Sat, 01 Jul 2006

Taking a rest: live-f1 and boodler packages

<feeling blue> I'm bit bored and tired to fight against CUPS bugs. I've dedicated most of my free time to see reports, to try reproducing, to try solving, or to ask it to upstream.
I'm frustrated now, but not by upstream or its source quality (of course I hope it becomes more better). My frustration is that most people only nag us even they're using 'unstable' and have a skill. Though Roger, Henrique, Martin Pitt/Eric, and me are working as possible as we can, our human resource isn't enough. Investigating bugs, checking a source code, and making a patch are very helpful for us. Thanks. </feeling blue>

So, I was making some packages for recreation. Because I haven't a motivation to maintain them on Debian, I won't ITP.

I saw Newsforge's article. Although I'm not so interested in Formula-1, my friends love it. Because I built this package on Sarge, it isn't apt-get-able on unstable environment by missing libneon24. Get libneon24 from Sarge or rebuild it on unstable. You need an account on Formula-1 Web site to see.
boodler, boodler-soundlibrary
I saw another interesting article. I was looking for good background sounds, but not musics. Boodler is cool sound generator for its purpose. My favorite sound is 'frogs.Cheepers'. See details on /usr/share/doc/boodler/catalog.html.

You can get the packages from my repository.

deb unstable main contrib non-free
deb-src unstable main contrib non-free

d-i image for Sarge with kernel 2.6.14

I tried it on yesterday. ISO image is here (131534848 bytes (125MB), MD5: 6c3d5dae6da770e1ef1c8868e72db0e0).

I replaced the image to support sata_mv correctly. Try this one (131534848 bytes, MD5: fd6b02a7478208f99943ccea71767d77).

To install linux-image-2.6.14 of sid correctly, I needed to tweak some packages and backport some components from sid.

(you may find new version of d-i from here)

Debian-Installer + 2.6.15 kernel for AMD64/EM64T

Although I was still busy, I tried to build d-i image for AMD64/EM64T (x86_64) today.

To do try & error, I rented DELL SC430 EM64T machine from my friend DD Shigeo (Thanks!). This machine is really good showcase to demonstrate how we can support tricky machines.

  • 64bit architecture.
  • Keyboard is connected via USB. There isn't legacy PS/2 emulation.
  • CD-ROM drive is connected with parallel ATA, but HDD is connected with serial ATA.
  • NIC is a kind of Broadcom. Although tg3 driver is for this, kernel 2.6.8 needs to take firmware from somewhere.

In short, official Sarge d-i can't work on this machine.

Using backported kernel 2.6.15 and other things, I succeeded to build experimental installer.

  1. Download mini.iso (small CD image to launch network installer) or netboot.tar.gz (for TFTP boot) from here. (I've tested only netboot.tar.gz version)
  2. When installer asks a mirror site, set "" as host and "/~kmuto/sarge-amd64" as directory.
  3. If you meet "no disk" error, go another virtual terminal (Alt+F2) and run "modprobe ata_piix". Then back installer screen (Alt+F1).
  4. Remains are as same as normal installer. Choose other official mirror at 2nd stage.

Known bugs:

  • Discover doesn't load ata_piix if piix (ide_generic?) is loaded before.
  • USB keyboard list provides only a few choices. Use US map at this time.
  • For CJK people, you may find 2nd stage screen won't show in local language. This is because some kernel images don't include fbcon driver and jfbterm can't run.
  • I haven't tweaked RAID/LVM yet. So it may not work.

I'm trying to make auto-build script also. Although it's still under developemnt, you can see svn repository;

(you may find new version of d-i from here)

i386 d-i image for Sarge, with kernel 2.6.15

Someone may be interested in this... You can take it from here. (144134144 bytes, MD5: 7cdd166ae9b33d29acd42bffda8bc020)

  • Took Linux 2.6.15 kernel-image from current Debian unstable. Please take kernel-headers package from unstable repository when you need it.
  • Fixed around loading sata_mv (although I've already fixed in 2.6.14 image.)
  • Backported newer udev, hotplug, initramfs-tools, and selinux. Take care when you upgrade this environment to testing or unstable.
  • No support, no warranty :)

(you may find new version of d-i from here)

d-i image for Sarge with kernel 2.6.12

I was asked some questions about d-i from Takatsugu. I dunno why he failed to build his own image, but building d-i is indeed tricky.
I built d-i with kernel 2.6.12 for him, and you can get it from here (108853248 bytes, MD5SUM: d3ef51daeacb3ec0687b8b64ddcc6a67). Please burn it using your CD writer as ISO image, then try "linux26" at CD boot prompt.
AFAIK there is small one problem; dhcp failed to get gateway information from server at least with pcnet32 driver on VMware. It works perfectly after 2nd stage.
I didn't copy all of linux-kernel-* debs to CD, so you need to install linux-image-2.6.12-1-* from sid by hand if you want to use another CPU-specific kernel.
(you may find new version of d-i from here)