Tue, 20 Mar 2007

DPL 2007 vote

"All of your vote are belong to bit-bucket"

Well, the ballot describes Raphaël's name as is. My MUA wanderlust shows it in "Content-Type: unknown-8bit" and seems confused.

More badly, all of my votes are rejected by CRC errors. Although I tried to store&sign by hand, to change the environment variables, to use mutt, and so on, my all challenges hadn't changed anything.

...OK, I prefer to create pure English environment rather than to waste a time to fight against environment/encoding problems... will do later. [update] Finally I succeeded to vote :)

Mr.Secretary, could you use only ASCII characters in a ballot sheet from next time?

(If Junichi was one of candidates and he wanted to describe his name in Japanese Kanji characters, most voters would face a very difficult situation :)