Tue, 30 Jun 2009

Oh my...

Yesterday Debconf provisional schedule was announced. Thanks Debconf team for your hard work!

But I understood I couldn't attend some interesting sessions and keysign party due to my schedule... I have to leave Caceres on 29 July afternoon. I made a big mistake about my travel plan.

OK, so I'll try to exchange keysign personally during the conference and watch the talks later when Debconf video team create them.

Sun, 28 Jun 2009

Working for ext4 support

I had gotten some requests to support brand-new ext4 filesystem from my backport d-i users. Yesterday I implemented it. Download via previous article.

The work was harder than I assumed...

  • The implementation on d-i side was mostly done already on d-i trunk by cjwatson and otavio. I appreciate their good job! I merged it to partman-base and partman-ext3.
  • Because GNU parted in Lenny didn't support ext4, I had to backport from unstable. Plus, I had to build again some packages to follow ABI change.
  • e2fsprogs-udeb in Lenny didn't contain mkfs.ext4, though deb contained it. I backported from unstable for stability.
  • grub won't work with ext4. You have to use grub-pc instead of it, if you'd like to use ext4 for root (boot) partition. I left this issue alone and just wrote down FAQ.
  • Even you choose grub-pc, it won't boot because initramfs misrecognizes ext4 partition as ext3. You have to append "rootfstype=ext4" option to kernel parameter. I wrote it on FAQ.

i386/amd64 d-i images for Lenny, kernel version 2.6.30 + firmware + ext4 support

For those who would like to use Linux kernel 2.6.30 for installing Debian Lenny, here it is. Enjoy.

  • Debian 5.0.1 Lenny based.
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.30 (as same as Debian unstable)
  • Support IDE disk again. (yes, I hadn't noticed ide-disk renamed to ide-gd_mod)
  • pre-located firmware (linux-firmware package will be installed if d-i detects your machine needs it. This image supports bnx2 and bnx2x also)
  • experimental WPA support (not tested)
  • [update on 28 Jun] Added ext4 support. You can choose ext4 filesystem at partition manager screen. Don't try to use ext4 for your root partition (or see FAQ).

By the way,

I'm going to Debconf9.

Thu, 11 Jun 2009

My schedule for Debconf9 and vacation

Debconf9 is coming. I'll be there and will have a short trip to Coruna to visit my friend and to Madrid to visit some museums, before Debconf.

  • Tokyo-Madrid round-trip ticket (Thai airline): Reserved
  • Debconf attendance fee: Paid
  • Madrid-Coruna round-trip ticket (Iberia air): Reserved
  • Hotel at Coruna: Reserved
  • Hostel at Madrid: Reserved
  • Madrid Atocha->Caceres train Talgo (23 July): Reserved
  • Caceres->Madrid (29 July evening): Not yet.
  • Hotel at Madrid for 29 July: Reserved

Anyway, see you at Debconf9! :)