Tue, 18 Dec 2007

LOOX U50, nice gadget

I bought Fujitsu LOOX U50 ultra mobile note PC last week. This is nicely small and its weight is only ~600g (includes standard battery). Even so it has 1GB memory, 40GB HDD, 11a/b/g Wifi, and bluetooth. My purpose is to use this during short or day trip with my camera.

Although Windows Vista was pre-installed, we Debian guys prefer to use Debian, don't we? Yeah, of course I tried to install Debian :)

  • Preparation: 40GB disk is already separated 4 partitions. Primary 1 and 2 are used for internal. Primary 3 (C: drive) is Vista system. Primary 4 (D: drive) is free space for backup and TV recording. I removed Primary 4 and reduce Primary 3 a little by using Vista's disk tool.
  • Installation: I tried Etch win32-installer at first. Because RTL8139 NIC couldn't be detected by Linux 2.6.18, installation was failed. So I booted up my custom installer 2.6.23 from USB stick and installed successfully. I created Logical 5 for Debian system and Logical 6 for swap. GRUB supports to boot up from Logical partition.
  • Upgrade: After login, my first doing was to update Etch to unstable, a.k.a. Sid :)
  • Devices: CPU Intel A110 (800MHz) works well with -686 kernel. CPU scaling (600/800) works also. Wired NIC RTL8139 works. Graphic chip Intel GMA950 displays 1024x600x24 with X.org 7.3 (I'm using even compiz-fusion!). Stick point is recognized as PS/2 mouse. High-definition audio works, volume control dial works. Cardbus CF slot works (my PHS phone data card is detected). SD slot works (maybe).
  • Keyboard: This keymap frustrated me. Especially I must push Fn key to input '-' or 'Tab'. I remapped using .Xmodmap, "keysym Henkan_Mode = BackSpace; keysym BackSpace = minus; keysym Zenkaku_Hankaku = Tab". Well, so far so good.
  • Hibernate: Unfortunately this machine seems not support ACPI sleep. uswsusp works good.
  • Wifi: Atheros works with madwifi. All of I did was just "apt-get install madwifi; m-a a-i madwifi". Easy! I can connect with my AP (WPA-mode).
  • Fingerprint authentication: AES2501 is already analyzed. I took files from fprint project and debianized them ( libfprint, fprintdemo, and pamfprint). It's very funny the authentication for login or sudo is done by touching my finger.
  • Brightness: Although I could control a brightness via /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness, hot-key seemed do strange behavior. It changed a value when I pushed, but backed 100% soon. As a temporally hack, I made a hook script to change a brightness twice for /etc/acpi/video_brightness{up|down}.sh.
  • Tablet (touch-pen): LOOX BIOS provides a selection of tablet mode or touchpad mode. When I changed it to a touchpad mode, Linux detected /dev/input/event1 and /dev/input/js0 instead of /dev/usb/hiddev0. At first I tried evtouch driver and evdev, but I failed. After many try-and-error and GOOGLing, I finally found Simon Funk's solution. He developed 'joytouch' to use js0 as a touchpad. Wow, excellent! It works perfectly! I debianized joytouch also.
  • 1-seg TV tuner: One of devices I can't use at this moment is TV tuner. I don't expect it works on FLOSS, and fortunately most Japanese broadcast TV programs are rubbish and vulgar for me :)

Now all devices what I wanted work on Debian. I can't wait coming winter vacation!

Mon, 15 Oct 2007

i386/amd64 d-i images for Etch, kernel version 2.6.23 + e1000e.

Hi, it's been a long time. I came back from busy days in my business. Now I'd like to start working for Debian again.

For those who own newest Intel motherboard, here comes a good news. Debian kernel team seems be preparing to upload kernel 2.6.23 with a patch of e1000e NIC driver. Although kernel 2.6.18 of Etch can't handle SATA or NIC of ICH9, I ported this Debian kernel 2.6.23 to my backported-d-i image (thanks Debian kernel team!). You can take it, for i386 and amd64, from here.

Sat, 21 Jul 2007

i386/amd64 d-i images for Etch with kernel 2.6.21

Although I know someone had already made the same thing, I constructed a firm to build bpo-debian-installer for Etch and released first 2.6.21 backport version.

You can take it from usual place. There isn't any new features except the image uses 2.6.21.

