Mon, 05 Mar 2007

i386 (686) d-i image for Sarge, with kernel 2.6.20

Today I released backported-installer using kernel 2.6.20. You can take it from this page.

  • Based on Debian GNU/Linux 3.1r5.
  • Applied Linux kernel version 2.6.20. Added drivers: a100u2w, arcmsr, nsp32, seagate, spectrum_cs, pata_marvell, pata_adma, acenic, myri10ge, sb1000, sungem, sunhme, ipw2100, ipw2200 (but ipw driver won't work because it needs a firmware), orinoco_nortel, zd1211rw
  • Chose -686 (optimized for PentiumPro) instead of -486. By this change, you can use SMP now. I hope this change won't hurt AMD machines. Although VIA C3 will be affected, I think its owner prefer to use Etch than Sarge :). My d-i image is mainly for server users.
  • Fixed preseed problem on 2nd stage. Please remove /var/log/debian-installer/debconf-preseed after installation if you wrote a secret on preseed file.
Known issue:
  • PATA device name is different between 1st stage and 2nd stage. You have to modify /etc/fstab and/or GRUB /boot/grub/menu.lst.
  • GNOME can't be installed. udev conflicts hal package of Sarge. Furthermore backporting hal package seems very hard.

[update 2007.02.22] CVE-2007-0772-"free-wrong-pointer bug in nfs/acl server" hits 2.6.20. If your server uses this feature, update to

[update 2007.03.05] I replaced sarge-custom-0221.iso with sarge-custom-0304.iso. This ISO uses and has a trial patch against SiS662/966/966L (just added PCI IDs, I dunno whether it works or not).



i have problem with that netboot. I cant use it, because the message " no kernel-modules are available"
Where is my failure?

Posted by sebasti at 2007/02/23 (Fri) 10:14:02

sebasti, did you mount or copy my ISO on your own Web server?
Because 2.6.20 kernel isn't official package, so you have to setup Web server to download additional udebs from my ISO image. See FAQ.

Posted by kmuto at 2007/02/23 (Fri) 22:35:35

Hi there, at first i want to thank you for your work, it's great.

I've downloaded your newest version, network and harddrive (sda) where recognized correctly, installation went fine.

But after i reboot the system i get a kernel-panic, saying that the root-device (sda1) cannot be opened.
Do you have any suggestions?

Mainboard: AsRock Conroe945G (ICH SATA)

Many thanks in advance

Posted by Chris at 2007/03/04 (Sun) 21:27:12


Please check boot log from beginning till kernel crash (you can use Shift+PageUp/Down for scrolling). Can you find anything about SATA detection?
If not, please report your PCI information via, you can use Knoppix or any CD boot Linux. Then I can see what's the problem of yours.

Posted by kmuto at 2007/03/04 (Sun) 22:34:17

Hello~ I have install on our DELL PowerEdge 2900. It looks great except "Broadcom gigabit network adapters (bnx2 driver)". I can't see the chip show on screen by "lspci -v". Now I use insert another NIC, Intel e1000. But I still need to change back to onboard NIC. Do you have any suggestion about this?

Posted by Wei at 2007/03/13 (Tue) 12:33:34

Thanks for the great work!

I understand your 2nd issue. But is there any way to get Gnome installed ? If nothing can be done now, what is the plan in the future?

Again, many thanks!

Posted by Liang at 2007/03/14 (Wed) 15:47:27

Hi Wei,

It seems be not Debian's problem but your BIOS's.
The result of lspci is independent from a kernel. If you can't find 14e4:164c
in your "lspci -n", check your BIOS to enable an internal NIC.

Posted by kmuto at 2007/03/15 (Thu) 22:46:23

Hi Liang,

Although I haven't tested an installation of GNOME with my d-i recently, I heard a successful desktop-installation report from at least one user.
So please try it first.

If you still can't install GNOME... I haven't a good idea. Because it is only a few packages that prevent an desktop installation, you can avoid it by installing desktop packages separately.

Better solution will come in near future, if we Debian Project can succeed to release Etch :)

Posted by kmuto at 2007/03/15 (Thu) 22:53:46

FAI mirror for remote custom install


Been using your custom images with great success for nv_sata and forcedeth hardware. In fact chosen hardware based on this success.

I would now like to setup an FAI server to automate some software RAID setups as preseeding on the sarge d-i installer doesn't except 'partman-auto-raid'. Do you have a mirror for the custom install distribution I can use within FAI through debmirror(1) ?

Is it possible to convert your CD image to a Debian local mirror directory structure ?

Posted by sgp at 2007/03/24 (Sat) 08:13:36


Hey there, I got gnome running. however I am struggling with my nvidia drivers to get it up and running.... any hints appreceated.

thx for the your work to build this version again, was my last hope to finally get debian installed via this stupid stupid sata cdrom

carry on ;)


Posted by T at 2007/03/25 (Sun) 09:15:53


> Do you have a mirror for the custom install distribution I can use within FAI through debmirror(1) ?

