Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Pork sauter and salad

Pork sauter with balsamico sauce, German potato salad, and sliced tomato.
Normal potato salad uses mayonnaise, but this salad doesn't use it. Boil potato and slice it, mince onion, then mix them with olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. I heard this recipe from Oliver M. Bolzer. :-)


gonzui is a source code search engine for accelerating open source software development. ITP is already done by Yutaka Niibe.
I installed this and up server. Currently there is kernel-source-2.6.8 in my repository.
Hmm, I found a bug of gonzui... When there are multiple hit pages, I can't forward beyond 2 page because URL has multiple f= and gonzui uses only first f= value. I sent IRC message to upstream author.

d-i installation video

You can see:
telnet 12345
(You can get a file for ttyrec also.)