Sun, 11 Dec 2005

HCL: 2nd step, HCL meets Wiki

Yesterday I connected PCI HCL checker to Wiki. There are still many homework, but this connection is a big step for me :) It's really easy to add information of your machine, and is helpful for everyone who owns/plans to buy same machine.

(Currently wiki page is editable by only system and me.)

Fri, 09 Dec 2005

HCL: 1st step, PCI database

I often heard one of biggest Debian problem is that Debian doesn't provide HCL - Hardware Compatibility List. It's too hard work to maintain it as same as Microsoft does, but indeed HCL is useful for normal users who won't love troubleshooting hardware compatibility. :)

As 1st step I made PCI/driver matching database, You can test by putting your "lspci -n" to the box.

Currently this database gathers informations from pci.ids of pciutils, modules.pcimap of kernel 2.6.14-686-smp, discover1-data, and alsa-common.

Pictures from new camera

I bought new camera-- Canon EOS Kiss N, single-lens reflex camera. It's bit expensive but I'm satisfied its quality and usability. You can see large pictures by clicking images.

Mah Boh Tofu (bean curd szechuan style). No hot, no life :)
Genovese pasta. This is corner-cut cooking, but is yummy.
Carpaccio of yellowtail fish, Croquette and green salad. We love carpaccio :) I'd like to eat true carpaccio at Italy...
Roast chicken and French baguet. My wife reaped a big branch from rosemary in our garden.
Udon (Japanese noodle). This winter is very cold in Japan. Hot noodle and various vegetables makes us warm and healthy.

Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Speech at MOSS4

I was invited MOSS, Medical Free/Open Source Software Council, on last weekend. My speech was about the risk management of Debian. I believe we should more consider risks of FLOSS (at least as same as we choose proprietary commercial software) when we use FLOSS on business scene.