sid (unstable): 5.3.9-1
buster (testing): 4.19.67-2+deb10u1
stretch (stable): 4.9.189-3+deb9u1
jessie (oldstable): 3.16.74-1

Debian GNU/Linux device driver check & report

DFI: LanParty UT nF3 250Gb

PCI IDWorks?VendorDeviceDriverKernel
10de00e1YesnVidia CorporationnForce3 250Gb Host Bridgeamd64-agp
10de00e0nVidia CorporationnForce3 250Gb LPC Bridge
10de00e4YesnVidia CorporationnForce 250Gb PCI System Managementi2c-nforce2v2.6.25-
10de00e7YesnVidia CorporationCK8S USB Controllerusb-ohci,ohci-hcd
10de00e7YesnVidia CorporationCK8S USB Controllerusb-ohci,ohci-hcd
10de00e8YesnVidia CorporationnForce3 EHCI USB 2.0 Controllerehci-hcd
10de00dfYesnVidia CorporationCK8S Ethernet Controllerforcedethv2.6.25-
10de00eaYesnVidia CorporationnForce3 250Gb AC'97 Audio Controllersnd-intel8x0v2.6.25-
10de00e5YesnVidia CorporationCK8S Parallel ATA Controller (v2.5)pata_amdv2.6.25-
10de00e2nVidia CorporationnForce3 250Gb AGP Host to PCI Bridge
10de00ednVidia CorporationnForce3 250Gb PCI-to-PCI Bridge
10221100Advanced Micro Devices [AMD]K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] HyperTransport Technology Configuration
10221101Advanced Micro Devices [AMD]K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Address Map
10221102Advanced Micro Devices [AMD]K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] DRAM Controller
10221103YesAdvanced Micro Devices [AMD]K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Miscellaneous Controlk8tempv2.6.25-
10de002dYesnVidia CorporationNV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro]nv

Trying to identify the driver for the on-board Ethernet NIC---the mobo manual says it's a Marvell 88EIIII but the Marvell website denies any knowledge of such a chip.  MEPIS has a working driver driver but Debian Sarge does not.