Wed, 15 Nov 2006

Newer (beta-level) amd64 d-i image for Sarge with kernel 2.6.18

Today I updated i386 and amd64 sarge-bpo CD images.

i386 changes are minor from previous version.

  • Defined ide-generic driver for Marvell PATA controller at discover1-data. This controller is used by some ICH8 board. I hope final 2.6.19 will support it (mm patch has already supported it).
  • Provided boot.img.gz for USB memory instead of vmlinuz/initrd file.

amd64 version is wanted by many people. Well, I faced more problems on amd64 than on i386.

  • Applied 2.6.18-5~bpo.1. This source is as same as one provided by But bpo site hasn't made it for amd64.
  • LVM/RAID support. Although I haven't tested yet, partman routine is same as i386 version already supports.
  • rescue mode support. But strangely rescue-check routine prevents boot up.. You can enable it by executing "anna-install rescue-mode" from VT2 shell.
  • Strangely my linux-image made with kernel-package 10.062~bpo.1 failed to install by "Missing required parameter 'Old' at /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-2.6.18-2-amd64.postinst line 393". Finally I avoided this to set "relative_links = no".
  • 2nd stage won't be internationalized for CJK people. Something happens on FB and jfbterm..

Sat, 28 Oct 2006

i386 d-i image for Sarge... Now supports RAID 0/1/5 installation

I was trying to port RAID handlings to Sarge Debian-Installer for these days. Although this is not enough solid level, here (sarge-custom-1028) is a result.

  • Adopt kernel 2.6.19rc1.
  • Adopt madduck's backported mdadm and debconf.
  • Added rescue mode. By using "rescue" at the boot prompt, you can mount the preconfigured disk and do your work at chroot environment.
  • Many people have wanted this... Now this version supports RAID 0/1/5 and LVM.
  • preseed will work. (not tested well)

I know there is a problem on the machines have Intel parallel ATA controller and connect a disk or CD to it. Maybe other PATA controllers also.

Since 2.6.19, PATA controllers are partially migrated into the SCSI framework. Because Debian-Installer treats Intel controller as SCSI by loading libata and ata_piix firster than piix, connected disks will be detected as /dev/sd*. On the other hand, initrd (udev?) after GRUB will load piix at the first... Disks will be detected as /dev/hd*.

Temporary solution is to make initrd to force loading libata and ata_piix at the beginning.

  1. Progress installation until GRUB installation step.
  2. Push Alt+F2 to go to the shell.
  3. Add modules to load and rebuild initrd as following:
    chroot /target
    echo "libata" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
    echo "ata_piix" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
    update-initramfs -u -k 2.6.19-rc1-1-486
  4. Push Alt+F1 and finish the installation.

Another solution is to replace /etc/fstab to use /dev/hd* style.

At this moment I'm trying to build amd64 version with kernel 2.6.18 also... But I haven't succeeded yet by strange udev problem.

Sun, 22 Oct 2006

Tokyo Debian monthly meeting, October 2006

Yesterday, I had a chance to talk about Extremadura i18n meeting at Tokyo Debian monthly meeting. This meeting was organized by Junichi Uekawa and wonderfully 20 or more people came and filled the meeting room (awesome!), thanks!

My paper is included in this PDF [in Japanese]. I picked up and spoke some themes from what we discussed at Extremadura; i18n task force, Pootle system, and language-pack/tdeb.

PO-based translation has an advantage and a disadvantage. The tools support PO are mature and PO is very useful for the short messages. But using it for documents, such as manuals or Web pages is not so useful. Especially translating to Japanese sometimes add/delete/reform sentences. Some attendees suggested that we would always use the original XML (or something) format for translating/reviewing and have PO format in the central database.

Masayuki Hatta pointed the license of translation. For example, Japanese is completely different from English, both words aren't always correspond 1 on 1... Translators use their creativity power. He said translators would have a copyright for their translation instead of original author. When I talked with Warren Togami was Fedora US leader last month at Tokyo, he said his project asked to agree "translation license agreement" to all translators. If we Debian or Debian-JP apply a central translation system like Pootle and use its translation memories, it's time to consider making similar license.

Although current idea of Tdeb is still under the development, most attendees loved that idea rather than language-pack.

For me, the goal of this meeting was not only speaking my experience report but recruiting more people for i18n/l10n working also. I'd like to recommend Nabetaro-san for next i18n meeting attendee instead of me, and Noritada Kobayashi for next of next. I strongly suggested attending next Debconf to them also. They are hardly working for Debian i18n/l10n in Japan. I hope attending such meetings expands their personal connections and motivations.