No I haven't.

> Is it possible to convert your CD image to a Debian local mirror directory structure ?

I think so. My CD image includes all packages to install a base system.
(though most packages I tweaked locate at pool/main directly. Ugh)

Posted by kmuto at 2007/03/26 (Mon) 21:24:39

> I am struggling with my nvidia drivers to get it up and running.... any hints appreceated.

I think you have to build non-free driver from nvidia-kernel-source in official non-free repository and linux-headers-2.6.20-* in my custom CD pool/main directory.

Posted by kmuto at 2007/03/26 (Mon) 21:27:06

Troubles with 386 (686) d-i image for Sarge, with kernel 2.6.20

Congratulations for your space and your contribution to Debian Community.

I downloaded your recent .iso in order to try install a server with a Serial Attached SCSI based on aic94xx chips (on a IBM Server with IBM RAID-8e). It was not possible because the program installer loads the module aic94xx but it don't recognize the hard drive (no volume founds) into the server. Logically, the installation process can't continue.

Will i must do some more specific to install Debian with your .iso more recent?


Posted by Enmanuel Llanos (a.k.a. prometheus) at 2007/03/30 (Fri) 05:24:53


> I downloaded your recent .iso in order to try install a server with a Serial
> Attached SCSI based on aic94xx chips (on a IBM Server with IBM RAID-8e).

My friend said Linus-kernel (libata) hadn't supported SATA disks attached on aic94xx yet. He suggested to use -mm kernel instead of Linus-kernel.

Posted by kmuto at 2007/03/30 (Fri) 18:46:10

Just wanted to thank you for all this. I found your images very helpful.




Posted by Francesco Cuccio at 2007/03/30 (Fri) 23:09:40

raid ?

hi..does your kernel is compiled for mdadm ? i would like to use the mdadm util to make software raid 1 on my disc. is there necessary to recompile the kernel ? or should i leave on default ?

Posted by Panos G at 2007/04/20 (Fri) 23:55:57

Identifying the failing driver

Hi kmuto, I'd like to express you my gratitude for your work. I had the chance of installing a whole office using free software and I choosed Debian. But when the machines arrived, I was unable to boot the installation CD probably by that SATA/PATA issue.

Then I found your work in a german forum, and now there are 20 machines + server all working in a free soft environment. The important thing is that this is the first free software based office here in the regional government of Galiza (between Portugal and Spain) who is trying to start the open formats way of life. Now it is a case of success which is helping others to install free software in the government's desktops and servers. So once again: thank you very much for your work.

Also, I'm trying to identify which was exactly the problem: IDE interface perhaps? and also I'd like to know wich is the driver wich solves the problem. Is there some generic way to know that? Also I published lspci, lsmod and dmesg from SysRescueCD wich I'm using to solve the backup issues, wich you can see here:

Knowing it can help also that developers to solve their own issue with the same problem.

Thank you *very* much. :-)

Posted by susinho at 2007/05/22 (Tue) 07:08:31

It seems to be a problem of the CD driver:

This sysrescuecd ppl (gentoo I think) seems to be very kind also.

Posted by susinho at 2007/05/23 (Wed) 04:05:12

2.6.21 amd64

i am looking for a amd64 iso with 3.1 and 2.6.21 or newer kernel.. i have 3ware and intel 1000mb ethernet intel in 2.6.18 and 3ware in 2.6.19 please help ..

Posted by charlesb at 2007/06/07 (Thu) 04:47:25

2.6.21 amd64

hi kmuto, thanks for your help. I've managed installed debian 3.1 into DELL PowerEdge 2950 using your iso. However, it cant detect 4 Gb RAM of memory. My server has 4Gb RAM memory, but then it onli detects 3Gb RAM. Can u please provide me the 64 bit iso?

I've tested it with 64 bit Debian 4.0, it can detect 4Gb RAM.

Posted by debianhelp at 2007/07/19 (Thu) 13:52:32

well, although I had tried to build 2.6.21 for amd64, it won't boot up by somewhat unknown reason.

About memory, I think you can install bigmem kernel for Sarge from

Posted by kmuto at 2007/07/19 (Thu) 14:04:37

4gb Ram

Hi Kmuto. I have the same problem with the guy too. My DELL poweredge 2950 install the kernel 2.6.20 only detect 3 gb ram. But my server actual is 4 gb, so kindly need your assist to solve this problem.

Posted by mytan at 2007/07/19 (Thu) 16:38:08

4G ram its used, but diferent

the 4G ram its realy used, as its: 3Gb (or more) mapped over 1G for emulate PAE addressing, its normaly

more info in few weeks on

Posted by PICCORO at 2010/12/31 (Fri) 02:03:04
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