Wed, 13 Jul 2005


I met many people at Debconf5. I listened some interesting talks, and succeeded to exchange sign with Branden and to talk with aba :) Fun and great for me.

But unlucky event occurs to me today, the right glass of my sunglasses is dropped and completely crashed. I searched around HUT which sells sunglasses, but I couldn't find. I'm scared of this strong sunshine...

ARGH, breaking glasses is just beginning of disaster. During aj's session, I ran check DVD/CD-ROM sample for my business on remote host in office. I dunno whether that disc is corrupted or not, but at least I noticed it isn't readable on my remote host. I tried and tried, but kernel won't help any meaningful messages. I decided to reboot remote host because it looked IDE controller problem...

But even if I waited not a few minutes, I couldn't login the host. I found printer on office ate duplicate IP address. I asked co-worker to stop that printer and reboot my machine again.

...Well, I forgot I'd added sata HDD to this machine. grub started, kernel started, init started, then... boot sequence stops by "can't find /dev/sda1, needs manual fsck". I sent a mail about how to edit /etc/fstab to co-worker, but she told me fsck won't stop and some HDD are busy by something (fsck?).

Well, I believe I can't listen any talk session today. Don't miss photo time.

Co-worker resetted host and modified /etc/fstab, so the host is recovered. Yeah!

O-oh, another big disaster happens... Because DVD sample is corrupted, I was downloading DVD ISO file on another machine in office. When I ran md5sum for verifing, the machine displayed I/O error. Some sector is crashed. Sigh.

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