Sat, 30 Apr 2005

Become 20 years old

Although in hexadecimal. :)

Fri, 29 Apr 2005


Goya-Champroo is famous meal in Okinawa, south island of Japan.
  1. Slice lychee nad put them into water for remove harshness.
  2. Cut hashed pork (if you have spam can, it will be better), garlic and carrot.
  3. Fry lychee with garlic, then put pork and carrot.
  4. Crash tofu by hand and put it.
  5. Pour water, Japanese sake, soy-sauce. And put dried bonito, salt, a little of miso.
  6. After water is disappeared, put eggs and mix.
Lychee is very bitter, but you'll love it when you get used to this :)

Thu, 28 Apr 2005

Spanish omelet and Tonjiru

Spanish omelet is easy cooking. Fry garlic, potato, and onion with olive oil in fry-pan. Beat an egg in the bowl and put above foods from pan. Add a little salt and pepper, then stir them. Put back them to pan and bake both side with small fire. Official recipe tells you need to invert it sometimes, but my recipe is just put and cover the pan because I'm lazy :)
Tonjiru is one of major Japanese miso soup. It has various foods are hashed pork, radish, carrot, potato, konjak, burdock, onion, chili powder, sea wood, soy-sauce, Japanese sake. It's healthy and good taste.

Tue, 26 Apr 2005

My arm backs reserve position

According to Branden's announce, two new arm machines joined in buildd maintained by Steve McIntyre and Gerfried Fuchs (can I join them?), I turned off my arm buildd for main/contrib. Don't be afraid, I continue buildd for experimental/non-free/volatile/ganneff. :)

Whenever anyone want ARM power, I can help. amd64/alpha/mips/mipsel/hppa/m68k/sparc also.

Mon, 25 Apr 2005

Indian Curry - Chicken Sagwara

I'd like to eat something spicy food. So, today's supper is Indian Curry. Chicken Sagwara is one of famous curry.
  1. Powder various Masara-spices to cutted chicken.
  2. Roast minced onion with chili, caradamon, laurel, cinnamon, and clove in fry-pan.
  3. Put and roast garlic, ginger, chicken and potato.
  4. Pour water and put consomme, salt, cumin, coriander.
  5. After boil, put crashed spinach which is roasted and boiled by other pan.
  6. Finally put cutted tomato and sliced green sweet pepper.

Sun, 24 Apr 2005

ARM cried

I backed from a short vacance.
As I wrote before travel, I queued needs-build packages to my ARM. I expected many packages would be built when back from trip.
Unfortunately, my ARM recognized my absence. Every dpkg calling crashed by unknown reason (kernel?) since Saturday. After reboot, it works normally...

BTW, now you can see my wanna-build statistics at here. (will update once per day)

[update] Jeroen told me some advice. Hmm, I see... I should be more careful. Thanks Jeroen.

Back from short vacance; Cebu

After hard work, we took a short vacance from Thursday to Sunday and visited Cebu-Island, Philippines. Trip was very short. We arrived hotel on Thursday PM 20:30, and departured on Sunday AM 5:30...

Montebello Villa hotel was not so gorgeous, but very convenience to go anywhere in Cebu-city. Room was enough big, but one of twin bed was single size (Hmm, I think hotel should replace the chest more smaller one and put 2 double bed..). Hotel ground is very large and is decorated with many plants and flowers.

We enjoyed many things during short stay. On Friday, shopping at ShoeMart which is biggest shopping mall in Cebu, swimming at pool in hotel, eating various sea food BBQ, and... dancing at Disco! Disco is popular night amusement in Philippines and is not only for adult but for many families with children join also. We enjoyed Disco just 150P for charge and 110P for drink.

Of course we tried a marine activity. Saturday, we played sea-walker, island hopping, and snorkeling at Mactan island. Hew, that was really hard! We slept like a dead person after returned hotel.

There is Gaisano shopping mall near hotel. This mall isn't so big like ShoeMart, but enough convenience for traveller. Food court in this mall provides us sweet, ice cream, Phillipines native foods, grills, and so on. Of course you can buy daily materials such as water at there.

