Thu, 31 Mar 2005

Battery life

My new machine Panasonic Let's Note Y2 will run 7 hours without AC if catalog spec is right.
It may be correct if I use Windows, no wireless, and no extension memory. Unfortunately I'm using Debian GNU/Linux, 11g wireless, and +512MB memory :-)
I installed speedstep-centrino kernel module and cpufreqd package. With wireless, Y2 works 3 hours without AC.
But I was surprised it worked only 3 hours also without wireless! I heard advice from my friend and saw ipw2200 driver README (RTFM, Kenshi). Hmm, I see. Wireless won't stop if I don't shutdown it explicitly. Wireless is working even if I do ifdown eth1 or rmmod ipw2200. Now, I created a small script "wifi" for stop it,
case "$1" in
	echo 0 > $F
	echo 1 > $F
	cat $F
	echo "wifi [start|stop|status]"
After running "wifi stop", Y2 works 5.5~ hours now. Good. It would be better if kwifimanager provide customize configuration rather than implementing dummy code. :-)

Maaboo Tofu

Maaboo Tofu is very hot Chinese meal. Frizzle chili miso ('Tohban-jan'), fermented black bean, and beef mince. Put sliced ginger and garlic. After all of materials are well cooked, put tofu is cutted like dice. Make soup from water, various dried food (mushroom, shrimp, scallop, wood ear), Chinese sake, oyster-sauce, Chinese soy-sauce, chicken powder, anise, salt, and so on. Pour soup and boil a little. Then thicken by putting potato scratch, put sesame oil and minced welsh onion. Finally sprinkle black pepper and powder of Chinese pepper.
Side dish is Chicken skin and Japanese radish soup. Boil chicken, ginger and cutted radish, then add salt, soy-sauce, sesame, pepper.

Wed, 30 Mar 2005

Inari roll

Inari roll, chicken with soy sauce, spinach 'ohitashi', Japanese pickles. I have a bad cold, so it's hard to describe recipe or work my business...

Mon, 28 Mar 2005

Sashimi salad

I was finding a fish for broil, but I couldn't find good one. So I bought tunny for sashimi. To make more delicious, I cook sashimi salad with lettuce, tomato, seawood. Another dishes are "Atsuage" (Fried tofu) miso soup and Japanese pickles.

Chicken and eggplant with balsamico sauce Pasta

Chicken and eggplant are good combination. Bake garlic and chili, then put cutted chicken and eggplant. Finally put sliced sweet pepper and red wine, pepper, balsamico. that's quick and tasty.

Sun, 27 Mar 2005

Beef stew

Beef stew is my favorite cooking. Cook chunk of beef meat, cutted onion, carrot, potato, and mushroom with butter. Put them into pressure pot. Then put celery, laurel, pepper whole, rosemary, sage. Pour water, start fire, and dip oil slick. After dipping, pour red wine, cover pot, and pressure 45 minutes. Then open and put a flake of stew essence. To make flavour better, I always put vinegar, nutmeg, chicken bone powder also.

Sat, 26 Mar 2005

d-i + kernel 2.6.10

D-i team and RMs already decided to use 2.6.8 for Sarge. Well, it may be bad news for someone who has newest hardware. But seriously d-i has been damaged by new kernel many times... I remember how terrible was it.
Today, I tried to make x86 2.6.10 d-i image just for test. Yes, that was not straightforward.
  • I arranged kernel-wedge files and create kernel udeb file from kernel-image-2.6.10-1-386. DELETE: ds ADD: pcmcia, ahci, sata_uli
  • 2.6.10 vesafb driver looks broken or its interface is changed. modprobe vesafb won't return error even if it couldn't install...(installed, but can't use by "probe of vesafb0 failed with error -6") I needed to modify rootskel to force load vga16fb.
Here(157MB, 2d1be9eb5a2fa7efbf2bab18bca3793c) is netinst ISO image file. I don't know that this image really works or not :-)
Because I didn't modify discover, I suspect ahci and sata_uli won't be detected automatically. (I haven't a machine with these SATA interfaces)


After considering, I separated off-topics (unrelated with Debian) from my blog. Someone may like off-topic, but other one may dislike it.
Now I feed only Debian topics for Planet Debian ( You can still see all topics from If your interest is only cooking, please take
BTW, I ate Sushi yesterday :-)


I was very tired with hard work (I finished to work to publish book about JavaServerFaces, written by Takashi Okamoto and others), so I bought Sushi at deli. Sushi is very expensive if you eat at sushi bar, but we can buy cheaper one at every deli. I bought Tofu (for miso soup) and fried chicken for side dishes.

