Wed, 08 Apr 2009

Debian GNU/Linux device driver check & report version 2.0

I updated Web service 'Debian HCL - Debian GNU/Linux device driver check & report page' is an easy tool to check and see the support status of your hardware on GNU/Linux, with many improved features.

Integrating the check page and submitted reports is convenience. The vendor tree view will make easier to find models what you'd like to see. Although Searching isn't implemented yet, I think new URL structure is friendly to search engine crawlers. I'll put Google search form on the page after Google crawls.

Handling your submission is semi-automatic periodically. So please don't submit again and again even it won't be shown soon. :)

This service is localized in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Spanish-Argentina, Italian, Polish, German, Portguese, and Chinese (simplified) at this time, by using your Web browser language information. Because I introduced the GNU gettext system for internationalizing, it's easy to translate and update the translations. You can take template.pot file and translate in your language. If you'd like to translate in your language, please tell me. Have a fun!



This is looking really useful now, congratulations.

Suggested changes to the front page:
1. Rewriting of the first paragraph:

To find out if your hardware is supported:

Boot your machine with a GNU/Linux OS (such as Debian, Knoppix, Redhat, etc.)

Run 'lspci -n' and paste the output into the box below.

Press the 'Check' button.

2. Small changes to the last two sentences:
-This database only verifies the PCI devices at this time.
+This database only checks PCI devices at this time.

-or any other devices are out of the focus.
+or any other devices are not checked.

Posted by Vince at 2009/04/01 (Wed) 11:38:07

feature request

It would be very useful to have a check against the kernel in Debian Stable, as well as the latest packaged kernel.

I don't know how difficult this would be to implement.

Posted by Vince at 2009/04/01 (Wed) 11:40:19

Thanks a lot, I applied your patch.
I was planning to display current kernel versions of Debian stable/testing/unstable and also. Will implement in near future.

Posted by kmuto at 2009/04/01 (Wed) 12:02:01

Really nice page. Nice to know that it is actively developed. I use it always when I install new Debian.

Posted by Petteri at 2009/04/01 (Wed) 16:30:36



you might like to checkout:

its similar but doesnt do automatic collection but uses user reports.

Maybe it might be possible to cooperate.

Thank you for your work, greate idea :)

Posted by Florian Ludwig at 2009/04/01 (Wed) 16:37:21


I just submit my config in the Debian HCLv2 for my Laptop but I do a mistake: it's model name is not Asus M70VN-T073C but M70VN-7T073C.

Can you modify it please??
Thanks a lot!

Posted by at 2009/04/27 (Mon) 16:55:03
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