It was very hard trip, but was good memories for us. All Filipino we met were kindness and unofficious. Since this was off-season in Japan and hotel is for mainly Filipino and European, it was rare that we met Japanese around there. Ya, our aim was to escape from Japan :)

Wed, 20 Apr 2005

ARM catch up project

I start ARM catch up project.

We know, ARM official buildd overworks to solve daily build. I heard this was because some machines were under network topology trouble. It sounds easy to solve, but we haven't seen any good news since some weeks ago.

I don't believe I can be accepted as official buildd team near future (I tried), so I decided to build packages personally as same as ARM official buildd's doing.

As first step, I prepared wanna-build server. This database is similar with official wanna-build, but its priority order is just reverse of official.

Official buildd builds packages which have higher priorities, my buildd builds packages which have lower priorities. When my buildd reaches official one's level, I'll shutdown my wanna-build and buildd.

The thing I need to work more is to prepare Web page like Hmm, where can I get its source?

RMs always say our major problems are 1.libc6 (solved!), 2.missing t-s/t-p-u (hmm, who work on it? Can I help you?), 3.arm delays. I think my work progresses to solve #3 problem.

Pork beans

This recipe is far from standard one, because I cooked this for cleaning fridge :-)
Fry pork, onion, eggplant, and carrot with garlic and hot chili in pan. Then, put boiled beans and tomato soup, consome, salt. Finally I put a spoon of very hot Habanero chili sauce. Hmm, not so bad.

Mon, 18 Apr 2005

Got air ticket to Debconf5

I bought air ticket to Finnland for gotom and myself. See you at HUT!
09 July, 11:45, Tokyo Tokyo Narita Apt  Terminal 2
09 July, 16:15, Copenhagen  Copenhagen Apt  Terminal 3
09 July, 17:30, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt  Terminal 3
09 July, 20:10, Helsinki  Helsinki  Terminal 2

18 July, 12:50, Helsinki Helsinki  Terminal 2
18 July, 13:30, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 3
18 July, 15:45, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt  Terminal 3
19 July, 09:35, Tokyo Tokyo Narita Apt Terminal 2


Adult 1:                 	  170,000 JPY
Adult 2:                 	  170,000 JPY
Service fee:             	        0 JPY
VAT:                     	        0 JPY
Tax:                     	   23,900 JPY

TOTAL PRICE:             	  363,900 JPY
363,900 JPY = $3,379 = 2,606 euro. Gee, very expensive...
We expect to stay at HUT, but I'm worrying about my old backache happen again...
(I hurt hipbone and couldn't walk by strong pain at 5 years ago. Sometimes I'm still attacked by pain.)

Sun, 17 Apr 2005

Fighting with CUPS

Today, I was fighting with CUPS all day. I'm tired...
  • Migrated to dpatch+cdbs for easy patch handling.
  • Took almost part of Ubuntu patch, but RunAsUser and Browse features are not applied at this delicate time.
  • I felt sure again; CUPS code is <you can insert any abuse word>. Many bugs are caused from code design. Yes, we call it 'Specification'.
  • Finally, I uploaded 1.1.23-8. I'll be offline next weekend.
[update] -8 is broken, uploaded -9. Please don't fill massive bugs about doc-base installation failed.

Chinjao Roso

Chinjao Roso is Chinese fried food is consisted from sliced beef, bamboo shoot, and green sweet pepper, flavoured with oister sauce, Chinese soy-sauce, and Chinese sake.

Fri, 15 Apr 2005

Thai curry + Prawn salad

Thai curry is same as yesterday's supper. For another dish, I cooked prawn salad with Thai taste dressing. Dressing is created from nam plaa, lemon, chili flake, sesame, and salt, but I noticed I missed lemon-grass to simulate real Thai dressing. I'll retry with lemon-grass when I get a chance.