There were two other sessions at the meeting. Matsuyama-san demonstrated creating Flash on Debian by using ming, and Junichi talked about profiling apt-get by oprofile tool. Both topics were interesting for me.

Mon, 09 Oct 2006

i386 d-i image for Sarge, with kernel 2.6.18 (early test release)

Last week Pascal, who is a friend of bubulle, asked me how he could make ISO image with kernel 2.6.18 for Sarge.

Timely I'd like to have a kernel 2.6.18 image for myself also (I bought Core2Duo machine. It has VIA VT8237A SATA controller isn't supported before 2.6.18), I made it.

You can take it from the usual place; sarge-custom-1008.iso for i386.

  • Backported 2.6.18 kernel from unstable.
  • LVM/RAID will *NOT* work. Maybe I have to backport partman and dmraid to support them, but I haven't done yet.
  • Since kernel 2.6.17, Debian kernel team merged SMP support to a single kernel. So don't panic even -smp kernel isn't installed. ISO image has -486, -686, -686-bigmem, and -k7.
  • I haven't AHCI machine and I don't know PATA CD vs SATA HD problem still happen on 2.6.18. But I add a feature "atapi=true" boot option. When you append this option as the boot parameter, the installer will add the configuration to /etc/modprobe.conf.

Thu, 14 Sep 2006

Returned from Extremadura i18n meeting

The meeting at Extremadura was excellent and productive. We all discussed many issues and enjoyed to know each cultures. Thanks all participants and staff. Especially I say thank you, Cesar. Gracias. See you again.

OK, I backed home and have many TODO... writing a report for Japanese team, working for some issues what we discussed at the meeting, and... gee, checking/fixing a bunch of bugs against CUPS.

Sun, 30 Jul 2006

Debian pkg-gs Project started

Although Masayuki who is Debian Ghostscript maintainer has already created pkg-gs project on alioth, it wasn't organized well for a long time. Current ghostscript quality in Debian is far from good for Etch, and Masayuki is a quite busy person.

Last week, we discussed on IRC and decided to reorganize this project. Therefore we started the mailing list (pkg-gs-devel) and SVN repository. (thanks alioth's admin!)

For first step, I was starting to create gs-esp 8.15.2 package. Here is current status. After fixing some problems (such as crashing with ttf-kochi font), I'd like to upload this.

Our short term goals are:

  • Close bugs as possible as we can. :)
  • Release "ghostscript" package instead of gs-gpl package.
  • Remove Gs-afpl package. Because it was merged into gs-gpl.

I'll be happy and give a beer if someone make CMap DFSG-free...

Fri, 14 Jul 2006

For those who care about the backported debian-installer -- kernel 2.6.16 version is released

Today I built the backported d-i image with kernel 2.6.16. I updated many codes also.

  • Applied 3.1r2 for the base.
  • Applied kernel 2.6.16-15bpo2 was taken from This version has CVE-2006-2934/CVE-2006-2451 fixes.(thanks Norbert!)
  • Copied partitioner codes from unstable-installer. For example, you can choose LVM auto partitioner.
  • Included linux-headers-2.6.16-* in ISO.
  • Included megaraid_sas in initramfs-tools/hooks-functions. (I dunno whether this is correct or not..)
  • Package updates are introduced by kernel update and up-to-date: cdebconf, di-utils, grub, initramfs-tools, klibc, libdebian-installer, lsb-base, parted, rootskel, udev, yaird

You can download the image from backported d-i images portal.

Note: Although I'd tried 2.6.17 version once, finally I gave up. I succeeded to build kernel image from unstable source on Sarge. But linux-kbuild package, for linux-kernel-headers helper, was failed to build with gcc-3.3. Gcc-4.0 or above works, but they don't exist on Sarge.

(Don't nag me about CUPS... Most problems are upstream's matter and upstream is preparing 1.2.2 release at this time. I'll run again after it's released.)

Sat, 01 Jul 2006

Taking a rest: live-f1 and boodler packages

<feeling blue> I'm bit bored and tired to fight against CUPS bugs. I've dedicated most of my free time to see reports, to try reproducing, to try solving, or to ask it to upstream.
I'm frustrated now, but not by upstream or its source quality (of course I hope it becomes more better). My frustration is that most people only nag us even they're using 'unstable' and have a skill. Though Roger, Henrique, Martin Pitt/Eric, and me are working as possible as we can, our human resource isn't enough. Investigating bugs, checking a source code, and making a patch are very helpful for us. Thanks. </feeling blue>

So, I was making some packages for recreation. Because I haven't a motivation to maintain them on Debian, I won't ITP.

