Wed, 03 Aug 2005

Debian Tettei Nyumon 3rd edition, Sarge version

My newest book will be officially published tomorrow. Yeah!

This book has 720 pages(!) and includes 2 media. One is CD-ROM includes Debian-Installer, XFce4, original meta packages, and RYOBI Japanese commercial fonts. Another one is DVD-ROM includes GNOME, KDE, and many desktop and server packages.

I've already sent a information to Debian webmaster team :)

P.S. To: madduck, I spent 5 years to write (and await Sarge release) this! To: mako&mika, did you succeed to order my books at Kinokuniya or



I wish you good luck and much success with your book. Regards Anes

Posted by Anes Lihovac at

If I could read it I would certainly appreciate the contents - your book is well timed with a excellent (Sarge) release. Good luck with sales and congratulations!

Posted by Julian Oliver at

Anes, Julian, thank you!

Posted by kmuto at

Now if someone actually translate this book into english (or any other language), I'll know its a good book I think books in different languages about debian, is a good sign. But ... are we really there yet! Is there enough good books about debian in english (the defacto standard)

Posted by JADU at
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