Sun, 28 Jun 2009

Working for ext4 support

I had gotten some requests to support brand-new ext4 filesystem from my backport d-i users. Yesterday I implemented it. Download via previous article.

The work was harder than I assumed...

  • The implementation on d-i side was mostly done already on d-i trunk by cjwatson and otavio. I appreciate their good job! I merged it to partman-base and partman-ext3.
  • Because GNU parted in Lenny didn't support ext4, I had to backport from unstable. Plus, I had to build again some packages to follow ABI change.
  • e2fsprogs-udeb in Lenny didn't contain mkfs.ext4, though deb contained it. I backported from unstable for stability.
  • grub won't work with ext4. You have to use grub-pc instead of it, if you'd like to use ext4 for root (boot) partition. I left this issue alone and just wrote down FAQ.
  • Even you choose grub-pc, it won't boot because initramfs misrecognizes ext4 partition as ext3. You have to append "rootfstype=ext4" option to kernel parameter. I wrote it on FAQ.

Thanks for your hard work!

Posted by Shane at 2009/06/28 (Sun) 13:08:47

i cannot help but appreciate ur works!

Posted by at 2009/07/19 (Sun) 21:05:51
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