Sat, 01 Aug 2009

Adios Debconf9

I backed home from Madrid yesterday. I had a precious time in this trip.

La Coruna, where was the place I visited first, had a beautiful beach. I was relaxed a long time there and adopt myself to Spain, though sunburn was a bit painful. (hey, I'm molting!) Galician octopus was the best I ate ever. Thanks my friend Kazuhisa.

I stayed at Madrid before/after Debconf. Because it was the second time I visited there, I could behave like a tour conductor for my friends :-P Plada museum, Sophia museum, and Toredo were nice to see. Foods were really nice also.

Debconf9, you know, was the best. I met and talked with many people; old friends, new friends, local people, and so on. Every sessions were fun. i18n meeting was hot. Day-trip provided me hiking, swimming, drinking, and talking. It would be hard challenge to prepare and coordinate for organization team and local staff, but you succeeded perfectly! I'd like to say thank orga, staff, and all attendees. See you!