Tue, 28 Jun 2005


Today my parents came my house, and gifted some foods. I used one of them, asari clam (in Europe, cockle is very similar), for lunch.
  1. Roast sliced garlic and cutted chili with olive oil.
  2. Put clam and white wine, then steam just few minutes.
  3. Move clam to vat.
  4. Put and roast minced onion and garlic.
  5. Mix sauce, spaghetti and clam.

Fri, 24 Jun 2005


Tijimi is Korean fried egg. Mix egg, leek, kimchi, shrimp, flour, and water. Bake it like a crape.
Side (main?) dish is fried noodle.

Tue, 21 Jun 2005

Busy, busy, busy...

I must work hard recent days to make a time to attend debconf.
A lot of business TODO and personal TODO before I need to do are there, Sigh...
About CUPS, I'd like to delegate works to pkg-cups team when SVN repository is created. I'm awaiting Alioth admin's work.

Fri, 17 Jun 2005


A few days ago im-switch was entered in Unstable. im-switch is framework to provide 'default' input method and ability of switching them for users. I've sent patches to each Japanese input method packages. Now kinput2 and skkinput are ready for im-switch. uim will be added in this weekend. For scim, AFAIK Yan and Osamu are working.
I didn't create a patch except of Japanese because I dunno manner of input method of other language, but I'd like to help if im maintainer wants to support.

Chicken and Japanese radish Nimono

Today's meal is Nimono, boiled cooking. I cooked Chicken and Japanese radish like Kakuni. To make taste better, I poured a bit of "Awamori", Japanese very strong alcohol.
I planned to bring Awamori or something sake to Debconf5, but it has a risk of such as crash, or calls airport officer's attention.

Tue, 14 Jun 2005

Okayu (rice gruel)

My partner is affected by hard heatstroke, so I made Okayu for her. Boil rice by a lot of water, then put salt, soy-sauce, dried bonito, sesame, and laver.
Because plain okayu is too lightweight for me, I added egg and salmon roe to my bowl.

Sun, 12 Jun 2005

Debian study meeting at Tokyo

Yesterday I talked about Debian-Installer at Debian Study Meeting, coordinated by Junichi (thanks for your invitation, Junichi). 14 attendees were very serious and asked me some nice questions.
It's first challenge for me to do presentation about computer technology using only whiteboard, then I notice I prefer the whiteboard than OOo Impress, mgp, PowerPoint, or any other computer presentation tools. (Although doing presentation in not native language is quite different situation :P)
After meeting, we drunk a toast, "Kanpai" in Japanese, for our Sarge release at pub. That was maybe first Sarge release party in Japan :)

Debian CUPS team

I created pkg-cups on Alioth to maintain Debian CUPS package (and other printing packages if we need). Initial members are Masayuki (mhatta), Martin (q-funk), and me. I welcome more volunteers.
One of big mission is to migrate CUPS 1.2 series before Etch release... And of course solve many bugs. :)

Fri, 10 Jun 2005

Playing during debconf?

Hear hear, will we go to Finland for just playing or drinking? :)
I voted what talk/BOF I like to listen. Most BOFs look be taken from rejected papers for official talk, but these are very interesting for me.
... BTW I'm interesting to play inline skate (I have), but it's too heavy to include it in my bag. Furthermore, hitting my head at foreign country is dangerous. :) So I'd like to borrow a bicycle at somewhere instead of it. Q-funk, could you help me at there? :)

Tue, 07 Jun 2005

Pronounce Etch

Now we can focus next stable, codename Etch (although we're in trouble with sarge DVD/CD image).

BTW, Etch is common word without any color for native English. Pronunciation of "Etch" sounds "H" (if Japanese pronounce), and "H" means "Hentai" in Japanese. ('Hentai' means ... well, please search on google)
So, we should use the word "testing" instead of "etch" when we talk about next stable at public space in Japan. :)

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 released


Mon, 06 Jun 2005

Preparation for Sarge release

Now Sarge release is under count down.
I changed sources.list of all of my Sarge/Sid machines to point `sarge', instead of unstable/testing.

