sid (unstable): 5.2.9-2
buster (testing): 4.19.67-2
stretch (stable): 4.9.189-3
jessie (oldstable): 3.16.72-1

Debian GNU/Linux device driver check & report


PCI IDWorks?VendorDeviceDriverKernel
10de01a4YesnVidia CorporationnForce CPU bridgenvidia-agp
10de01acnVidia CorporationnForce 220/420 Memory Controller
10de01adnVidia CorporationnForce 220/420 Memory Controller
10de01b2nVidia CorporationnForce ISA Bridge
10de01b4YesnVidia CorporationnForce PCI System Managementi2c-amd756v2.6.25-
10de01c2nVidia CorporationnForce USB Controller
10de01c2nVidia CorporationnForce USB Controller
10de01c3YesnVidia CorporationnForce Ethernet Controllerforcedethv2.6.25-
10de01b0YesnVidia CorporationnForce Audio Processing Uniti810_audio,snd-intel8x0
10de01b1YesnVidia CorporationnForce AC'97 Audio Controllersnd-intel8x0v2.6.25-
10de01b8nVidia CorporationnForce PCI-to-PCI bridge
10de01bcYesnVidia CorporationnForce IDEpata_amdv2.6.25-
10de01b7nVidia CorporationnForce AGP to PCI Bridge
10de01a0YesnVidia CorporationNVCrush11 [GeForce2 MX Integrated Graphics]nv

Video works ok with "nv" driver. Stability problems with nvidia's binary only driver "nvidia". Turning off agp fixes stability problem. I haven't tried nvidia's own agp driver yet.