Wed, 31 Aug 2005

Chicken liver with balsamico sauce

I bought chicken liver because it was fresh and cheap. Cut liver and drop blood balls carefully and wash them. Roast them with olive oil, garlic, and chili for 1 minute. Add salt and black pepper, then pour red wine and balsamico.

Mon, 29 Aug 2005

set up etch-secure buildd

As JoeyH mentioned, I set up secure-testing buildd on my ARM and is already startting to build/upload some packages.

Yeah, I feel good my machine is useful for someone. The reason of I bought this ARM is to just contribute Debian (I'm not embedded programmer or user).

Building secure-testing has some unclear points. Most sensitive point is when we should update our chroot. For example new glibc will enter in near future.

Wed, 24 Aug 2005

Squid sauce pasta

Generally my cooking is a bit conservative. It means I'm only cooking I succeeded to cook once normally. But to widen my repertory, I should challenge. :)
Today's challenge target is squid ("Ika"). Yeah, I love squid and have the experience to cook fried squid, seafood curry, and Sashimi. But I haven't cooked as pasta sauce yet. I've already eaten it at Italian restaurant, and it was very nice.
Because a squid has enough black ink is very expensive and off-season, I bought popular red squid.
  1. Bake garlic, chili, and minced onion with butter.
  2. Take viscera out from squid and strip skin.
  3. Put cutted squid and its viscera.
  4. Pour white wine and put salt, pepper and some herbs (if you have).
  5. Put boiled tomato into it.
Well, this wasn't so bad, but I believe I should use more butter when I try again.

Tue, 23 Aug 2005


Saury -"Sanma"- is very popular fish in Autumn. It's first one of the season.
Best cooking of saury is to grill with "Tsuyobi No Toubi" (cook meal some distance above the strongest fire) after all. Saury is plump, and is well suited to Japanese minced radish.
Side dish is Tofu and seawood salad.

Short vacation

I had a short vacation and trip with my wife.
We visited the Yasukuni Shrine at Kudanshita. (Am I ultraconservatism, militalist or warmonger? No, absolutely.)
Then we walked around Yushu museum, and went to the movies.

Mon, 15 Aug 2005


OK, I backed from busy days. I'll try to fix CUPS with team and gs-esp with M.Hatta during this week.

Last Friday, I had a talk session at SEA/FSIJ forum. My session title was "Debain GNU/Linux Episode III.1: Revenge of the Sarge" :) I talked about release blockers and release management of Debian.

Saturday, I visited my parent's home. My mother taught me how to wear 'Yukata', Japanese traditional wear in Summer. I have no confidence to wear again by only myself, but I think I can wear Yukata smoothly at Japanese spa.

Tue, 09 Aug 2005


I bought iBook for iTunes and home server system. All of my wish are solved by this.
Yeah, fink suite is nice. I got familiar interface after I installed it :)
Do I install Debian into this machine? Nope :)

Grilled sardine

Grilled sardine is popular meal in Japan. We eat them with minced eJapanese radish (Daikon-Oroshi). Side dishes are jelly fish salad, cucumber pickles, and miso soup of tofu and seawood.

Wed, 03 Aug 2005

Debian Tettei Nyumon 3rd edition, Sarge version

My newest book will be officially published tomorrow. Yeah!

This book has 720 pages(!) and includes 2 media. One is CD-ROM includes Debian-Installer, XFce4, original meta packages, and RYOBI Japanese commercial fonts. Another one is DVD-ROM includes GNOME, KDE, and many desktop and server packages.

I've already sent a information to Debian webmaster team :)

P.S. To: madduck, I spent 5 years to write (and await Sarge release) this! To: mako&mika, did you succeed to order my books at Kinokuniya or