Sun, 30 Jul 2006

Debian pkg-gs Project started

Although Masayuki who is Debian Ghostscript maintainer has already created pkg-gs project on alioth, it wasn't organized well for a long time. Current ghostscript quality in Debian is far from good for Etch, and Masayuki is a quite busy person.

Last week, we discussed on IRC and decided to reorganize this project. Therefore we started the mailing list (pkg-gs-devel) and SVN repository. (thanks alioth's admin!)

For first step, I was starting to create gs-esp 8.15.2 package. Here is current status. After fixing some problems (such as crashing with ttf-kochi font), I'd like to upload this.

Our short term goals are:

  • Close bugs as possible as we can. :)
  • Release "ghostscript" package instead of gs-gpl package.
  • Remove Gs-afpl package. Because it was merged into gs-gpl.

I'll be happy and give a beer if someone make CMap DFSG-free...


Adobe CMap resources now free software!

Posted by pabs at 2009/09/24 (Thu) 13:06:21

pabs, yes I know! I'll investigate it and build a package

Posted by kmuto at 2009/09/30 (Wed) 20:50:34
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