After upgrade blosxom to current sarge version, I needed to move old data to new place. Because I forgot to copy with time preservation, my RSS showed old articles at once.

Sat, 04 Jun 2005

Codefest 2005 (and debconf)

I'm attending Codefest Japan 2005, and nice to meet some Debian people; Fumitoshi Ukai, Mutsumi Ishikawa, Junichi Uekawa, Takatsugu Nokubi, Masayuki Hatta, Taku Yasui, Tatsuki Sugiura, Yutaka Niibe, YAN Zheng, and Osamu Aoki. Other attendee are also hackers, such as Ruby hacker Akira Tanaka and IIIMF hackers Hiura.
My hack target in this event is im-switch. I discussed with Osamu, YAN, and Yi. Finally I did ITP im-switch as #311859, and sent proposal to debian-devel mailing list. I've already sample implementation for some input methods; kinput2, skkinput, atokx2, and uim. YAN is writing for scim at now. Next of next stable Etch will provide easy configuration for input method.

During codefest, we talked about possibility of Debconf in Japan. Well, COST is a only and big problem. To provide standard service for DDs as same as other debconf, minimum limit is $100000... And in my view $150000 will be needed. Heh... It's very hard to collect this big money from sponsors in Japan. Hmm. $30000~$40000 is max quantity we can do?

Fri, 03 Jun 2005

debconf in Japan?

I noticed some people are intersting about running debconf in Japan. Well, as same as Uekawa mentioned, cost is biggest blocker. It's wonderful if we have debconf in Japan, but we should collect many money from sponsors. Let's do brain storming with some Japanese DDs...
Place & Access
Even if it spends a lot of money, Tokyo is best place I think. Chiba, Ibaraki (Tsukuba), Osaka is second place.
Most planes arrive to Narita, New Tokyo International Airport. Badly Narita is far from Tokyo and spends at least 1 hours by train or bus.
Another airport is Haneda, Tokyo International Airport. You can reach there via Korea or some countries.
All hotels are very very very expensive. Rooms are very narrow. AFAIK there isn't (or only a few) domitory in Japan. although there are some YMCA hotels.
Normal hotel won't welcome geeks who sit and open their laptop anywhere. :)
I dunno University rent a room. Maybe they won't allow to rent at night time.
Who can allow reservation for 1 week?
Network connectivity
In the city, FTTH or ADSL service is spreaded. Some hotel provides this service by free or reasonable cost.
Wireless hot spot service is starting.
Play spot in Tokyo
Akihabara (computer gadget, anime, maid-caffe, ...), Shibuya (young fashion, culture), Asakusa (traditional culture), Roppongi (night life), etc...
There are various food in Japan. Japanese (Tempura, Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Udon, Rahmen, etc..), Chinese, Korean, Italian, Indian, etc. Of course McDonalds is there. :)
Unfortunately only a few can provide for hardcore vegetarian.
Catering service is there, but little expensive.
Highest season: end of March, begining of May, July-August, end of December.
Lowest season: end of May, June, September, February.
Japanese summer is crazy hot, especially in Tokyo.
Average price. (1 yen = $0.0092, 0.0075EURO)
You don't need to pay tip anywhere.
Hotel: 8000-20000 yen per night, per person(!).
Breakfast: 500-800 yen.
Lunch: 500-1000 yen. McDonalds BicMac is 350 yen.
Dinner w.drink: 1500-4000 yen.
Club or Disco at Roppongi: I dunno :)
I need to add more info. Hmm.

I'll talk with some key person at today's codefest.

Nameko Oroshi Udon

Udon is Japanese noodle. Nameko is glistening mushroom, Oroshi is grated Japanese radish. Soup is made from hot water, dried bonito, salt, soy-sauce, and Japanese sake.