Sat, 19 Mar 2005

Gyudon (Beef bowl)

Gyudon was popular, but becomes rare meal since BSE shock.
Japanese government still stop importing a beef from USA, so the price of beef is little expensive.
The recipe is simple, but it needs many Japanese specific flavors.
  1. Roast ginger, sliced onion, welsh onion, and hashed beef on frypan till an onion becomes transparent.
  2. Put cutted 'Shirataki' (is created from konjak).
  3. Add flavors; soy-sauce, Japanese sake, sweet sake, fish powder, salt, and sugar. Cover the pan and boil.
  4. Put them on a rice bowl.
Side dish is Tofu & "Nameko" mushrooms miso soup.

ITP: 855resolution

I wonder why 855resolution doesn't exist yet in Debian. So, I ITPed today (Bug#300341).
I'm using 1400x1050 mode on my Panasonic Let's Note Y2 (A4 size, but its weight is lighter than previous note, IBM ThinkPad x21. Awful).

Bits from the ftpmaster team (from elmo)

Good news. jeroen and joerg become ftp assistants. Hooray!
I've already seen jeroen is working, because he did and answered quickly when I requested to remove a package from incoming. :-)