Fri, 29 Jul 2005

Japanese traditional BBQ

Today is 'Day of Doyou no Ushi', named by Gennai Hiraga is first person who introduce electric power in Japan. Most Japanese eats eel on this day.
I grilled eel by 'Shichirin', Japanese traditional stove. Charcoal fire fits small grill cooking. Other spit-roasting is Shishitou (small green sweetpepper, but more spicy than normal green sweetpepper) and Japanese radish.

Wed, 27 Jul 2005

Oven steamed swordfish

Foil and steam is one of popular oven cooking.
wrap swordfish, scallop, onion, tomato, green sweetpepper, garlic, black pepper, salt, white wine, and olive oil by foil. Then put it in oven (200C) and just wait 20 minutes.

Wed, 20 Jul 2005


I came back Japan from Debconf 5.
I enjoyed Debconf 5 very much. At first I'd like to say thank you, organizors. You did the best. Thanks speakers. All of your talks/BOFs are interesting for me. Thanks other attendees. I had a fun talking, drinking, and playing with you at that event.
See you again at somewhere. I'll welcome when you come Japan in your business or siteseeing.

Sat, 16 Jul 2005


Yesterday I heard and joined many interesting sessions and BOF. And thanks cooking staffs for your good taste debcake.

Keysign party spent a bit long time, but it didn't spend than I imagined. Although I think I catched a cold... (But I might get from my room mate, Nokubi-san. He's still sick during this event. I recommend him to go to hospital. It's not only for him, but for other room mates also)

I got a CAcert point, maybe as the initial Japanese people. Excellent!

I wonder why almost people can be so tough. They look drink and drink every night. In this early morning, some people sung (shouted?) loudly. Sorry guys, but I can't remember to ask such morning call :) (Seriously, some people are really angry with you)

I count such sprees to BIG BLOCKER against debconf in Japan planning. I don't know the place accepts them in Japan, except the wilderness of Hokkaido, northernmost of Japan. Well, maybe this is bigger problem than money :|

Thu, 14 Jul 2005

Picnic and Sauna

Today is social day, so we went a picnic to Suomenlinna (and I drunk good taste Earl Gray tea :) ).
After back from picnic, we went Finnish sauna. By missing responsible people who has a valid key, we - first group waited a long time. Finally, staff came! We all entered very hot sauna. I was surprised, but Finnish sauna is "No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups". :)

Wed, 13 Jul 2005


I met many people at Debconf5. I listened some interesting talks, and succeeded to exchange sign with Branden and to talk with aba :) Fun and great for me.

But unlucky event occurs to me today, the right glass of my sunglasses is dropped and completely crashed. I searched around HUT which sells sunglasses, but I couldn't find. I'm scared of this strong sunshine...

ARGH, breaking glasses is just beginning of disaster. During aj's session, I ran check DVD/CD-ROM sample for my business on remote host in office. I dunno whether that disc is corrupted or not, but at least I noticed it isn't readable on my remote host. I tried and tried, but kernel won't help any meaningful messages. I decided to reboot remote host because it looked IDE controller problem...

But even if I waited not a few minutes, I couldn't login the host. I found printer on office ate duplicate IP address. I asked co-worker to stop that printer and reboot my machine again.

...Well, I forgot I'd added sata HDD to this machine. grub started, kernel started, init started, then... boot sequence stops by "can't find /dev/sda1, needs manual fsck". I sent a mail about how to edit /etc/fstab to co-worker, but she told me fsck won't stop and some HDD are busy by something (fsck?).

Well, I believe I can't listen any talk session today. Don't miss photo time.

Co-worker resetted host and modified /etc/fstab, so the host is recovered. Yeah!

O-oh, another big disaster happens... Because DVD sample is corrupted, I was downloading DVD ISO file on another machine in office. When I ran md5sum for verifing, the machine displayed I/O error. Some sector is crashed. Sigh.

Sun, 10 Jul 2005


Yesterday I arrived at Helsinki without no problem. Because I'm interesting modern architecture, so CPH airport is excellent for me.
q-funk and staffs provides good hospitality, thanks!
Today, I finally got a IP from wireless. IPW2200 + xsupplicant. Although I couldn't use in the room (steel door looks block wireless. Doh!).
At now I'm listening first opening session. Hmm, stockholm warns again 'please don't use kitchen...'. If someone already use the kitchen, I think it's better to share it and keep clean together.

Thu, 07 Jul 2005

Preparation for KSP at Debconf5

  • Format ksp-dc5.txt by and print out.
  • Write down md5 and sha1 from ksp-dc5.txt.
  • Add Adeodato's checkbox and public id.
  • Check my keyring whether I've already signed him/her or not.
I couldn't find aba, branden, and madduck's name in ksp, so I'd like to do individually with each ppl.


aptitude maintainer Daniel announced new aptitude working in UTF-8.
Yasuo and I checked one in experimental and we saw it worked good with ja_JP.EUC-JP.
Before (mojibake):
After (correct!):
We noticed some minor trouble around displaying and reported as #317115. Daniel replied quickly and fixed them in his SVN. Thanks Daniel, good job!

Tue, 05 Jul 2005

Chicken rice omelet

There was only a few rice in steam pot and many eggs, so I cooked chicken rice omelet today.
Fry chicken, minced onion, and cutted eggplant. Then put rice and mix them. Add pepper, salt and tomato ketchup.
Next, bake beated egg on other frypan. When it's baked soft, put meals on it.
Cover frypan by larger dish, then hold together and reverse them.

Mon, 04 Jul 2005

Preparing for debconf5

Hmm, will I cook at there? I'm considering whether or not to bring frypan, milkpan, kitchen knife and so on...
[update] OK, I'll bring some cookin tools. I need to keep clean the kitchen, so some clearners are included.

pkg-cups Project

Some days ago, Roland created svn repository for us. Thanks, Roland!
I've already transited repositories from CVS, but needs more time to describe and discuss with other members in team. I believe other people in team are busy on preparing for debconf as same as me :)


Today I brought Shichirin; Japanese portable cooking stove, then grilled eel, green pepper, and mushroom. Yeah, that was very nice taste.