Tue, 15 Mar 2005


'Sashimi' (raw fish) is one of famous Japanese meal. You may hear Japanese eat living fish ('Ikezukuri'), but no no, it's just an entertainment show for guests at hotel. Normally we buy a cut fish at market and slice it.

My thought about release meeting note

My big interesting point is about progress of Sarge release. Aba and neuro are working together, cheers! I remember Aba had said he had no permission about ..., but he are working really hard for Sarge release. I believe he's qualified for official ftpmasters (if he wants :-) ).
When d-i rc3 ship, we'll start freeze testing for Sarge! It sounds we can ship Sarge end of April or beginning of May if freeze period is really +1 month.

Well, there are many threads about "dropping architectures". I'm surprised that all of what Gotom and I talked ago are realized even we didn't announce to outside. :-) We discussed such as:
  • Debian should introduce step freeze. debootstrap->d-i components->2nd stage->library->full.
  • Debian should not release architectures which are too hard to support because we can't buy new one, and/or there is no buildd, no open machine for developers, no active developers (especially for libc and toolchain). Although these architecture still can be at unstable, we won't treat as release target.
  • Change RC policy. To judge "what's a release critical" by users is not so good. How about limiting RC to FTBFS and security (reported by upstream, CAN or other authoritative organizations)? (Ah, dependency problem (uninstallable) and license problem may be included.)
IMHO moving minor architecture to SCC will suceeed or not depends who maintains wanna-build DB.