Log for failed build of gcc-4.0_4.0ds10-0pre10 (dist=experimental)

Argh. My arm buildd failed to build it after long time spent. It started at 07:07 Apr 12 UTC.
Automatic build of gcc-4.0_4.0ds10-0pre10 on arm by sbuild/arm 1.170.5
Build started at 20050412-0707
After then, went fail by timeout.
Running /build/buildd/gcc-4.0-4.0ds10/src/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/libstdc++-dg/normal.exp ...

testsuite still running ...

WARNING: program timed out.
WARNING: program timed out.
FAIL: 22_locale/locale/cons/ execution test
XPASS: 26_numerics/cmath/ (test for excess errors)
make[1]: *** [stamps/06-check-stamp] Terminated
make: *** [check] Terminated
Build killed with signal 15 after 150 minutes of inactivity
Build ended at 15:21 Apr 14 UTC.
Build finished at 20050414-1521


Yakisoba is similar with Chinese fried noodle, but is forked from upstream source in Japan.
Cook pork, cabbage, carrot, and green sweet pepper in fry pan. Put noodle and a little of water, oister sauce, wooster sauce, pepper, and salt. Mix and cook well, then dish up it.

Wed, 13 Apr 2005

Bed tempts me...

I'm working all-night... Too hard.
I finished to write the book about Debian tips 'Debian Jiten' (means "Debian Dictionary" in English) on last weekend. Yes, I FINISHED!! YEAH!
BUT unfortunately, we noticed we lacked at least 100 pages(!) than publisher's strict plan after DTP was done. Dead line publisher defined is Wednesday (today!) if I want to avoid to work hard on next weekend...
I'm still writing now, but I can only reach about 40~50 pages. My God.

Hot spicy chicken and eggplant, Shark's fin soup

Today's cooking is Chinese meal. One dish is chicken and eggplant with many chili and Chinese black vinegar.
Another dish is soup. My brother is working at China, and he gave me shark's fin when he came my home. Shark's fin is premium food. I soaked and washed fin, then boil them for some minutes. After it went soft, I made oil flavoured with Chinese sake, garlic, welsh onion, and ginger in fry pan. Pour hot water and boil fin in it again. Boil water in another pot, and put chicken powder, Shiitake mushroom, pepper, salt, potato starch. Take fin from fry pan and put it into pot. Finally, put raw egg and stir. Hew.

Tue, 12 Apr 2005

CUPS: bug, bug, bug, bug...

Oops... Many bugs stack during I was busy. I'll try to solve some bugs in next weekend. Patch is always welcome!
BTW I'm thinking new packaging method of CUP against etch.
  • Introducing team maintainership (or orphan :) ). CUPS's concept is good, but one's code is buggy. It's hard to find a solution by myself because some problems exist in user's printer hardware, PPD, filter, gs, application, and so on.
  • Migration to 1.2 series (I've already uploaded to experimental once). Upstream already went 1.2 series. Unfortunately I've experienced some troubles, especially with gimp-print.
  • Making debconfize configuration. Native English speaker's help will be needed.
  • Drop libcupsys2-gnutls10, revert libcupsys2. Changing library name was one of our stupid fault, I think... Whould we have more better solution? How to back name?


  • Meat sauce: butter, garlic, minced onion and carrot, minced beef, tomato in can, consomme, herbs and spices
  • Bechamel sauce: butter, a few of well sliced onion, flour, milk, white wine, salt and pepper
  • Cheese: cheap mix cheese. :) Pure cheese, such as Mozzarella, Parmigiano is very expensive...
  • Pasta: boil 12 minutes, cool down, and dry.

Mon, 11 Apr 2005


The winner of the election is Branden Robinson.

Congratulations, Branden!!

BTW, tally graph is very interesting for me...

Sun, 10 Apr 2005


Yeah, module-assistant created by Eduard Bloch is my favorite tool.
I'll be more happy if this supports i18nized messages. :)
(OK, I started to investigate how to gettextize this...)

[update] OK, I gettextized messages. bindtext name is 'module-asssitant'. Here it is. Notice 1. I'd like to implement correct line wrapping for multi byte characters as same as debconf, but not yet. Notice 2. some strings aren't gettextized because I couldn't make sure they're safe or not. For example, 'XXX', 'VIEW', 'STOP', and so on.