I saw Newsforge's article. Although I'm not so interested in Formula-1, my friends love it. Because I built this package on Sarge, it isn't apt-get-able on unstable environment by missing libneon24. Get libneon24 from Sarge or rebuild it on unstable. You need an account on Formula-1 Web site to see.
boodler, boodler-soundlibrary
I saw another interesting article. I was looking for good background sounds, but not musics. Boodler is cool sound generator for its purpose. My favorite sound is 'frogs.Cheepers'. See details on /usr/share/doc/boodler/catalog.html.

You can get the packages from my repository.

deb unstable main contrib non-free
deb-src unstable main contrib non-free

Debian-Installer + 2.6.15 kernel for AMD64/EM64T

Although I was still busy, I tried to build d-i image for AMD64/EM64T (x86_64) today.

To do try & error, I rented DELL SC430 EM64T machine from my friend DD Shigeo (Thanks!). This machine is really good showcase to demonstrate how we can support tricky machines.

  • 64bit architecture.
  • Keyboard is connected via USB. There isn't legacy PS/2 emulation.
  • CD-ROM drive is connected with parallel ATA, but HDD is connected with serial ATA.
  • NIC is a kind of Broadcom. Although tg3 driver is for this, kernel 2.6.8 needs to take firmware from somewhere.

In short, official Sarge d-i can't work on this machine.

Using backported kernel 2.6.15 and other things, I succeeded to build experimental installer.

  1. Download mini.iso (small CD image to launch network installer) or netboot.tar.gz (for TFTP boot) from here. (I've tested only netboot.tar.gz version)
  2. When installer asks a mirror site, set "" as host and "/~kmuto/sarge-amd64" as directory.
  3. If you meet "no disk" error, go another virtual terminal (Alt+F2) and run "modprobe ata_piix". Then back installer screen (Alt+F1).
  4. Remains are as same as normal installer. Choose other official mirror at 2nd stage.

Known bugs:

  • Discover doesn't load ata_piix if piix (ide_generic?) is loaded before.
  • USB keyboard list provides only a few choices. Use US map at this time.
  • For CJK people, you may find 2nd stage screen won't show in local language. This is because some kernel images don't include fbcon driver and jfbterm can't run.
  • I haven't tweaked RAID/LVM yet. So it may not work.

I'm trying to make auto-build script also. Although it's still under developemnt, you can see svn repository;

(you may find new version of d-i from here)

i386 d-i image for Sarge, with kernel 2.6.15

Someone may be interested in this... You can take it from here. (144134144 bytes, MD5: 7cdd166ae9b33d29acd42bffda8bc020)

  • Took Linux 2.6.15 kernel-image from current Debian unstable. Please take kernel-headers package from unstable repository when you need it.
  • Fixed around loading sata_mv (although I've already fixed in 2.6.14 image.)
  • Backported newer udev, hotplug, initramfs-tools, and selinux. Take care when you upgrade this environment to testing or unstable.
  • No support, no warranty :)

(you may find new version of d-i from here)

d-i image for Sarge with kernel 2.6.14

I tried it on yesterday. ISO image is here (131534848 bytes (125MB), MD5: 6c3d5dae6da770e1ef1c8868e72db0e0).

I replaced the image to support sata_mv correctly. Try this one (131534848 bytes, MD5: fd6b02a7478208f99943ccea71767d77).

To install linux-image-2.6.14 of sid correctly, I needed to tweak some packages and backport some components from sid.

(you may find new version of d-i from here)

d-i image for Sarge with kernel 2.6.12

I was asked some questions about d-i from Takatsugu. I dunno why he failed to build his own image, but building d-i is indeed tricky.
I built d-i with kernel 2.6.12 for him, and you can get it from here (108853248 bytes, MD5SUM: d3ef51daeacb3ec0687b8b64ddcc6a67). Please burn it using your CD writer as ISO image, then try "linux26" at CD boot prompt.
AFAIK there is small one problem; dhcp failed to get gateway information from server at least with pcnet32 driver on VMware. It works perfectly after 2nd stage.
I didn't copy all of linux-kernel-* debs to CD, so you need to install linux-image-2.6.12-1-* from sid by hand if you want to use another CPU-specific kernel.
(you may find new version of d-i from here)

Tue, 06 Jun 2006

Now, CUPS 1.2 comes

After long working, we Debian CUPS team released CUPS 1.2 for Debian unstable. I'd like to say thank Martin Pitt because he has made many patches for CUPS.

