Fri, 15 Feb 2008

i386/amd64 d-i images for Etch, kernel version 2.6.24 (with security patch) + firmware + wpa_supplicant, 3rd release

For those who care a security vulnerability, I updated my backport d-i to use 2.6.24-4 of Debian unstable. Although I didn't touch other stuffs except modifying to include linux-headers and linux-kbuild correctly from previous release, I list up features again.

  • Include Linux 2.6.24-4, fixes security problem.
  • Include many wireless drivers and firmwares*.
  • Include atl2, igb, acx, at76_usb, fsam7400 drivers*.
  • Include wpa_supplicant and wpa_passphrase commands. Although there isn't any menu interfaces yet, you can use these tools at 2nd console (push Alt+F2).

*It is only the installation stage that you can use these additional drivers and firmwares. If you'd like to keep to use them after reboot, you have to do 'apt-cdrom add' and 'apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-1-686' (or 'liunx-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-1-amd64', if you're using amd64 architecture).

As always you can take i386 or amd64 images (netinst CD, hd-media, and TFTP netboot) from here. Check FAQ also, especially when you're looking the way of TFTP boot.



Posted by incd at 2008/02/17 (Sun) 21:50:12


First off, this is such a great thing you're doing. I'm a recent "convert" to linux and Debian and your installer helped me put Debian into a machine I just recently bought. Second, I would like to try doing this myself, are there any how-tos available to help me get started or could you post how you built your images? That would help a great deal with my work as sytem administrator. Thanks a bunch!

Posted by Jim Eggersohn at 2008/02/20 (Wed) 15:42:12


hi, the kernel is compiled for 686 or generic 386 ?


Posted by umibozu at 2008/02/20 (Wed) 16:29:52


Although I haven't written a guide yet, you can copy my build firm from Subversion repository

Posted by kmuto at 2008/02/20 (Wed) 16:50:59

umibozu (oh, are you familiar with Japanese language?),

My d-i uses 686 optimization instead of generic 486.

Posted by kmuto at 2008/02/20 (Wed) 16:53:49

Just want to thank you for your doings!

Posted by aim at 2008/02/20 (Wed) 23:37:29


I just wanted to say Thank You for the work you are doing.

Posted by Asok at 2008/02/22 (Fri) 22:35:37

RAM Question

How much RAM does your kernel support? I have 4 gigs.

Posted by Asok at 2008/02/23 (Sat) 07:43:01

Installer kernel supports ~4GB on i386 image.
You can install linux-image-2.6-686-bigmem from CD to support 4-64GB memory.
If you're using amd64 image, that supports already big memory.

Posted by kmuto at 2008/02/23 (Sat) 09:43:32


Thanks a lot for Your great work, Kenshi!

Posted by Marco Valli at 2008/02/24 (Sun) 23:01:19


I am currently running a Intel Core2 processor Q6600 (2.40Ghz 1066FSB) w/Quad Core Technology and 8MB cache with 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz. What kernel would you suggest?

Posted by Asok at 2008/02/27 (Wed) 12:02:25


If I'm you, I'll take -amd64 kernel flavour.
It supports all C2D function, big memory, plus both 64bit and 32bit userland.

It depends your purpose that which you would better to choose
amd64-installer/userland or i386-installer/userland.

Posted by kmuto at 2008/02/27 (Wed) 17:07:12

Dell Vostro 200: thanks!

Thank you, Kenshi. Using your last ISO image I finally installed Debian on this pc.

How can I correct this message?



Posted by Stemby at 2008/03/08 (Sat) 03:40:38



Posted by Stemby at 2008/03/08 (Sat) 03:41:41

VM Ware

Has anybody gotten VM Ware to install?

Posted by Asok at 2008/03/18 (Tue) 02:43:38

VM Ware

Has any body gotten VM Ware to install on there system?

Posted by Asok at 2008/03/18 (Tue) 02:46:58

(Asus P5K / Q6600 / 8G + Debian without the hassles thanks to you.)

Thank you / domo arigato gozai mas ta.

Posted by Lawrence Sheed at 2008/03/18 (Tue) 13:54:25

Kenshi, can you make available your wpasupp udeb source? I am interested in playing with this, and dont see any point in duplicating your work.

Posted by liable at 2008/03/30 (Sun) 22:00:18


Please take and wget -i index.txt.

Idiotically I forgot update a package revision of wpasupplicant, but you'll be able to check a difference by using debdiff or any other tools.

