Sun, 16 Apr 2006

Backported d-i images archive page

Because I'd gotten a request from Chris via writeback, I made a front page ( of my backported d-i images.

CUPS 1.2rc2 aka cupsys 1.1.99.rc2-0exp1 is uploaded

After long time working together with Martin Pitt, I uploaded CUPS 1.2rc2 to experimental archive. This version introduces and improves many features; IPv6, LDAP, localized PPD, hardware detection, etc.

Plus, it may make an another bunch of bugs :) For example I noticed KDE-control-center complained by ABI incompatibility around IPP.

CUPS 1.2 provides better i18n support. If you're interested in the translation, see upstream's document. (AFAIK Swedish translation is been working by Daniel Nylander.)