Sun, 16 Oct 2005

Go for ja_JP.UTF-8

vorlon announced 'Bits from the release team: the plans for etch'. Yay, let's try to keep a promise about schedule :) Another good news is aba becomes Relase Manager (although he has already worked as same as release manager :) )

My personal TODO for Etch is to find and solve problems around a transition from EUC-JP to UTF-8 on Japanese environment. Most parts are done by Debian people and other distro such as FedoraCore, but I'd like to clarify problems again and try to solve them. Yesterday I changed my LANG to ja_JP.UTF-8.

  • I needed to convert filenames written in EUC-JP to UTF-8.
  • Programs using GTK+2 and Qt work well.
  • GTK+1 applications (such as xmms) have Mojibake. I took beep-media-player instead of xmms. :)
  • Some of double width characters (box, arrow, and so on) of EUC-JP are displayed as single narrow width on X terminal (mlterm, gnome-terminal, and konsole). I found I can avoid this on mlterm by enabling 'Enable variable width'.
  • zsh couldn't allow to input and complement UTF-8 characters. zsh-beta allows partially.