Thu, 24 Mar 2005

Salmon and white cream Pasta

Easy cooking. Grill floured salmon, then cut it and pick up bones. Bake butter, sliced onion, and flour till it smells like cookie. Pour milk and white wine, and put consomme and laurel. After Stiring, put sirmon and black pepper.

Uploaded language-env 0.64

I applied a patch for Polish language from Robert Luberda (Thanks). This will be final for Sarge.
As post sarge issue, I'm thinking a new structure about multilingual environment:
  • Separated configuration files. Create ~/.language-env.d/ and put files for each feature configurations.
  • Introduce "im-switch". Tagoh, Gotom, and I are working for new input method structure "im-switch", inspired from FedoraCore. I was writing proposal draft, but too late for Sarge and I'm too busy at now. Gee. This structure saves users from difficult choice and configuration of various input methods.

d-i rc3 released

As JoeyH mentioned, d-i team released d-i rc3, final version for Sarge. Yoo-hoo! Thanks for your great work, joeyh, bubulle, joshk, vorlon, ... yeah, really many people have contributed d-i. I'm proud I am one of this great team.I hope we ship out Sarge sooner by this d-i release.

Tue, 22 Mar 2005

Thai curry

Thai-curry paste can be bought at every little bigger market. I always buy this at my favorite import food shop.
Boil Coconut milk in pot then put paste and dried Thai ginger. Fry garlic, pork, carrot, eggplant, potato, and sweet pepper. Put them into the pot and add some Thai flavors (leaf of orange, lemon grass, fish-sauce("nam-plaa")).

fontconfig 2.3.1-2

Hmm, fontconfig 2.3.1 holds packages which are built with it go to testing. At now i386, arm, hppa, mipsel are done.
  • alpha: jadetex installation failure. By broken tetex?
  • ia64: jadetex installation failure. By broken tetex?
  • m68k: now building (thanks, buildd maintainer!)
  • mips: ucf configuration failure. By broken ucf
  • powerpc: jadetex installation failure. By broken tetex?
  • s390: build failure. By broken docbook-dsssl.

Mon, 21 Mar 2005

uim FTBFS on only arm

I'm investigating #300352 (mlterm won't go to testing till uim does). As djpig and vorlon said, it's caused by another package. But what package is wrong? Now I'm building it on my arm.
Hmm, build failed again...
OK, I found it was from old gnome-panel and yesterday new 2.8.3-1 for arm was finished to build.

votes for the Debian Project Leader Election 2005

Manoj announced call for votes for DPL 2005. I voted.
Hmm, we, Debian-JP board should prepare vote for DJPL also (current DJPL is Yasuhiro ARAKI).

Sun, 20 Mar 2005


Tacos is Mexican food, but popular recipe is very americanized :)
Prepare vegetables; minced onion, sliced green sweet pepper, tomato.
Cook minced meat and put Tacos ready-made seasoning. Then, bake taco which is made from corn, oil, and water.
Finally mix them with salsa-sauce and cheese. Yummy, but Habanero salsa-sauce was very hot...

Sat, 19 Mar 2005

Gyudon (Beef bowl)

Gyudon was popular, but becomes rare meal since BSE shock.
Japanese government still stop importing a beef from USA, so the price of beef is little expensive.
The recipe is simple, but it needs many Japanese specific flavors.
  1. Roast ginger, sliced onion, welsh onion, and hashed beef on frypan till an onion becomes transparent.
  2. Put cutted 'Shirataki' (is created from konjak).
  3. Add flavors; soy-sauce, Japanese sake, sweet sake, fish powder, salt, and sugar. Cover the pan and boil.
  4. Put them on a rice bowl.
Side dish is Tofu & "Nameko" mushrooms miso soup.

ITP: 855resolution

I wonder why 855resolution doesn't exist yet in Debian. So, I ITPed today (Bug#300341).
I'm using 1400x1050 mode on my Panasonic Let's Note Y2 (A4 size, but its weight is lighter than previous note, IBM ThinkPad x21. Awful).