We hope this series will come into Debian Etch as soon as possible. Of course reporting bugs are welcome, but please consider whether CUPS is responsible or not for your bug :)

Sun, 28 May 2006

My ARM machine is down

At least since a few days ago, my ARM buildd for experimental/unstable non-free/volatile/etch-secure/d-i went broken (ARGH!). Dpkg always caused a segmentation fault and I couldn't find any meaningful messages from the system. After I rebooted the machine, it won't reply anything... I'll try to connect a monitor and to solve the problem on this weekend.

... OK, ARM comes back (28th May, 2006). I decided to buy a USB-seiral converter to check the status.

Fri, 26 May 2006

Backed from Debconf6 and Canada

I backed home yesterday. After I arrived at home, I went to buy foods to cook, checked bills and snail mails, washed my clothes, took a bath, saw through a bunch of e-mails and gave up to reply to them, met my partner again, cooked for dinner, and slept well. Fortunately I haven't a jet lug at this time.

Because I tripped China for 1 week before Debconf6, I was very tired at the beginning of Debconf. Furthermore mixing Spanish/English/Japanese caused me a mental fatigue. I felt better as time went by. Well, I would more enjoy if I wasn't so tired, but I enjoyed BOF, talks, swimming, foods, travelling and so on during Debconf6. 'Gracias, Debconf staff and attendees.' Mexico was an interesting place for me, so I'd like to visit there again in the future with my partner.

After Debconf, we - Nobuhiro, Yukiharu, and me - stayed Toronto for 2 days. It was very nice time to see Niagara falls and to walk through Toronto downtown.

I uploaded the photos: Debconf6 pictures, Canada picutures.

I apologize I couldn't work well for Debian, especially for CUPS during the conference by a network problem. CUPS 1.2.1 is already released and I'm working for it.

Sun, 14 May 2006

Triathlon in Debconf 6

Yeah, I arrived Mexico! Here is bit hot, but isn't so much than I imagined. Today, we, the party of 13:00-14:00 arrived members challenged the 'Debconf triathlon'.

We took the subway method. Going up-down, up-down, up-down, ... the stairs with carrying heavy bag is really good exercise. I thank myself because I'd bought soft and light bag for this trip :)

Fri, 12 May 2006

See you in Debconf6

This evening, three Japanese people including me will get on an airplane to Toronto. After staying one night, we'll go to Mexico. See you in MX!

... I saw Jesus's report from Mexico. Well, I haven't any shorts. I have optimistic view to wear with jeans, because Japanese summer is very hot also (30C-35C) and many Japanese usually still wear jeans, long pants, or even business suit(!)

Sun, 16 Apr 2006

Backported d-i images archive page

Because I'd gotten a request from Chris via writeback, I made a front page ( of my backported d-i images.

CUPS 1.2rc2 aka cupsys 1.1.99.rc2-0exp1 is uploaded

After long time working together with Martin Pitt, I uploaded CUPS 1.2rc2 to experimental archive. This version introduces and improves many features; IPv6, LDAP, localized PPD, hardware detection, etc.

Plus, it may make an another bunch of bugs :) For example I noticed KDE-control-center complained by ABI incompatibility around IPP.

CUPS 1.2 provides better i18n support. If you're interested in the translation, see upstream's document. (AFAIK Swedish translation is been working by Daniel Nylander.)

Tue, 28 Feb 2006

IT literacy of Japanese politicians

In recent weeks, Japanese government party 'Jiminto' and opposition party 'Minshuto' had been fighting about a e-mail scandal. Here is a summary of this scandal and the result.

Mr.Nagata, who is the star of this foolish drama, graduated from science course of Tokyo Univ. - top of Univ. in Japan, and worked as national public servant, then has been a member of diet. From his background, he is perfect elite. But unfortunately he, his colleagues and executives absolutely lack IT literacy.

Do you believe scandalous e-mail if...

  • received it as FAX or printout
  • some words are masked
  • To: and From: are same
  • most normal headers are missing
  • it looks be created by word-processor
  • the writing style is different from the sender used to
  • it uses "@FAMILYNAME" in signature description
  • the sender had been interviewed from TV in that Date:

Fri, 24 Feb 2006

Road to Debconf6: Changed

I changed a plan. Because it's too tough to visit Vancouver in the trip, I decided to stay at Toronto for 2 days.

