Tue, 21 Feb 2006

Road to Debconf6

Currently four Japanese will attend Debconf6; Junichi Uekawa (you know him well), Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (SuperH guy), Yukiharu Yabuki (was working at OpenSource SIer company) and me.

Today I reserved an air ticket of Nobuhiro and me. After Debconf, we'd like to visit Vancouver also.

5/12 17:15 NRT-16:40 YTO (staying at YTO[Toronto])
5/13 09:00 YTO-12:45 MEX

5/22 14:10 MEX-19:45 YTO (staying at YTO)
5/23 08:00 YTO-09:57 YVR (staying at YVR[Vancouver])
5/24 13:10 YVR-5/25 15:25 NRT
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