Bits from the ftpmaster team (from elmo)

Good news. jeroen and joerg become ftp assistants. Hooray!
I've already seen jeroen is working, because he did and answered quickly when I requested to remove a package from incoming. :-)

Thu, 17 Mar 2005

Paella, Uncured ham salad, Macaroni

Guest came today. I cooked paella, salad, and macaroni peperontini. He presented us sweet peach liqueur. We had a very good time with eat, drink, and speak.
[update] Andres wrote "It's simply not fair, distributing a picture of a nice looking meal like that. without the source."
LOL. :-) Well, as far as I can do, I'm trying to write a recipe for very unique (local specific) meal. It's hard to express a recipe even if I write it in my local language, because my cooking is always vague :-)

Dependency hell...

mlterm 2.9.2-2 couldn't enter by dependency hell.
  • hppa: uim -> gnome-panel -> gnome-desktop (waiting build)
  • ia64: uim -> gnome-panel -> gnome-desktop (waiting build)
  • s390: uim -> gnome-panel (waiting build)
Hmm, I (am DD!) could run buildd for hppa if w-b maintainer would accept...
[update] I received a quick response from buildd maintainer, LaMont. This hell will be solved at least hppa/ia64 soon (indeed gnome-* and uim are solved). Thanks LaMont, and sorry for bother you.

Wed, 16 Mar 2005

Soba (buckwheat noodles)

I backed home from a hard work... Because I'd like to do corner cutting, I cooked soba today. Toppings are 'Kakiage' (mixture vegetables and shrimps, and fried. I bought this at market) and laver.

Tue, 15 Mar 2005


'Sashimi' (raw fish) is one of famous Japanese meal. You may hear Japanese eat living fish ('Ikezukuri'), but no no, it's just an entertainment show for guests at hotel. Normally we buy a cut fish at market and slice it.

My thought about release meeting note

My big interesting point is about progress of Sarge release. Aba and neuro are working together, cheers! I remember Aba had said he had no permission about ..., but he are working really hard for Sarge release. I believe he's qualified for official ftpmasters (if he wants :-) ).
When d-i rc3 ship, we'll start freeze testing for Sarge! It sounds we can ship Sarge end of April or beginning of May if freeze period is really +1 month.

Well, there are many threads about "dropping architectures". I'm surprised that all of what Gotom and I talked ago are realized even we didn't announce to outside. :-) We discussed such as:
  • Debian should introduce step freeze. debootstrap->d-i components->2nd stage->library->full.
  • Debian should not release architectures which are too hard to support because we can't buy new one, and/or there is no buildd, no open machine for developers, no active developers (especially for libc and toolchain). Although these architecture still can be at unstable, we won't treat as release target.
  • Change RC policy. To judge "what's a release critical" by users is not so good. How about limiting RC to FTBFS and security (reported by upstream, CAN or other authoritative organizations)? (Ah, dependency problem (uninstallable) and license problem may be included.)
IMHO moving minor architecture to SCC will suceeed or not depends who maintains wanna-build DB.

Mon, 14 Mar 2005


'Nabe' is traditional and popular cooking in Japan. Easy, quick, healthy, and nice. Today's nabe is 'Mizutaki-nabe'. Just put kombu, chicken, water, tofu, and various vegetables into an earthenware pot. Eat them with 'Ponzu' which is a juice pressed from a bitter orange.

I'm moron...

I noticed mlterm 2.9.2-1 won't enter sarge even if all of architecture buildd are done. I built mlterm for i386 with custom iiimf package... ARGH! -2 is uploaded. Sorry, buildd admins.

Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

Yeah, this report is what I was awaiting. I really hope we'll release Sarge ASAP.

Sun, 13 Mar 2005


Today is really hard day. I was writing a book and must attend a board meeting of residents' association.
BTW, today's supper was croquette and cabbage salad. Yes, this is a corner-cutting.

Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Pork sauter and salad

Pork sauter with balsamico sauce, German potato salad, and sliced tomato.
Normal potato salad uses mayonnaise, but this salad doesn't use it. Boil potato and slice it, mince onion, then mix them with olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. I heard this recipe from Oliver M. Bolzer. :-)


gonzui is a source code search engine for accelerating open source software development. ITP is already done by Yutaka Niibe.
I installed this and up server. Currently there is kernel-source-2.6.8 in my repository.
Hmm, I found a bug of gonzui... When there are multiple hit pages, I can't forward beyond 2 page because URL has multiple f= and gonzui uses only first f= value. I sent IRC message to upstream author.

d-i installation video

You can see:
telnet 12345
(You can get a file for ttyrec also.)

