Sat, 28 Oct 2006

i386 d-i image for Sarge... Now supports RAID 0/1/5 installation

I was trying to port RAID handlings to Sarge Debian-Installer for these days. Although this is not enough solid level, here (sarge-custom-1028) is a result.

  • Adopt kernel 2.6.19rc1.
  • Adopt madduck's backported mdadm and debconf.
  • Added rescue mode. By using "rescue" at the boot prompt, you can mount the preconfigured disk and do your work at chroot environment.
  • Many people have wanted this... Now this version supports RAID 0/1/5 and LVM.
  • preseed will work. (not tested well)

I know there is a problem on the machines have Intel parallel ATA controller and connect a disk or CD to it. Maybe other PATA controllers also.

Since 2.6.19, PATA controllers are partially migrated into the SCSI framework. Because Debian-Installer treats Intel controller as SCSI by loading libata and ata_piix firster than piix, connected disks will be detected as /dev/sd*. On the other hand, initrd (udev?) after GRUB will load piix at the first... Disks will be detected as /dev/hd*.

Temporary solution is to make initrd to force loading libata and ata_piix at the beginning.

  1. Progress installation until GRUB installation step.
  2. Push Alt+F2 to go to the shell.
  3. Add modules to load and rebuild initrd as following:
    chroot /target
    echo "libata" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
    echo "ata_piix" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
    update-initramfs -u -k 2.6.19-rc1-1-486
  4. Push Alt+F1 and finish the installation.

Another solution is to replace /etc/fstab to use /dev/hd* style.

At this moment I'm trying to build amd64 version with kernel 2.6.18 also... But I haven't succeeded yet by strange udev problem.

Sun, 22 Oct 2006

Tokyo Debian monthly meeting, October 2006

Yesterday, I had a chance to talk about Extremadura i18n meeting at Tokyo Debian monthly meeting. This meeting was organized by Junichi Uekawa and wonderfully 20 or more people came and filled the meeting room (awesome!), thanks!

My paper is included in this PDF [in Japanese]. I picked up and spoke some themes from what we discussed at Extremadura; i18n task force, Pootle system, and language-pack/tdeb.

PO-based translation has an advantage and a disadvantage. The tools support PO are mature and PO is very useful for the short messages. But using it for documents, such as manuals or Web pages is not so useful. Especially translating to Japanese sometimes add/delete/reform sentences. Some attendees suggested that we would always use the original XML (or something) format for translating/reviewing and have PO format in the central database.

Masayuki Hatta pointed the license of translation. For example, Japanese is completely different from English, both words aren't always correspond 1 on 1... Translators use their creativity power. He said translators would have a copyright for their translation instead of original author. When I talked with Warren Togami was Fedora US leader last month at Tokyo, he said his project asked to agree "translation license agreement" to all translators. If we Debian or Debian-JP apply a central translation system like Pootle and use its translation memories, it's time to consider making similar license.

Although current idea of Tdeb is still under the development, most attendees loved that idea rather than language-pack.

For me, the goal of this meeting was not only speaking my experience report but recruiting more people for i18n/l10n working also. I'd like to recommend Nabetaro-san for next i18n meeting attendee instead of me, and Noritada Kobayashi for next of next. I strongly suggested attending next Debconf to them also. They are hardly working for Debian i18n/l10n in Japan. I hope attending such meetings expands their personal connections and motivations.

There were two other sessions at the meeting. Matsuyama-san demonstrated creating Flash on Debian by using ming, and Junichi talked about profiling apt-get by oprofile tool. Both topics were interesting for me.

Mon, 09 Oct 2006

i386 d-i image for Sarge, with kernel 2.6.18 (early test release)

Last week Pascal, who is a friend of bubulle, asked me how he could make ISO image with kernel 2.6.18 for Sarge.

Timely I'd like to have a kernel 2.6.18 image for myself also (I bought Core2Duo machine. It has VIA VT8237A SATA controller isn't supported before 2.6.18), I made it.

You can take it from the usual place; sarge-custom-1008.iso for i386.

  • Backported 2.6.18 kernel from unstable.
  • LVM/RAID will *NOT* work. Maybe I have to backport partman and dmraid to support them, but I haven't done yet.
  • Since kernel 2.6.17, Debian kernel team merged SMP support to a single kernel. So don't panic even -smp kernel isn't installed. ISO image has -486, -686, -686-bigmem, and -k7.
  • I haven't AHCI machine and I don't know PATA CD vs SATA HD problem still happen on 2.6.18. But I add a feature "atapi=true" boot option. When you append this option as the boot parameter, the installer will add the configuration to /etc/modprobe.conf.