Thu, 17 Nov 2005

Recent cooking

Sorry my long absent, I'm too busy in my business than I expected... And it's a bit difficult to explain in English. (although it's good for English exercise :)

  • 11.9 Thai curry
  • 11.11 Pot-au-feu (French vegetable soup)
  • 11.12 Spaghetti meat sauce
  • 11.13 Oyako-don (Chicken and egg in bowl)
  • 11.14 Meuniere of swordfish with spinach, tofu and seawood salad, chicken and Japanese radish soup
  • 11.15 Meatball and gnocchi covered by white cream sauce and cheese
  • 11.16 Sashimi (raw tunny) and grated yam

ITA: skk packages

I noticed some skk packages had maintained by Kawamura-san were orphaned because he became MIA. Unfortunately I dunno why he became such a status, but his packages, especially skk is very important for me and many users. It's hard and painful for me to input Japanese without SKK backend system (I'm using ddskk on Emacs and uim-skk on X as a frontend).

So I picked up skk packages from orphan sea with Junji Yamashita-san and improved some parts of them.

BTW I uploaded new CUPS 1.2 snapshot, svn r4841 to experimental.