Fri, 11 Mar 2005


Tokyo is rainy and cold. I bought bony parts of yellowtail fish("Buri") and Japanese radish("Daikon") to make us warm. Buri-Daikon is traditional food in Japan. It's easy to cook if you have a pressurecooker.
  1. Sprinkle salt on a fish. Left it about 20 minutes.
  2. Pass them through hot water, then wash them to remove blood.
  3. Seat tangle and place cutted Japanese radish in a pressurecooker. Put a fish and sliced ginger. To add taste, pour sake and soy sauce. Finally pour water till materials are covered.
  4. Pressurize about 20-30 minutes (if you cook this with a normal pot, it spends at least 1 hour).

jfbterm kills me

To prepare d-i rc3, I tried current snapshot on my VMware.
I installed linux24... smoothly, nice.
Next, linux26... Doh! It shows only black screen on 2nd stage.
I investigated what was happen and noticed jfbterm won't exit when called program had already been exitted. 0.4.7-1 has something wrong. I talked with maintainer Fumitoshi and I'm trying to solve this bug with him.

What's happen on DAK?

The day before yesterday, I really received accept mail for mlterm 2.9.2-1. I closed many bugs by this upload, includes one RC bug hits testing.
Indeed there are packages in, but strangely still there are. REPORT file looks DAK fails something. I sent a mail to ftpmasters, and hope they will fix.
I get an answer from jvw and aj. This problem is by DAK and kernel, is not by me! :-) Well, but it is true that my exp2 upload hits something wrong. Yeah, I have an aptitude for tester (indeed I've found and reported bugs on many packages).
Finally, mlterm 2.9.2-1 entered unstable! But unfortunately arm, hppa, ia64, mipsel, s390, and sparc are under build-dep hell... (mipsel will be solved soon)

Travel plan for debconf5

I'm planning to go debconf5.
Air ticket is expensive because July is vacation season in Japan, but this cost isn't so higher than I imagined. gotom, knok, ukai, and dancer are considering to go also.
I'm too busy to write a paper now, but I'd like to join d-i meeting and meet other developers at there.

Thu, 10 Mar 2005

Sausage and Spinach Spaghetti

I remembered spinaches was left. Today's menu is spinach spaghetti. Warm EXV olive oil, chili, and garlic (called "aglio, olio", right?) in fry pan. Put sausages and cover the pan. When it looks be heated enough, pour a little of white wine. Put cutted/boiled spinach, pepper, oregano, and basilico. Keep warming and mix with pasta.
As you can see, I made too much to eat this :-)


OkonomiYaki is popular food in Japan, especially at west side (Kansai).
OkonomiYaki is Japanese omelet. Mix eggs, flour, cabbage, carrot, sliced pork, squid, milk, yam powder, fish flavor, pepper, and salt well. Bake both side like pancake, then paste sauce (you should use "Otafuku Sauce"), top green laver, dried shrimp, dried bonito. Spread fried noodle on dish and put the omelet over the top.

Wed, 09 Mar 2005

Accepted mlterm 2.9.2-1

I received accept mail from DAK. Thanks ftp-masters!
mlterm 2.9.2-1 fixes possible integer overflow.

arm buildd

I saw there were many complains about arm and mipsel buildd. mipsel will be solved soon, from Florian Lohoff's post to debian-devel. That's good news.

I bought arm machine last year for Debian Project's work. The spec StrongARM 150MHz, 256MB SIMM memory, and 36GB HDD is strongest machine in Debian arm world. Unfortunately this machine is located inside NAT and access is restricted, but I've already set up buildd on this machine.

This machine has built packages for experimental, volatile, ganneff, and byhand. Furthermore cron builds debian-installer images every day.

So, is this machine busy? No, CPU idles almost half of day (although this is because experimental build finishes soon if the package depends other packages in experimental. Currently experimental buildd team decides a policy to not take build-dep packages from experimental).

I've already contacted to ftp-masters. It was hard to find correct frontdesk, but finally I understood only elmo and neuro have a permission to add new build member and configure wanna-build database. They are too busy to respond by mail. Luckly I catched elmo on IRC a few monthes ago and asked to join me. His answer was he was too busy and didn't want new comer at this time.
I don't want to bother him, but hope he will remember my offer in the future.