5/12 17:15 NRT-16:40 YTO (staying at YTO[Toronto])
5/13 09:00 YTO-12:45 MEX

5/22 14:10 MEX-19:45 YTO (staying at YTO)
5/24 13:30 YTO-5/25 15:55 NRT

I'll go seeing Niagara :)

...So to get a long vacation in May, I'm working hard and am very busy at this time. I'm sorry but I haven't an enough time to response a pile of mails till the end of April.

Tue, 21 Feb 2006

Road to Debconf6

Currently four Japanese will attend Debconf6; Junichi Uekawa (you know him well), Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (SuperH guy), Yukiharu Yabuki (was working at OpenSource SIer company) and me.

Today I reserved an air ticket of Nobuhiro and me. After Debconf, we'd like to visit Vancouver also.

5/12 17:15 NRT-16:40 YTO (staying at YTO[Toronto])
5/13 09:00 YTO-12:45 MEX

5/22 14:10 MEX-19:45 YTO (staying at YTO)
5/23 08:00 YTO-09:57 YVR (staying at YVR[Vancouver])
5/24 13:10 YVR-5/25 15:25 NRT

ITA: ddskk

Now some skk packages are orphaned because maintainer Mr.Kawamura is marked as MIA.

'skk' is obsolete and is disconnected from upstream, but 'ddskk' upstream still be developing very active. I take over ddskk for myself.

Wed, 15 Feb 2006

Recent dishes

I become a bit fat... That's a problem.

Gnocchi with salmon and spinach white sauce.
Boiled chiaotzu. I made a skin by myself.
That day was my wife's birthday. Happy birthday! Scallop sauter, pasta with wild duck and dried tomato, and ... of course, sweet cake.
Kebab of lamb, chicken and various vegetables.
Oister rice, tofu miso-soup, roled egg and laver.

Re: Looking for new ARM hardware (SableVM on ARM)

I found a thread at debian-arm mailinglist.

Although this machine is sold at Japan only, GLAN Tank (pet name "gratin") looks nice ARM machine.

It contains XScale 400MHz, 128MB memory, Intel gigabit Ethernet, IDE controller, USB2.0 x 4. Plus, Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Sarge is pre-installed. From the specification, it uses Linux kernel 2.6.10. The price without a hard-disk is 24,800 yen =~ $210.

AFAIK Junichi are planning to bring it Debconf6.

Tue, 14 Feb 2006

HCL: bit thought

My pleasure, liw :-) And I'm very glad to see Roland and Daniel are inspired from my HCL and are trying to make more brilliant things.

My hcl system is stored in my personal SVN. Anybody can see and take components from

Although I've extra time to develop at this time, I'd like to improve codes in the future, at least around updating existent data.

Mon, 06 Feb 2006

Cool MIPS router makes me crazy hot

I'm still busy on some business projects... I feel overworked. Thankfully my new router gave me another problem. Argh...

A few weeks ago, I got small machine named "OpenMicroServer" for new router of our office. MIPSel Alchemy CPU, 128MB real memory, 16MB flash ROM, CF socket, 2 USB ports, RJ45 style serial port, 2 gigabit and one 100base+POE... very very cool.

There was SSD/Linux, vendor's original NetBSD like distribution, as pre-installed OS. But of course, I replaced it by Debian Sarge soon :) Except of some tricks, it was easier than I thought.

The installation was easy... But after I put it on the operation environment, it started to make me crazy. Although there wasn't any sign in console, it often hung up. There wasn't any ordinality. I tried and tried to find a problem. Decreasing network traffics, verbose logging, etc... solve nothing.

Well, finally I gave up to use it at this time. In this early morning I got to the office and changed the network topology to it used to. Sigh.

I'll leave it on original SSD/Linux mode to check this is OS problem or broken hardware.

Wed, 11 Jan 2006


When I updated my blog system, I didn't care rss format would be changed.

I'm sorry about sending my old articles to Debian.planet...


Well, it's been a long time.

Although I was overworking on the jobs, I've been learning English again since last December.

I had 50 sessions at the beginning. Now only 9 lessons are remained. Am I improved? Yes and No. Yes, I think I can understand English sentences and meanings better than I used to. No, to improve my pronunciation, the skill of constructing sentences and grammar, I need more practice.

The teacher told me to delete my (bad) memory about English I'd built. "don't translate!" Yes, that's absolutely true.