Tue, 20 Mar 2007

DPL 2007 vote

"All of your vote are belong to bit-bucket"

Well, the ballot describes Raphaël's name as is. My MUA wanderlust shows it in "Content-Type: unknown-8bit" and seems confused.

More badly, all of my votes are rejected by CRC errors. Although I tried to store&sign by hand, to change the environment variables, to use mutt, and so on, my all challenges hadn't changed anything.

...OK, I prefer to create pure English environment rather than to waste a time to fight against environment/encoding problems... will do later. [update] Finally I succeeded to vote :)

Mr.Secretary, could you use only ASCII characters in a ballot sheet from next time?

(If Junichi was one of candidates and he wanted to describe his name in Japanese Kanji characters, most voters would face a very difficult situation :)

Mon, 05 Mar 2007

i386 (686) d-i image for Sarge, with kernel 2.6.20

Today I released backported-installer using kernel 2.6.20. You can take it from this page.

  • Based on Debian GNU/Linux 3.1r5.
  • Applied Linux kernel version 2.6.20. Added drivers: a100u2w, arcmsr, nsp32, seagate, spectrum_cs, pata_marvell, pata_adma, acenic, myri10ge, sb1000, sungem, sunhme, ipw2100, ipw2200 (but ipw driver won't work because it needs a firmware), orinoco_nortel, zd1211rw
  • Chose -686 (optimized for PentiumPro) instead of -486. By this change, you can use SMP now. I hope this change won't hurt AMD machines. Although VIA C3 will be affected, I think its owner prefer to use Etch than Sarge :). My d-i image is mainly for server users.
  • Fixed preseed problem on 2nd stage. Please remove /var/log/debian-installer/debconf-preseed after installation if you wrote a secret on preseed file.
Known issue:
  • PATA device name is different between 1st stage and 2nd stage. You have to modify /etc/fstab and/or GRUB /boot/grub/menu.lst.
  • GNOME can't be installed. udev conflicts hal package of Sarge. Furthermore backporting hal package seems very hard.

[update 2007.02.22] CVE-2007-0772-"free-wrong-pointer bug in nfs/acl server" hits 2.6.20. If your server uses this feature, update to

[update 2007.03.05] I replaced sarge-custom-0221.iso with sarge-custom-0304.iso. This ISO uses and has a trial patch against SiS662/966/966L (just added PCI IDs, I dunno whether it works or not).

Fri, 26 Jan 2007

experimental/non-free buildd backs

Today I saw James changed DAK better to accept experimental/non-free packages without a special permission.

Now I run buildd again.

Tue, 23 Jan 2007

Just for Fun

Aha, Martin made a flying :) That message was for current Debian CUPS team members. But it's welcome if someone else would like to help us, of course. Please don't hesitate to contact <pkg-cups-devel at-mark lists.alioth.debian.org>.

It was November 2003 when I took over CUPS package from Jeff. Although I had believed CUPS would become the standard printing system instead of lpr, Debian CUPS was unmaintained for a long days (I understand why). After taking over, I worked and worked to improve it release-quality. I think Sarge CUPS was not so bad (OK OK, you may have an objection :) ). I had enjoyed a maintenance.

3 years later, I have felt displeasure, sad, disability, or any other bad feeling rather than fun. The number of bugs is increasing. Users and developers are complaining about the quality. Though almost their claims were made from upstream code or external packages, I have felt blue whenever I saw such claims including "abuse".

Plus (although this is other issue) I was disappointed by recent buildd restriction also.

Well, it's time to relax myself. I'd like to spare my time to more productive and fun works. Oh, working for debian-installer and translating/localizing/internationalizing are fun, of course. :)

Fri, 12 Jan 2007

experimental/non-free ARM buildd has been banned

Some of you know, the experimental/non-free packages for ARM have been stopped updates since the end of last year.

Because ftpmasters decided to restrict uploaders of ARM binary except only a few members, (unfortunately) I was banned also at same time.

So it means that even if you'd like to update your non-free package for Etch, you can't do it by yourself. Sadly I can't help you also. You have to find and ask "a few members" by yourself to build your package and sign it by them.

Although we (aba, tbm, and me) are asking ftpmasters to allow me as ARM authorized uploader, don't expect so much. (shrug)