If you want to build your package on my buildd, contact me. But I should note RM Kamion said it was not recommended that each developer builds a package instead of using official buildd.

I created another buildd for sparc, alpha, hppa, mips, and mipsel. sparc is at gotom's home, others are at ishikawa's home.

Tue, 08 Mar 2005

Turkish kebab

Oven cooking! I grilled seasoning beef with yoghurt/oil/paprika/cumin/coriander/garlic/pepper/salt, sweet pepper, tomato, chili, and onion on a skewer.
I got a question about recipe. :-)
  1. First, make seasoning. My "turkish mix" seasoning consists from 2 tea spoon paprika powder, 1 cumin powder, and 1 coriander powder. Add 3 tea spoon yoghurt (non sugar), 2 tea spoon minced onion, minced a piece of garlic, 1 tea spoon olive oil, pepper and salt as you like.
  2. Cut beef like a dice, then put them into seasoning, wait about 1 hour.
  3. Cut sweet pepper, tomat, and onion.
  4. Skew materials and put them on steel board (I use paella pan), and top chili.
  5. Put board to oven is preheated 200-250 centrigrade.
  6. When the surface looks be grilled, turn it and grill again.
  7. Take and eat! :-)

Bye Mozilla, Hello Firefox

I switched my browser from Mozilla to Firefox. Just did 'apt-get install mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-locale-ja mozilla-browser-'.
Migration was really smooth. I installed Plastikfox Crystal SVG for theme. Then I installed some plugins: Sage, Mouse Gestures, DictionarySearch, Tabbrowser Preferences, Adblock, Googlbar, and ScrapBook. Wow!

Mon, 07 Mar 2005

EU Software Patent Directive Adopted

That's sad...
In Japan, the government isn't monolithtic currently. Someone said 'we progress pro patent policy, to against other countries (especially China)', but another one said 'patent stops a innovation'. From pessimist's view, I believe Japan will progress patent policy even if it has a problem.
Some Japanese companies have nasty software patents, such as emulator patent holder -- Nintendo.


Hitsumabushi is local dish at Nagoya, Japan. Base materials are grilled+flavoured eel, rice in bowl. Unique point of Hitsumabushi is that there are three step to eat this.
  1. Eat rice and eel 1/3 part.
  2. Next, put seasoning (sliced welsh onion, sesame, wasabi, laver) into bowl and mix, then eat 1/3 part.
  3. Finally pour hot soup (with dried bonito stock) into bowl and eat.
Other dishes are miso soup with tofu and wakame (seawood), and Japanese pickles of cucumber. This Japaese pickles is called 'Nuka-duke', name after materials are put into('duke') rice bran ('nuka').

Face photo

I found my picture from Debconf4 album. Photographer is gotom, thanks!
I noticed gimp already became 2.2 but am disappointed its usability wasn't improved. And I met segmentation fault when I chose some blur filters...


I made 50 chiaotzu today. Half (pork meat, shiitake mushroom, bok choy, garlic, ginger, pepper, potato starch, til oil) is for boiled, half (plus 'nira', like shallot but has strong smell) is broiled (baked? how to call for Chiaotzu?) We ate all of them, hew!

Sun, 06 Mar 2005

Questions for DPL candidates

There are many threads, but I'm tired to see flame-like discussion.
Indeed I have a complain about NEW processing (my upload of mlterm is waiting since end of last year, and 2.9.2-1 has security fix for unstable/testing), but hanging candidate up (even if he is master of ftpmaster) won't progress anything. DPL's work is to delegate person, such as ftpmasters, release managers.
I think it is more productive to ask candidates new cabinet they think. Hm, project Scud? My first impression is 'Is this OpenCabal(TM)?' :-)


Carbonara, lettuce salad. I love Italian food! There are various recipe to cook carbonara. My recipe is a copy of Ochiai-san, who is one of famous Italian chef in Japan. Materials are EXV oil, Bacon, Egg, Pepper (a lot!), Salt, and Cheese. I don't use cream.


Today I start to write a blog in English for practice. I have already my blog, but this is written in Japanese. I'd like to join debian planet when I'm ready. (Hmm, I haven't nice picture of myself...)