausage and Spinach Spaghetti

I remembered spinaches was left. Today's menu is spinach spaghetti. Warm EXV olive oil, chili, and garlic (called "aglio, olio", right?) in fry pan. Put sausages and cover the pan. When it looks be heated enough, pour a little of white wine. Put cutted/boiled spinach, pepper, oregano, and basilico. Keep warming and mix with pasta.
As you can see, I made too much to eat this :-)


OkonomiYaki is popular food in Japan, especially at west side (Kansai).
OkonomiYaki is Japanese omelet. Mix eggs, flour, cabbage, carrot, sliced pork, squid, milk, yam powder, fish flavor, pepper, and salt well. Bake both side like pancake, then paste sauce (you should use "Otafuku Sauce"), top green laver, dried shrimp, dried bonito. Spread fried noodle on dish and put the omelet over the top.

Wed, 09 Mar 2005

Accepted mlterm 2.9.2-1

I received accept mail from DAK. Thanks ftp-masters!
mlterm 2.9.2-1 fixes possible integer overflow.

arm buildd

I saw there were many complains about arm and mipsel buildd. mipsel will be solved soon, from Florian Lohoff's post to debian-devel. That's good news.

I bought arm machine last year for Debian Project's work. The spec StrongARM 150MHz, 256MB SIMM memory, and 36GB HDD is strongest machine in Debian arm world. Unfortunately this machine is located inside NAT and access is restricted, but I've already set up buildd on this machine.

This machine has built packages for experimental, volatile, ganneff, and byhand. Furthermore cron builds debian-installer images every day.

So, is this machine busy? No, CPU idles almost half of day (although this is because experimental build finishes soon if the package depends other packages in experimental. Currently experimental buildd team decides a policy to not take build-dep packages from experimental).

I've already contacted to ftp-masters. It was hard to find correct frontdesk, but finally I understood only elmo and neuro have a permission to add new build member and configure wanna-build database. They are too busy to respond by mail. Luckly I catched elmo on IRC a few monthes ago and asked to join me. His answer was he was too busy and didn't want new comer at this time.
I don't want to bother him, but hope he will remember my offer in the future.

If you want to build your package on my buildd, contact me. But I should note RM Kamion said it was not recommended that each developer builds a package instead of using official buildd.

I created another buildd for sparc, alpha, hppa, mips, and mipsel. sparc is at gotom's home, others are at ishikawa's home.

Tue, 08 Mar 2005

Turkish kebab

Oven cooking! I grilled seasoning beef with yoghurt/oil/paprika/cumin/coriander/garlic/pepper/salt, sweet pepper, tomato, chili, and onion on a skewer.
I got a question about recipe. :-)
  1. First, make seasoning. My "turkish mix" seasoning consists from 2 tea spoon paprika powder, 1 cumin powder, and 1 coriander powder. Add 3 tea spoon yoghurt (non sugar), 2 tea spoon minced onion, minced a piece of garlic, 1 tea spoon olive oil, pepper and salt as you like.
  2. Cut beef like a dice, then put them into seasoning, wait about 1 hour.
  3. Cut sweet pepper, tomat, and onion.
  4. Skew materials and put them on steel board (I use paella pan), and top chili.
  5. Put board to oven is preheated 200-250 centrigrade.
  6. When the surface looks be grilled, turn it and grill again.
  7. Take and eat! :-)

Bye Mozilla, Hello Firefox

I switched my browser from Mozilla to Firefox. Just did 'apt-get install mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-locale-ja mozilla-browser-'.
Migration was really smooth. I installed Plastikfox Crystal SVG for theme. Then I installed some plugins: Sage, Mouse Gestures, DictionarySearch, Tabbrowser Preferences, Adblock, Googlbar, and ScrapBook. Wow!

Mon, 07 Mar 2005

EU Software Patent Directive Adopted

That's sad...
In Japan, the government isn't monolithtic currently. Someone said 'we progress pro patent policy, to against other countries (especially China)', but another one said 'patent stops a innovation'. From pessimist's view, I believe Japan will progress patent policy even if it has a problem.
Some Japanese companies have nasty software patents, such as emulator patent holder -- Nintendo.


Hitsumabushi is local dish at Nagoya, Japan. Base materials are grilled+flavoured eel, rice in bowl. Unique point of Hitsumabushi is that there are three step to eat this.
  1. Eat rice and eel 1/3 part.
  2. Next, put seasoning (sliced welsh onion, sesame, wasabi, laver) into bowl and mix, then eat 1/3 part.
  3. Finally pour hot soup (with dried bonito stock) into bowl and eat.
Other dishes are miso soup with tofu and wakame (seawood), and Japanese pickles of cucumber. This Japaese pickles is called 'Nuka-duke', name after materials are put into('duke') rice bran ('nuka').

Face photo

I found my picture from Debconf4 album. Photographer is gotom, thanks!
I noticed gimp already became 2.2 but am disappointed its usability wasn't improved. And I met segmentation fault when I chose some blur filters...


I made 50 chiaotzu today. Half (pork meat, shiitake mushroom, bok choy, garlic, ginger, pepper, potato starch, til oil) is for boiled, half (plus 'nira', like shallot but has strong smell) is broiled (baked? how to call for Chiaotzu?) We ate all of them, hew!

Sun, 06 Mar 2005


Carbonara, lettuce salad. I love Italian food! There are various recipe to cook carbonara. My recipe is a copy of Ochiai-san, who is one of famous Italian chef in Japan. Materials are EXV oil, Bacon, Egg, Pepper (a lot!), Salt, and Cheese. I don't use cream.

Questions for DPL candidates

There are many threads, but I'm tired to see flame-like discussion.
Indeed I have a complain about NEW processing (my upload of mlterm is waiting since end of last year, and 2.9.2-1 has security fix for unstable/testing), but hanging candidate up (even if he is master of ftpmaster) won't progress anything. DPL's work is to delegate person, such as ftpmasters, release managers.
I think it is more productive to ask candidates new cabinet they think. Hm, project Scud? My first impression is 'Is this OpenCabal(TM)?' :-)


Today I start to write a blog in English for practice. I have already my blog, but this is written in Japanese. I'd like to join debian planet when I'm ready. (Hmm, I haven't nice picture of myself...)