AFAIK I modified debian/control and creted debian/wpasupplicant-udeb.install.
Before making wpasupplicant, you have to build my customized openssl package to satisfy the udeb library dependency.

Because neither installer team nor I have made UI for WPA on debian-installer yet, it would be great if you make it for us :)

Posted by kmuto at 2008/03/30 (Sun) 23:56:57

Thankyou Kenshi! I will let you know how I go. I dont think this will be quickly done, but I hope to get wpa working in netcfg. Thanks.

Posted by liable at 2008/04/01 (Tue) 18:32:49

Thank you for the images! My Sata Controller is recognized now and I could install Debian with the new kernel. :)

You have a "writing-failure" in the text above.
It should be "liNUx-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-1-amd64". Its srewed.

Now I just have to bring my wlan-stick working. I installed the ubuntu modules, but on some reason

dmesg | grep zd12 gives out

usbcore: registered new interface driver zd1211rw
usb 2-2: Could not load firmware file zd1211/zd1211b_ub. Error number -2
zd1211 2-2:1.0: couldn't load firmware. Error number -2

But it shouldn't be such a big problem.. and I'll get it work hopefully soon^^

Posted by Sc011y at 2008/04/01 (Tue) 20:24:35

So I tried to install your ISO yet Debian still cannot detect my CDROM drive nor my ethernet card which is mainly due to my Asus P5K SE motherboard, has anyone else had success installing with this mobo?

Posted by glimp at 2008/04/03 (Thu) 08:01:48

If your (sata?!) CDROM drive (and may othter Sata devices) aren't recongnized correctly, try typing the addtional boot parameter "install pci=nomsi" before installing. (press F1)
If its a Sata issue you should also boot in AHCI Mode (check your bios setting)

Posted by Sc011y at 2008/04/04 (Fri) 01:47:03

Hello again Kenshi! I have sent an email to your debian mailing adress but it may have bounced. I have finished most of the work to get netcfg to support WPA, the dsc and tarbal are available at You can email me "gsaberton" at that domain if you have any questions. Please do if you have any bug reports or suggestions!

Posted by liable at 2008/04/15 (Tue) 15:31:09

please, make an iso with kde installed

hi Kmuto, im a great fan of your job... i already downloaded 2 of your isos, and its works perfect!

But im missing too much an iso with kde internet is not fast, and if you release a iso with the kde installed, it could save a great work for lots of peoples, whos dont have to download kde and install it (install it sometimes is a problem!)

I hope you consider my request, and i believe have lots of peoples whos should want too an iso with the kde already more pratice!

Thanx and congratulations for the job!

Posted by Andr辿 at 2008/05/10 (Sat) 20:42:32

Hi Andr辿,

You can choose your favorite desktop by passing the boot parameter.
For example, 'install tasksel/desktop=kde'.

Posted by kmuto at 2008/05/12 (Mon) 10:52:06

thank you

I didnt know about this...thanx for the tip and the .iso...your job is being very popular and appreciated here in Brazil!

Posted by Andre at 2008/05/18 (Sun) 05:45:02

No go on Dell R300 sas6i/r

Hi, i'm having problems getten my R300.
Im using your isos for some years new and they are great. Would ik be possible to include the sas6i/r in your cd ?

thanks and keep up the good work.

Posted by Louis at 2008/05/23 (Fri) 04:09:47


Yeah thanks. I visited Portoalegure once for Debconf and had a great time there.

AFAIK sas6i/r would work by mptsas driver. But if PCI ID of your hardware doesn't exist in the kernel driver, it won't work. So please put your hardware information to

Posted by kmuto at 2008/05/23 (Fri) 11:28:27

Hai again,
Wel i googled a bit, the problem is a bug in the kernel driver.
kernel 2.6.25-RC5 and above has the fix.
I'll be patient and will wait untill you release a new version. ;-)

Its hard to get the PCI ID of my server since it wouldnt boot :(

Posted by Louis at 2008/05/27 (Tue) 16:28:50

I got the PCI IDs and added them to the HCL with comment.
Hope this helps for you. ;) and me ;)

Greetings, from Holland.

Posted by Louis at 2008/05/27 (Tue) 17:23:03


I uploaded 2.6.25 image to now.
Let's try it!

Posted by kmuto at 2008/05/28 (Wed) 09:44:17

Many Thanks Mr , your work are really helpful !!

Posted by Ulver at 2008/11/21 (Fri) 23:00:08
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