Sat, 16 Jul 2005


Yesterday I heard and joined many interesting sessions and BOF. And thanks cooking staffs for your good taste debcake.

Keysign party spent a bit long time, but it didn't spend than I imagined. Although I think I catched a cold... (But I might get from my room mate, Nokubi-san. He's still sick during this event. I recommend him to go to hospital. It's not only for him, but for other room mates also)

I got a CAcert point, maybe as the initial Japanese people. Excellent!

I wonder why almost people can be so tough. They look drink and drink every night. In this early morning, some people sung (shouted?) loudly. Sorry guys, but I can't remember to ask such morning call :) (Seriously, some people are really angry with you)

I count such sprees to BIG BLOCKER against debconf in Japan planning. I don't know the place accepts them in Japan, except the wilderness of Hokkaido, northernmost of Japan. Well, maybe this is bigger problem than money :|