Fri, 26 Jan 2007

experimental/non-free buildd backs

Today I saw James changed DAK better to accept experimental/non-free packages without a special permission.

Now I run buildd again.

Tue, 23 Jan 2007

Just for Fun

Aha, Martin made a flying :) That message was for current Debian CUPS team members. But it's welcome if someone else would like to help us, of course. Please don't hesitate to contact <pkg-cups-devel at-mark>.

It was November 2003 when I took over CUPS package from Jeff. Although I had believed CUPS would become the standard printing system instead of lpr, Debian CUPS was unmaintained for a long days (I understand why). After taking over, I worked and worked to improve it release-quality. I think Sarge CUPS was not so bad (OK OK, you may have an objection :) ). I had enjoyed a maintenance.

3 years later, I have felt displeasure, sad, disability, or any other bad feeling rather than fun. The number of bugs is increasing. Users and developers are complaining about the quality. Though almost their claims were made from upstream code or external packages, I have felt blue whenever I saw such claims including "abuse".

Plus (although this is other issue) I was disappointed by recent buildd restriction also.

Well, it's time to relax myself. I'd like to spare my time to more productive and fun works. Oh, working for debian-installer and translating/localizing/internationalizing are fun, of course. :)

Fri, 12 Jan 2007

experimental/non-free ARM buildd has been banned

Some of you know, the experimental/non-free packages for ARM have been stopped updates since the end of last year.

Because ftpmasters decided to restrict uploaders of ARM binary except only a few members, (unfortunately) I was banned also at same time.

So it means that even if you'd like to update your non-free package for Etch, you can't do it by yourself. Sadly I can't help you also. You have to find and ask "a few members" by yourself to build your package and sign it by them.

Although we (aba, tbm, and me) are asking ftpmasters to allow me as ARM authorized uploader, don't expect so much. (shrug)