Tue, 28 Feb 2006

IT literacy of Japanese politicians

In recent weeks, Japanese government party 'Jiminto' and opposition party 'Minshuto' had been fighting about a e-mail scandal. Here is a summary of this scandal and the result.

Mr.Nagata, who is the star of this foolish drama, graduated from science course of Tokyo Univ. - top of Univ. in Japan, and worked as national public servant, then has been a member of diet. From his background, he is perfect elite. But unfortunately he, his colleagues and executives absolutely lack IT literacy.

Do you believe scandalous e-mail if...

  • received it as FAX or printout
  • some words are masked
  • To: and From: are same
  • most normal headers are missing
  • it looks be created by word-processor
  • the writing style is different from the sender used to
  • it uses "@FAMILYNAME" in signature description
  • the sender had been interviewed from TV in that Date:

Fri, 24 Feb 2006

Road to Debconf6: Changed

I changed a plan. Because it's too tough to visit Vancouver in the trip, I decided to stay at Toronto for 2 days.

5/12 17:15 NRT-16:40 YTO (staying at YTO[Toronto])
5/13 09:00 YTO-12:45 MEX

5/22 14:10 MEX-19:45 YTO (staying at YTO)
5/24 13:30 YTO-5/25 15:55 NRT

I'll go seeing Niagara :)

...So to get a long vacation in May, I'm working hard and am very busy at this time. I'm sorry but I haven't an enough time to response a pile of mails till the end of April.

Tue, 21 Feb 2006

Road to Debconf6

Currently four Japanese will attend Debconf6; Junichi Uekawa (you know him well), Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (SuperH guy), Yukiharu Yabuki (was working at OpenSource SIer company) and me.

Today I reserved an air ticket of Nobuhiro and me. After Debconf, we'd like to visit Vancouver also.

5/12 17:15 NRT-16:40 YTO (staying at YTO[Toronto])
5/13 09:00 YTO-12:45 MEX

5/22 14:10 MEX-19:45 YTO (staying at YTO)
5/23 08:00 YTO-09:57 YVR (staying at YVR[Vancouver])
5/24 13:10 YVR-5/25 15:25 NRT

ITA: ddskk

Now some skk packages are orphaned because maintainer Mr.Kawamura is marked as MIA.

'skk' is obsolete and is disconnected from upstream, but 'ddskk' upstream still be developing very active. I take over ddskk for myself.

Wed, 15 Feb 2006

Recent dishes

I become a bit fat... That's a problem.

Gnocchi with salmon and spinach white sauce.
Boiled chiaotzu. I made a skin by myself.
That day was my wife's birthday. Happy birthday! Scallop sauter, pasta with wild duck and dried tomato, and ... of course, sweet cake.
Kebab of lamb, chicken and various vegetables.
Oister rice, tofu miso-soup, roled egg and laver.

Re: Looking for new ARM hardware (SableVM on ARM)

I found a thread at debian-arm mailinglist.

Although this machine is sold at Japan only, GLAN Tank (pet name "gratin") looks nice ARM machine.

It contains XScale 400MHz, 128MB memory, Intel gigabit Ethernet, IDE controller, USB2.0 x 4. Plus, Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Sarge is pre-installed. From the specification, it uses Linux kernel 2.6.10. The price without a hard-disk is 24,800 yen =~ $210.

AFAIK Junichi are planning to bring it Debconf6.

Tue, 14 Feb 2006

HCL: bit thought

My pleasure, liw :-) And I'm very glad to see Roland and Daniel are inspired from my HCL and are trying to make more brilliant things.

My hcl system is stored in my personal SVN. Anybody can see and take components from http://kmuto.jp/svn/hcl/trunk.

Although I've extra time to develop at this time, I'd like to improve codes in the future, at least around updating existent data.

Mon, 06 Feb 2006

Cool MIPS router makes me crazy hot

I'm still busy on some business projects... I feel overworked. Thankfully my new router gave me another problem. Argh...

A few weeks ago, I got small machine named "OpenMicroServer" for new router of our office. MIPSel Alchemy CPU, 128MB real memory, 16MB flash ROM, CF socket, 2 USB ports, RJ45 style serial port, 2 gigabit and one 100base+POE... very very cool.

There was SSD/Linux, vendor's original NetBSD like distribution, as pre-installed OS. But of course, I replaced it by Debian Sarge soon :) Except of some tricks, it was easier than I thought.

The installation was easy... But after I put it on the operation environment, it started to make me crazy. Although there wasn't any sign in console, it often hung up. There wasn't any ordinality. I tried and tried to find a problem. Decreasing network traffics, verbose logging, etc... solve nothing.

Well, finally I gave up to use it at this time. In this early morning I got to the office and changed the network topology to it used to. Sigh.

I'll leave it on original SSD/Linux mode to check this is OS problem or broken hardware.