[update] Eduard applied my patch by 0.8.6. Thanks!

Go to see the cherry blossoms

Yesterday, we went to see the cherry blossoms at near park.
Japanese call 'Ohanami' to see the cherry blossoms, this is traditional event in Japan.

Fri, 08 Apr 2005

Travel plan for debconf5 (planning schedule)

Air ticket to Finnland is expensive...
  • Cheapest one is using Malaysia air, but it losts too many time.
  • Finnair won't fit in schedule from/to Narita airport.
  • Air France is suitable and cheaper one, but it spends time. And I couldn't get milage from this line.
  • LFH or SAS are appropriable for me, they're star-alliance members. Little expensive.
Hmm, I'll use LFH or SAS. NRT-(CPH, FRA or MUC)-HEL. The price is about 190,000 yen, which is $1,748, 1363 euro. Woo.. I can fly to Brazil again by this price! :)
Another problem is a schedule. Any flight arrives at midnight and departs at noon. 7/8 in or 7/9 in, 7/17 out or 7/18 out. Hmm. When does debconf5 show detailed schedule?

gluck came back

Yeah, thank you for your great work, DSA team! I'm very glad to see again :)
Of course other services such as,, are very important for me.
(So can we catch up again to release progress? Is libc major blocker?)
BTW, broken files of my files on gluck are only arm daily d-i image, not important. Today, new arm daily image is uploaded.

Thu, 07 Apr 2005

Genova sauce pasta

I love Genovese! Crash and mix basil leaf, oil sardine, pine seed, and garlic by handy mixer. Dress pasta with boiled potato, saurce, pepper, and olive oil. Yummy!

Raw fish in soy-sauce, Dried Japanese radish

Today's menu is 'zuke' and 'kiriboshi-daikon'.
Zuke is one of variations of sashimi. Boil Japanese sake and Japanese sweet sake, then put them with soy sauce into a vessel. Put raw tuna into its vessel and wait about 15 minutes. After then, take and slice tuna.
Other dish, kiriboshi-daikon consists from dried Japanese radish, carrot, and deep-fried tofu. Soak radish about 20 minutes. Cook thin stripped carrot with Sesame oil on pan. Squeeze and put radish, and put cutted deep-fried tofu. Pour soy-sauce, sake, and water. Boil it till water is disappeared.

Tue, 05 Apr 2005

Pita bread

Pita is a bread, eaten at middle east area as far as I know. I prepared boiled chicken, ham, cutted lettuce and olive, sliced onion, tomato, sweet pepper, and cucumber. Next, I cooked dressing mixed from sesame, mayonnaise and olive oil. Bake pita and insert meals into it. Wow, that's really nice taste! Sesame dressing fits perfectly.

gluck died.

GUAAAA, why are we always affected critical trouble whenever we're going to release? X-(
  1. Just coincidence
  2. Trial from God
  3. Karma of our previous life
  4. Terrorism by someone who don't want release

Mon, 04 Apr 2005


'Sukiyaki song' is well known around the world, but Sukiyaki meal doesn't relate to this song. :-)
Pour sweet sauce which is consisted from soy sauce, Japanese sake, sugar and salt into iron pan. Boil it with foods; hashed beef, Japanese radish, onion, carrot, various mushrooms, and tofu (oh, I forgot to buy Chinese cabbage). Eat with raw egg.

Sat, 02 Apr 2005

Re: Release update: debian-installer, kernels, infrastructure, freeze, etch, arm

I remembered Aesop's story, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". `Sarge! Sarge! The Sarge is coming soon!'
Well, seriously we are at near release (at least freeze), maybe.

> We're working on this issue as quickly as possible, though, so please, no hardware offers right now!
Hmm. I'm little disappointed...
> As soon as this has been thouroughly tested, there should only be the routine maintenance matter of setting up the wanna-build databases for these queues and configuring/updating the testing chroots on the buildds.
Hmm. 'routine maintenance' is always critical point and always delays...


Today's tacos is alternative version of this. Wrap foods by flour paper. I was shocked because avocado was spoiled...