Fri, 19 Dec 2014

smart "apt" command

During evaluating Jessie, I found 'apt' command and noticed it was pretty good for novice-usual users.

Usage: apt [options] command

CLI for apt.
Basic commands: 
 list - list packages based on package names
 search - search in package descriptions
 show - show package details

 update - update list of available packages

 install - install packages
 remove  - remove packages

 upgrade - upgrade the system by installing/upgrading packages
 full-upgrade - upgrade the system by removing/installing/upgrading packages

 edit-sources - edit the source information file

'apt list' is like a combination of 'dpkg -l' + 'apt-cache pkgnames'. 'apt search' is a bit slower than 'apt-cache search' but provides with useful information. 'apt show' formats bytesizes and hides some (for experts) fields. install/remove/upgrade/full-upgrade are mostly same as apt-get. 'apt edit-sources' opens a editor and checks the integrity.

So, I'd like to recommend 'apt' command to Debian users.

Well, why did I write this entry...? ;) I found a mistranslation I had made in ja.po of apt. Because it is critical mistranslation (Japanese users will confuse by it), I want to fix it strongly.

Dear apt deity maintainers, could you consider to update apt for Jessie? (#772678. FYI there are other translation updates also: #772913, #771982, and #771967)



Its nice, but lack of autocomplete ( ) keeps me from using it.

Posted by sam at 2014/12/22 (Mon) 06:18:02

some time since last b-i

some time was passed since lasted b-i u made

u work was and are great!, i always use u'r svn repos and debian installer images to my older custom desktops

recently u'r images of lenny saves my recently adquired eeepc 2gsurf

the debian oficial usb images hibrid live isos doestn work

many many thanks to u

Posted by PICCORO Lenz MCKAY at 2016/04/10 (Sun) 14:12:33
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