Tue, 03 Mar 2009

i386/amd64 d-i images for Lenny, kernel version 2.6.28 + firmware + WPA support

I bought new laptop, SONY Vaio TypeZ. Because e1000e and iwlagn weren't detected by Lenny kernel 2.6.26, I made a custom image with kernel 2.6.28 for myself. I brushed it smarter yesterday. You can download it from the usual place. Enjoy.

  • based on newest stable, Debian 5.0 Lenny
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.28 (as same as Debian experimental's)
  • experimental WPA support (not tested)
  • pre-located firmware (linux-firmware package will be installed if d-i detects your machine needs it)

P.S. I'm planning to attend Debconf9. See you there.