Thu, 24 Mar 2005

Salmon and white cream Pasta

Easy cooking. Grill floured salmon, then cut it and pick up bones. Bake butter, sliced onion, and flour till it smells like cookie. Pour milk and white wine, and put consomme and laurel. After Stiring, put sirmon and black pepper.

Uploaded language-env 0.64

I applied a patch for Polish language from Robert Luberda (Thanks). This will be final for Sarge.
As post sarge issue, I'm thinking a new structure about multilingual environment:
  • Separated configuration files. Create ~/.language-env.d/ and put files for each feature configurations.
  • Introduce "im-switch". Tagoh, Gotom, and I are working for new input method structure "im-switch", inspired from FedoraCore. I was writing proposal draft, but too late for Sarge and I'm too busy at now. Gee. This structure saves users from difficult choice and configuration of various input methods.

d-i rc3 released

As JoeyH mentioned, d-i team released d-i rc3, final version for Sarge. Yoo-hoo! Thanks for your great work, joeyh, bubulle, joshk, vorlon, ... yeah, really many people have contributed d-i. I'm proud I am one of this great team.I hope we ship out Sarge sooner by this d-i release.