Tue, 18 Dec 2007

LOOX U50, nice gadget

I bought Fujitsu LOOX U50 ultra mobile note PC last week. This is nicely small and its weight is only ~600g (includes standard battery). Even so it has 1GB memory, 40GB HDD, 11a/b/g Wifi, and bluetooth. My purpose is to use this during short or day trip with my camera.

Although Windows Vista was pre-installed, we Debian guys prefer to use Debian, don't we? Yeah, of course I tried to install Debian :)

  • Preparation: 40GB disk is already separated 4 partitions. Primary 1 and 2 are used for internal. Primary 3 (C: drive) is Vista system. Primary 4 (D: drive) is free space for backup and TV recording. I removed Primary 4 and reduce Primary 3 a little by using Vista's disk tool.
  • Installation: I tried Etch win32-installer at first. Because RTL8139 NIC couldn't be detected by Linux 2.6.18, installation was failed. So I booted up my custom installer 2.6.23 from USB stick and installed successfully. I created Logical 5 for Debian system and Logical 6 for swap. GRUB supports to boot up from Logical partition.
  • Upgrade: After login, my first doing was to update Etch to unstable, a.k.a. Sid :)
  • Devices: CPU Intel A110 (800MHz) works well with -686 kernel. CPU scaling (600/800) works also. Wired NIC RTL8139 works. Graphic chip Intel GMA950 displays 1024x600x24 with X.org 7.3 (I'm using even compiz-fusion!). Stick point is recognized as PS/2 mouse. High-definition audio works, volume control dial works. Cardbus CF slot works (my PHS phone data card is detected). SD slot works (maybe).
  • Keyboard: This keymap frustrated me. Especially I must push Fn key to input '-' or 'Tab'. I remapped using .Xmodmap, "keysym Henkan_Mode = BackSpace; keysym BackSpace = minus; keysym Zenkaku_Hankaku = Tab". Well, so far so good.
  • Hibernate: Unfortunately this machine seems not support ACPI sleep. uswsusp works good.
  • Wifi: Atheros works with madwifi. All of I did was just "apt-get install madwifi; m-a a-i madwifi". Easy! I can connect with my AP (WPA-mode).
  • Fingerprint authentication: AES2501 is already analyzed. I took files from fprint project and debianized them ( libfprint, fprintdemo, and pamfprint). It's very funny the authentication for login or sudo is done by touching my finger.
  • Brightness: Although I could control a brightness via /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness, hot-key seemed do strange behavior. It changed a value when I pushed, but backed 100% soon. As a temporally hack, I made a hook script to change a brightness twice for /etc/acpi/video_brightness{up|down}.sh.
  • Tablet (touch-pen): LOOX BIOS provides a selection of tablet mode or touchpad mode. When I changed it to a touchpad mode, Linux detected /dev/input/event1 and /dev/input/js0 instead of /dev/usb/hiddev0. At first I tried evtouch driver and evdev, but I failed. After many try-and-error and GOOGLing, I finally found Simon Funk's solution. He developed 'joytouch' to use js0 as a touchpad. Wow, excellent! It works perfectly! I debianized joytouch also.
  • 1-seg TV tuner: One of devices I can't use at this moment is TV tuner. I don't expect it works on FLOSS, and fortunately most Japanese broadcast TV programs are rubbish and vulgar for me :)

Now all devices what I wanted work on Debian. I can't wait coming winter vacation!